Tips to Manage Packages and Lower Your Operational Costs

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article date Feb 27, 2020

According to a panel by the National Apartment Association, [management teams spend an average of five minutes processing a single inbound package]. As the increase in incoming packages reaches double-digit figures each year, this strain on building staff and resources will skyrocket. Save time and money by introducing a smart package management software that will dramatically decrease the number of working hours needed to process incoming packages while improving your resident experience.

The Challenge

The challenge building operators face is that their infrastructure was not built to accommodate more than a few packages per day. As package volume doubles and triples every few years, buildings are left overwhelmed, packages are stacked in lobbies and basements, and concierge and staff are overwhelmed and unable to perform their jobs. Houston based Camden Property Group spent $3.3M a year handling resident’s packages before banning package delivery to their management offices in 2015. Since then, deliveries are not only more frequent but also more variable and challenging to manage. Today people order things like tires, flowers, and groceries to their apartment complexes regularly. Storing these items and making sure to notify residents of their arrival in time is difficult for old and new buildings alike.

The Opportunity

The solution is simple – incorporating the right package management system for your property will both increase efficiency (and save money) and improve your resident’s experience. Tenants are willing to pay for convenient package services, whether that is in unit delivery or a dedicated mailroom with convenient hours. Moreover, implementing an effective solution will save you money over your current ineffectual, money draining process. PackageX Scan & Track is a smart, scalable, customizable solution that will work with your existing infrastructure and workflow to create a solution that benefits you residents and staff while saving you money. To get started email or book a free demo.

Features to look out for Features to avoid
Smart label reading Dedicated hardware (expensive and built-in obsolescence)
A 2-step (A-B) processing model A 3-step (A-B-C) processing model
Truly automated notifications Anything that includes manual typing
Data and analytics

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