The Best Delivery Management Software In 2021

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Delivery Management

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article date Jan 19, 2021

Many retailers are in search for the best delivery management software on the market since the pandemic has changed the world as we know it.

Surveys show that there has been a drastic increase in online shoppers in the past year. People now prefer to have items delivered to their houses, rather than go out to physical retail shops themselves.

Seamless delivery is a major factor that affects customer satisfaction. According to Retail Touchpoints, 51% of the customers want real-time visibility for their order status and around 84% of customers will not return to a retailer because of a bad delivery experience.

These numbers show how a delivery experience can make or break a retailer’s reputation. This is why delivery management is important and online delivery management software is in demand.

What is Delivery Management?

Applying processes to ensure that goods are smoothly delivered from one location to another is called delivery management.

As customer expectations rise, the demand for delivery performance also increases. With efficient and on-time deliveries, a business succeeds in gaining customer trust. This can be hard to accomplish manually.

That’s where free delivery management software plays its part. Online delivery tracking software can enhance operational management and ensure faster deliveries. This, in turn, leads to increased customer satisfaction.

This means, your customers are happy, there is less room for error, and your employees are not stuck with redundant tasks.

🌟 Key Features to Look for in Delivery Management Software

Choosing the best delivery management software can be tricky. After all, there are so many options on the market. Usually, good online delivery management software contains the following features:

Efficient Reports and Analytics

Through analytics, you can stay updated about essential information that will help you in budgeting and planning for your business’s future. You can oversee delivery statuses, agent performance and resource usage. These reports help you make sure the delivery system is running properly.

Real-time Tracking and Route Optimization

Customers can track agents on the map in real-time. This feature helps them adjust their schedule accordingly and see where their package is at all times. Routes are optimized to give an estimated time of arrival and reduce turnaround time.

Dispatch Management

This enables tasks to be assigned easily to the delivery agents. It allocates these tasks depending on availability, distance, and priority. The agent gets the exact route details on their device. Deliveries can also be allocated in terms of unit and weight.

Smooth Integration

Online delivery tracking software also comes with smooth integration with other apps. It is designed to be easy to use for both the delivery associates and the operation managers. It allows effortless coordination, so the end customer can know about their delivery status through calling or email.

Delivery Proof

This includes an e-signature of the customer and electronic proof of delivery. It ensures that the item was delivered to its rightful owner. Customers can also give feedback about their overall delivery experience. This helps the admin make improvements and necessary changes.

Customer Support

A built-in online chat platform is usually in place. This helps customers with any queries they may face regarding delivery. Customer support agents are also available for questions that do not have an automated answer. It helps strengthen communication between admin and the customers.

The Best Delivery Management Software in 2021

With multiple options available on the market, one can get confused about which online delivery management software to use. Here are the choices for the best delivery management software in 2021

1. PackageX Mailroom: Best delivery tracking software


Download: Android | iOS

Do you want an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your mailroom? PackageX brings you exactly that. It’s smart and scalable app is easy to use and effectively automates all your mailroom operations.

It is relevant to many industries, namely warehouses, hospitals, universities and more. It ensures your deliveries are fast and efficient.

It offers contactless delivery and a spotless user experience. This is why it’s on the list for the best delivery tracking software in 2020.


⭐ Key Features

  • Customers are sent a photo notification of their package. They are also given a description of the item so they know what package is being delivered.
  • Automatic reminders are set in place to let customers know when a package is waiting for them. Smart notifications alert users of their package’s transit statuses.
  • With options to hold, transfer, and discard packages, the app allows the customers to get their packages delivered at a time and place that is convenient for them.
  • Electronic signature capture acts as proof that delivery is made to the right person.
  • Pickup options for fully contactless delivery increases precautions during the pandemic.
  • A systemic log of data ensures that claims of lost packages can be dealt with efficiently. Full customer support is available to answer user queries.

💵 Pricing

  • Silver - $94.99/yearIncludes standard features like automated notifications, data analytics, and Inbound and outbound delivery management. Further, it includes 2 dedicated onboarding sessions, robust user permissions, and more.
  • Gold - $113.99/year: Aside from all standard and Silver features, Gold includes streamlined recipient actions and 4 dedicated onboarding sessions. Further, this tier includes options for delivery forwarding, holding and discarding.
  • Platinum - Custom Quote: Aside from all Gold features, Platinum also includes APIs and webhooks access and a customized onboarding program. Further, it includes access to dedicated customer success specialist and mailroom support in multiple languages.

GetSwift: Online Delivery Tracking Software


GetSwift is the perfect software to help you streamline your delivery operations. It contains many nifty features that make your business’s delivery processes smoother.

It tracks riders, facilitates live tracking, and sends smart notifications. It is ideal for logistics, transport, and food and beverage distribution. It helps businesses swiftly manage their logistics on a daily basis.

It has a solution for all sizes of business. Whether you run an enterprise, a medium-sized business, or a small business, GetSwift has a tailor-made online delivery tracking software option for you.

⭐ Key Features

  • Automatically dispatches jobs. Takes only a moment to choose dispatch based on driver ratings, distance, and more.
  • The smart algorithm chooses the best route for delivery to cut down on fuel costs and time.
  • Real-Time Driver Tracking forms a constant link between drivers and operation teams, so deliveries can happen without any issues.
  • Customers are automatically alerted about their delivery status through the driver app, so the drivers can focus on their route.
  • Customers have access to a live tracking map, ETAs, and customized text alerts on all stages of delivery.
  • Daily metrics to analyze driver performance and delivery time are available.

💵 Pricing

  • Professional - $0.29/delivery: Benefits include live ETAs, real-time tracking, optimized routes, and proof of delivery. Further, it includes a fleets feature, driver app, unlimited integration, and more.
  • Enterprise - Unlimited Locations: Aside from including everything from the Professional plan, it includes custom integration, scheduling, deployment support, and more.

2. Deliforce: Free Delivery Tracking Software


Deliforce is an app that fluidly links owners, customers, and delivery agents. It offers pickup and delivery,, appointments, and field force management.

It provides a wide range of benefits to various industries. The app can be used for restaurants, banks, eCommerce, and food delivery.

Deliforce comes equipped with accurate real-time tracking and smart notifications for every update of a particular task.

⭐ Key Features

  • Agents get notified as soon as new delivery tasks are updated. They are also provided with the contact and location details. The agents can accept or cancel the tasks as they like.
  • After every successful delivery, agents collect the customer’s signature as proof of delivery.
  • After the delivery is initiated, customers receive a tracking link to track agents. They also get real-time updates and SMS alerts when the agent is near their location.
  • Customers can easily share their feedback. Swift actions, based on feedback, are taken if needed.
  • Seamless integration with apps like Google Drive, Zapier, Slack, and more.
  • Offers a graphical view of the rise and fall in business. Also shows completed, delayed, and on-going deliveries.

💵 Pricing

  • Startups - Free: This plan is completely free and one agent is assigned with unlimited options for tasks, dispatcher, and teams.
  • Pay As You Go - $0.08/Task/Month: This plan includes all features and consists of unlimited agents, tasks, dispatchers, and teams.
  • Enterprise: Provides high security and custom control features. Price is negotiable.

3. Tookan


Tookan is an end-to-end field management solution. It is fully customized and user friendly. It aims to save time and costs with effective dispatching.

It automates orders, delivery and dispatch, and simplifies business operations. It enhances delivery experiences with smart route planning and real-time tracking.

Tookan helps you set up your very own delivery management system in a matter of minutes. That’s why it is one of the best delivery management software in 2020.

⭐ Key Features

  • Multiple geofences mark the functional areas for agents. This makes it easier to allocate delivery tasks.
  • The inventory of all drivers is thoroughly checked. Notifications for new delivery tasks are sent to the driver with sufficient inventory.
  • Customer information is easily accessible to all drivers. This is to ensure that they can travel and oversee tasks at the same time.
  • All transactions done by a particular agent are recorded in Agent Wallet. This can be used as a performance metric for a particular agent.
  • Graphical reports of tracking summary for up to 90 days can be accessed by fleet managers.
  • To verify that all packages are being delivered to the right person, automatic barcode generation is done for all of them.

💵 Pricing

  • Startup - US$49/month: The plan includes 500 tasks per month, unlimited agents, and additional Tasks at US$0.12/Task.
  • Growth - US$159/month: The plan includes 2000 tasks per month, unlimited agents, and additional Tasks at US$0.12/Task along with a Tookan form.
  • Standard - $236/month: The plan includes 5000 tasks per month, unlimited agents, and additional Tasks at US$0.12/Task along with 2 Tookan forms.
  • Enterprise: The plan is catered to business needs upon contact.

4. Shipox


Shipox provides a complete delivery management system for you. It facilitates efficient pickup and delivery.

Through Shipox, you can prioritize and assign tasks effectively to your drivers. The software is ideal for both large enterprises and small businesses.

It is designed to work for all kinds of supermarkets, pharmacies, restaurants, and more. They aim to automate orders and help make deliveries faster.

⭐ Key Features

  • GPS coordinates for drivers are logged every minute and can also be stored for later. These past GPS logs can be looked up any time.
  • The route of all drivers is mapped throughout the day. This helps you oversee their location at all times.
  • Drivers receive push notifications every time a new task is assigned.
  • Heat maps help you keep track of all the zones that are generating the most orders.
  • Shipox customers can create orders under their company logo and domain name.

Cash flow for deliveries can be tracked from the point of creation until they reach their final destination.

💵 Pricing

  • Free until 150 orders/month The Free plan offers a driver app, public API, storefront integration, and admin and customer web backend. Prices increase after 150 orders.
  • $0.11/order After 150 orders per month, every additional order cost is $0.11. As the number of orders increases, after a certain number, the price of every additional order decreases.

5. ZippyKind


ZippyKind offers delivery management software for local delivery businesses. It aims to provide its customers with an “uber-like” experience.

It eliminates the manual handling of logistics. With an easy to integrate API, it allows online orders to be automatically sent to drivers.

ZippyKind allows its customers to fully automate their delivery business while remaining flexible.

⭐ Key Features

  • The calendar view allows you to navigate through past and future orders.
  • A dedicated virtual number is in place which hides your driver's phone number from your customers.
  • Signature verification makes sure that loss of any kind can be prevented. Every delivery is verified.
  • Delivery tickets can be downloaded and printed. They can be used as proof that a particular item was successfully delivered.
  • Drivers can sort their delivery destinations through delivery time or most efficient route.
  • The driver app is integrated with Google Maps, so step by step directions are audible. In this way, drivers don’t have to check directions while driving.
  • Drivers can send pictures of items to customers, along with delivery tickets, to make sure they are getting the right package.

💵 Pricing

  • Free Plan - $0/month: This plan offers unlimited drivers, 50 delivery tickets,. signature verification, push notifications, and forum tutorial support.
  • Meadow Plan - $87/month: This plan includes everything from the Free plan plus 300 delivery tickets, a driver’s tracklog, and phone support.
  • Forest Plan - $360/month: This plan includes everything from the Meadow plan, including 1500 delivery tickets. Add-ons for route optimization and SMS messaging are available as well.
  • Orchard Plan - $570/month: This plan includes everything from the Forest plan, including 3000 delivery tickets. Add-ons for route optimization and SMS messaging are available as well.

6. ZioBee


ZioBee is designed to handle multiple delivery services simultaneously. You can customize the platform according to your business needs.

It also allows you to install additional plug-ins, so your deliveries can be faster and more effective.

With ZioBee, you can manage and track your deliveries, settle payments, and generate invoices in no time!

⭐ Key Features

  • Delivery fee is automatically calculated depending on delivery zones. All cash collected by drivers is updated in real-time.
  • You get notified every time drivers pick up and deliver orders and settle cash payments.
  • There are notifications to alert you for client messages and order cancellations.
  • Automatically generated statistics help you recognize the top clients and drivers.
  • Multiple users can be assigned to run the delivery management system. Customer information can be revised and edited.
  • You can easily create delivery schedules for a specific date and time.

💵 Pricing

  • Startup - $45/month: This plan offers customizations, domain implementations, training, and data importation. The number of hubs is 1, order limit is 2000, and user limit is 50.
  • Plus - $75/month: This plan includes everything from the Startup plan, including 2 free plug-ins. Additionally, the number of hubs is 2, order limit is 4500, and user limit is 200.
  • Professional – $100/month: This plan includes everything from the Plus plan, including free-market plugins. Additionally, the number of hubs is 6. Order limit is 10,000, and user limit is 500.

7. GoTRACK: Free Delivery Management Software


The GoTrack App aims to promote efficiencies and employee productivity. It’s a GPS based, user-friendly app that helps you expertly manage your deliveries.

You can streamline your entire delivery process through the help of an interactive map-based interface.

Ultimately, it provides a flexible way for you to manage your pick up, deliveries, and appointments.

⭐ Key Features

  • Driver apps help you track your fleet, send daily run sheets, and optimize batching per driver.
  • Instant status updates and branded tracking sent to both customers and drivers.
  • Photos, notes, and digital signatures captured as proof of delivery.
  • Customers can leave feedback that reflects delivery performance.
  • There is a web-based platform in place through which dispatchers can assign tasks both manually and automatically.

An HTML 5 application link and SMS allow customers to track their deliveries on the map interface.

💵 Pricing

  • Free - $0/month: This plan offers one driver, 200 tasks and, unlimited push notifications.
  • Starter - $19/month: This plan, additionally, offers 2 drivers, 500 tasks, push broadcast, and API access.
  • Basic - $29/month: This plan, additionally, offers 4 drivers, 1000 tasks, 200 SMS, and unlimited email notifications.
  • Advanced - $59/month: This plan, additionally, offers 6 drivers, 5000 tasks, and 300 SMS.
  • Premium - $99/month: This plan, additionally, offers 10 drivers, unlimited tasks, and 700 SMS.
  • Ultimate - $299/month: This plan, additionally, offers unlimited drivers and tasks and 3000 SMS.


Investing is an online delivery management software can do wonders for your business. It’s like getting an extra team to help you manage operations.

You don’t have to handle everything manually. Software on this list saves you time, increases capacity, and improves efficiency.

When deliveries are faster, more effective, and done right, your customers are happy - and happy customers lead to a thriving business. We hope this article has helped you in choosing the best delivery management software for your company!

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