Last-Mile Delivery Tracking: How Does It Benefit Your Business?

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article date 2021-10-29

With multiple advancements in technology, customers are now wanting full transparency in their e-commerce journey. From comparing prices across multiple products to know when to expect their package, a customer demands everything.

One important part of this process transparency is last-mile delivery tracking. It provides the customer's ability to get real-time updates of their packages and know when to expect them at their doorstep. The provision of such transparency can often decide whether a customer deems your delivery process to be top of the line or just run of the mill.

Package delivery problems are real and can affect your delivery process. How do you cater to those issues and keep up with an exceptional customer service, that is important. Let’s see in detail how you can provide last-mile delivery tracking to your customers and provide them the satisfaction they need.

What Is Last-Mile Delivery Tracking?

Last-mile delivery tracking refers to providing real-time updates to the recipient about their package at the last leg of the journey. This can be when the package is about to be delivered to their address and even after being delivered to a central staging location, such as building mailroom or office reception.

The last mile refers to the distance the package has to cover after leaving the local area distribution center and is now in transit for delivery. Usually, the last-mile delivery stage only takes a day or two at the maximum.

Customers would want to know the package's exact location, even the street the courier is currently at. This provides a sense of transparency to the consumer, assuring them that the package will be delivered on time. Moreover, it can also help customers plan their day and be prepared to receive the package. This can be useful in the case of high monetary value objects such as laptops or other electronic devices. You do not want such items to be outside your door or on the porch, waiting to be picked up by a porch pirate.

A mailroom management software that uses OCR technology can give transparency to your customers about all the inbound deliveries, making last mile delivery as smooth as possible. It can be helpful in providing last mile delivery tracking. There are multiple usecases that show how Mailroom by PackageX has helps to improve last mile delivery operations.

Last Mile Delivery for Courier-Recipient Communication

Another interesting way in which can last-mile delivery tracking can be used is courier-recipient communication. The recipient can inform the driver of any special requests or any specific information pertaining to the delivery. Likewise, if the courier is running a bit late, they can inform the customer beforehand. All these steps increase the customer satisfaction rating score of the shipping company, enticing a customer to come back to them in the future.

How Can Last-Mile Delivery Tracking Be Provided?

There are multiple avenues through which last mile tracking can be provided. The chief of which is a delivery tracking app. An integrated app allows the delivery data to be automatically uploaded to the app once the customer has placed an order.

With solutions like Shipd by PackageX, you can ensure complete integration of all delivery processes and provide the best experience to the customer One thing to be careful with is that you want the tracking information to be as accurate as possible. With large discrepancies between the estimated delivery times and actual deliveries, there would be more problems than conveniences. As a result, the customer experience will take a hit, and you might have to sway a disgruntled customer to remain loyal to you.

Advantages of Last-Mile Delivery Tracking

Let’s go over some of the ways last-mile delivery tracking helps your business:

1. Order Flexibility

We all plan for things to happen as expected, but sometimes there can be a change of plans. A recipient might not be at home to pick up the shipment and might instead want to pick it up from the retailer location themselves. Or they might just want to leave a message to the courier to drop the package off at a secure location in their backyard.

All these options can be made possible with the use of a deliveries package tracker.

2. Enhanced Order Management

Let’s face it, delays and disruptions do happen. They can be due to a multitude of reasons. But what’s important is that the reason of delay is communicated to the customer. With a last-mile delivery tracking solution, you can ensure just that.

For whatever reason, be it the weather or a traffic disruption, you can inform your customer beforehand of the delay in delivery so that they aren’t left waiting at the door!

3. Reduced Load on Customer Agents

Once you allow the customer to track mail delivery, they will have no reason to call a customer support agent and ask about their package. You can the customer support capabilities of your organization, or better yet, shift them to another area with an urgent requirement. Doing so allows you to better streamline your organization without sacrificing customer experience.

Make the Last Mile the Best Mile!

With all said and done, last-mile delivery tracking is something that you should integrate into your delivery process at the earliest. It gives the customer unprecedented transparency regarding their package and does wonders for the customer experience. So, what are you waiting for! Try a 14-day free trial with Mailroom by PackageX today to provide a seamless last mile delivery experience.

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