Is There A Way To Send Packages Straight From Home?

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article date Sep 27, 2020

Contactless shipping—both outbound and inbound—is the name of the game with COVID-19 raging on. We asked a panel of professionals to share their favorite way to ship packages without having to venture out or even come in contact with other people. Here’s what they had to say.

Alex Willen

Alex Willen

Alex Willen, Founder of Cooper's Treats.


In my experience, USPS is by far the best way to send packages from home. They almost always have the cheapest rates, and you can schedule a pickup for free - you just have to print shipping labels, attach them to your packages, and leave them outside. When they come to drop off your mail, they grab your packages. I've had no problem sending a dozen packages a day that way.

Terry Boyle McDougall

Terry Boyle McDougall

Terry Boyle McDougall is an Executive and Career Coach and CEO of Terry B

Sending out packages via USPS

I've been sending out packages to people who have bought items from me on eBay and my website directly from my home. I use a kitchen scale to weigh my packages, then I use to create the label and pay for postage. Then I print the labels on my home printer. I also can schedule a pick-up on the USPS website, and then I leave the package for my mailman to pick up. I typically will use recycled packages from things that I receive in the mail. I've been able to track packages through the site as well. Being able to ship directly from my home has saved me a lot of time, effort, and empowered me to sell a lot more items.

Mikayla Rose Wilkens

Mikayla Rose Wilkens

Mikayla Rose Wilkens is a model, influencer, and serial entrepreneur based in Los Angeles, CA. Find her at mikaylarosewilkens.


Yes, this is so easy to do. I personally use which is 17.99 a month but there are other services you can use or use the USPS direct website. You have to be able to weigh and measure your package, then you just print the label, put it on the package, and leave it out for the mailman to take with him. I personally take my packages to the post office and I wear my mask, walk-in, and just drop it off and walk right out. I am in and out within 2 minutes. I personally use because they give discounts for shipping rates, and it is cheaper for me to use than USPS.

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