4 Signs Your Business Needs a Delivery Management System

By: Esther Wilamowsky


Delivery Management

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article date Aug 03, 2020

4 Signs That Your Business Needs a Modern Delivery Management System

Featuring Insights from WeWork's Former Global Head of Business Operations, Max Handler

How do you know your mailroom needs an upgrade? We spoke to Max Handler, the former Global Head of Business Operations Systems at WeWork, about the challenges of running a mailroom in today's e-commerce environment and how to know when your current system is too big of a liability.

You're Spending Time and Money on Lost Package Claims and Reimbursements.

Tracking down lost packages in your mailroom, spending time on the phone with package couriers, and filing lost package claims can be an incredible strain on your operation's team's resources. Having to reimburse your clients for the value of the packages you misplaced is an even more significant expense.
As the volume flowing through your mailroom grows - these expenses will grow commensurately unless you have a modern, OCR-based package management system tacking everything that enters and leaves your mailroom.

Your Staff Doesn't Have Time to Interact with Clients Properly.

If your staff is spending all their time manually inbounding packages, they won't have time to do the job you hired them for and interact with clients. Max's team at WeWork found that the customer experience improved after adapting PackageX Scan & Track because the mailroom staff was no longer overworked, and they were also able to introduce new initiatives, like delivering oversized packages to the offices to better customer service and save space at the same time.

You Don't Always Know Where Packages Are.

Your customers trust you with their business and personal documents and packages, and it is imperative that you know where they are at every step. Even if a package is ultimately found, not knowing where it is when a customer inquires signals that you don't properly value what is important to them.
When WeWork used a barcode-based system, they often had issues identifying packages due to multiple barcodes being scanned at different times. After switching to PackageX they recorded an uptick in customer satisfaction and trust because of the transparency and visibility of the package journey.

You Don't Have Enough Space.

We were surprised to learn that WeWork's first building in New York didn't have a dedicated mailroom at all and that many of their early buildings only had small spaces that weren't sufficient for their needs. However, this is an incredibly common issue that our customers face as e-commerce and package deliveries grow exponentially, and buildings with older infrastructure just can't handle it.
Systems like PackageX Scan & Track that use custom labels to record the position of every package and piece of mail allow you to make the most of the space that you do have - while staying organized. You can read more about mailroom organization here and more about Max's WeWork experiences here.

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