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article date Jan 24, 2021

A great way to make your front desk efficient is by getting your hands on the best reception software out there. Why? That’s because it helps your reception staff work more efficiently.

Your reception staff is responsible for making the first good impression on potential clients who visit your business. However, juggling visitors, phone calls, and queries can be a hectic task.

A report from Traction Guest shows that a visitor management system can increase operational efficiency by 94 percent. This means that with the help of an online reception software, your staff can easily manage reception without being overwhelmed.

The Best Reception Software in 2020

A good reception software will do wonders to increase customer satisfaction. It can be considered an essential part of making visitors feel welcomed.

While managing a reception desk, there are several things to consider. You need to make sure that visitors are checking-in properly, the right meeting rooms are booked, and all customer queries are aptly answered.

Reception staff also need to check that all mail is being properly received and meetings are held on time. This is why there are a variety of online reception services available on the market catering to different needs.

Here are the options for the best reception software in 2021.

Incoming Mail/Package Management

For online retailers, package management is the fastest way to retain customers. Similarly, for workplaces, universities, and co-working spaces, an excellent delivery tracker is necessary for operations to run smoothly.

This is where mailroom management software comes in. It helps speed up package pick-up times, declutter company lobbies, and streamline delivery processes.

1. PackageX Mailroom Best reception software

Download: Android | iOS


PackageX Mailroom is one of the best mailroom management software currently available on the market. It seamlessly manages all mailroom operations with the help of machine vision and artificial intelligence technology.

The app works effectively with universities, corporate spaces , and residential complexes. It comes equipped with amazing features that help workspaces expertly manage their delivery challenges.

The app also offers end-to-end visibility and virtual mailbox compatibility. By using PackageX mailroom, you can make delivery processes 95% faster.

Key Features

  • Users get photo notifications of their packages as a reminder to pick them up. The notifications also contain package descriptions that lets recipients know exactly what their package entails.
  • The app offers fully contactless delivery. Through electronic signatures or pictures of recipients, the app stores proof of delivery, making sure packages are delivered to their rightful owners.
  • There are options to discard, hold, and transfer your package to another mailroom. This ensures users can pick up their package at a time most convenient to them.
  • Efficient barcode scanning helps replace manual data entry. All label information is retained through a single snapshot. This information is stored in Mailroom’s directory for later access.
  • Users get visual notifications of their package during transit.
  • Smart analytics help you take inventory of every package and their delivery statuses.

Calendar and Appointments

Calendars are important for a business. They make sure that meetings are held on time, events are attended, and rooms are booked accurately.

They are so important, they’re usually the first thing you need to make sure you’re keeping track of. However, managing a calendar can be a lot to handle.

That’s why a good application can help you save time and stay on top of things!

2. Calendly: Online reception software


Calendly is a powerful scheduling tool that makes connecting with others easier. It allows users to prioritize important events and accommodate individual schedules.

Integrated with Google, Office 365, and Outlook calendars, the app provides its customers with a seamless user experience.

Key Features

  • Allows you to connect up to six calendars, so you can automatically check availability. It also helps you connect with your best prospects and clients.
  • You can efficiently schedule meetings of all types. Invitees can schedule individual slots or multiple members at once.
  • Intelligent time zone detection displays availability in your invitee’s time zone. You can also send reminders and confirmation emails to increase meeting attendances.
  • Detailed metrics help you gain insight into invitee engagement.
  • You can integrate the app with Google, Outlook, Office 365, or iCloud calendars to avoid double booking.
  • Single view pages aid in easy scheduling with the relevant person.

Conference Room Booking

Not many businesses can efficiently use meeting spaces. Problems like reservation conflicts, logistical issues, poor usage, and unclear policies are extremely common. These can lead to frustration and low morale among staff members.

Having a well-functioning booking system can help save you a lot of trouble! Right off the bat, you can eliminate double bookings, delegate responsibility, and coordinate better.

This results in better room usage and allows you to have smooth collaboration among various team members.

3. Joan: Free reception software


Joan is an excellent meeting room booking software that allows easy room scheduling both on-the-spot and remotely. By providing real-time meeting room schedules, it makes sure room availability is visible to all.

Through integration with apps like G Suite and iCalendar, Joan allows users to book meetings through their company calendar.

It’s super easy to use, requires minimum maintenance, and makes scheduling resources hassle-free!

Key Features

  • Allows you to effectively book a room from an existing calendar or directly at a meeting room door.
  • You can easily declutter your calendar by deleting all unattended meetings.
  • Booking a room on the spot is easier with its real-time bookings feature. A time-table lets you know of all the free spots.
  • Joan’s voice assistant helps make booking easier on the go. You can set office hours to save battery, as Joan goes into power mode outside of those office hours.
  • Easy customizations allow you to showcase your logo, add action buttons, and send meeting reminders to your guests.
  • You are notified of your conference room’s weekly usage through email.

Team Communication

Effective communication is the cornerstone of every organization. It helps enhance the productivity of team members. However, it’s often not easy to achieve, especially when employees are working remotely.

Team communication software can increase team strength and facilitate remote collaborations. Through this type of software, tasks can be efficiently delegated, ideas can be discussed, and work errors are minimized.

4. Microsoft Teams: Free reception software

MS teams

Microsoft Teams is a highly customizable app with plentiful integration options. It helps businesses properly manage chat, meet, and share files.

It acts as a hub of workplace conversations, collaborative team effort, document sharing and video chats. It allows you to share your screen and enables you to smoothly interact with your team while working remotely.

Key Features

  • Online meetings that help enhance your company’s communication.
  • Audio conferencing allows anyone to join the meeting through their phones.
  • Online video calling and screen sharing allow seamless collaboration between various teams.
  • SharePoint integration can help you store and easily access important documents.
  • A comprehensive chat function further facilitates communication between teams.
  • Every ‘team’ is made up of specific channels which act as conversation boards between teammates.

Customer Service Software

Customer dealings are a big part of your receptionist’s job description. Customer service software can help make incoming queries more manageable.

Customers are more likely to buy from competitors because of a service-related problem over a product-related one. That’s why effective customer service software can help retain clients.

5. Aircall: Online reception software


A cloud-based phone system designed for customer support/sales team, Aircall helps configure phone numbers and forward calls efficiently.

Using an API and webhooks, the software offers seamless integration with CRM systems and collaboration tools. Equipped with powerful features, this easy-to-use app helps make managing phone calls more effective.

Key Features

  • It allows you to greet callers when you’re away through customized messages.
  • Through ring rules and customized distributions, direct calls can reach the correct teammates every time.
  • Allows you to find all your numbers and users in one place through a virtual call center.
  • Options for users to share contacts, assign calls, and leave comments on calls help increase collaboration.
  • The parallel calls feature allows you to attend to different calls at the same time. You can put one on hold while you attend another.
  • You get desktop notifications, so you can get incoming call alerts on your screen and join them by clicking the banner.
  • Option to analyze call center metrics such as wait time, missed call rate, and call volume, all in one place.

Visitor Management

Sign-ins are important for every visitor who enters your building. Reception staff needs to check IDs, print visitor badges, and inform the hosts of each guest’s arrival. This is a lot of work.

Visitor management software helps streamline the sign-in process. It ensures that your visitors have a pleasant experience and do not have to wait in queues.

6. Lobbipad: Software for hotel reception


Lobbipad is a highly functional app that helps you effectively manage visitors. It enhances security and privacy in buildings.

Lobbipad comes with a fully customized iPad that helps companies showcase their logos and cater to visitors. It’s ideal for businesses who want to save reception costs.

It can be used as a hotel reception software and caters to corporations, working spaces, and schools.

Key Features

  • Provides a secure way for visitors to check-in. All they have to do is put their information on a self-service iPad and they are good to go.
  • Hosts are instantly notified about visitor check-ins, along with personal information and a picture. This helps receptionists greet visitors without constantly having to be at the front desk.
  • Temporary visitor badges are automatically generated after every check-in.
  • Visitor information is stored and easily accessible. A smart interface makes it easy to view and analyze visitor trends.
  • Through the ‘on-site legal document signing’ feature, you can have proof of receipt and visitor acknowledgement on documents without tedious paperwork.
  • Through a customized link, employees can pre-register their visit, so that the reception is prepared in advance.

Email Management

Email management is an extremely important task for your reception staff. It reduces cost, clutter, and ensures business continuity.

Emails are the most effective medium for business correspondence. That’s why an email management app does wonders.

They help prioritize important messages, reduce information overload, and organize email workflows effectively.

7. Superhuman: Online reception software


One of the fastest email apps out there, Superhuman is designed to reinvent the email experience. With beautiful visuals, nifty features, and a blazing fast interface, it helps you send emails more effectively.

With great attention to detail, a clean interface, and features aimed at saving the user’s time, Superhuman fundamentally changes the way you interact with emails.

Key Features

  • Provides an extremely fast email experience.
  • Integrates insights about people from social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter in your workflow. This helps you strengthen your network.
  • A built-in ‘undo send’ feature allows you to unsend emails with typos or errors.
  • AI-powered triage helps detect and highlight your most important emails, so you can see them first.
  • Built-in read statuses allow you to see when someone reads your email, so you can respond at the right time.
  • You are reminded to send a follow-up email after two days for every email you didn’t get a reply for.

Choosing the right reception software can make a world of difference for your business. It makes the reception staff’s job easier, so they can be more productive and efficient.

It also helps provide a welcoming experience for all guests, ensuring an excellent first impression. We hope we were able to help you better understand the features of some of the best reception software available on the market.

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