Why are Digital Mailrooms Beneficial for Corporate Housing?

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article date 2021-08-30

No matter where you live, package and mail delivery will always stay relevant. COVID-19 underlined the importance of digital mailrooms. Even though the world was under lockdown, but the mail and packages were still being delivered. Digital mailrooms hold utmost importance in this current world of cutting-edge technology.

Multiple industries are automating their mailrooms. One of them includes corporate housing. A report by Multi-Family Executive shows that corporate housing experience a 12% combined annual growth rate from 2014-2018. This number is increasing over time. With corporate housing growing fast, it is essential to look into package management problems.

What is corporate housing? Why are digital mailrooms beneficial for corporate housing? Let's have a look!

What is Corporate Housing?

Corporate housing is a fully furnished short-term rental that includes all the necessary utilities. It is designed especially for business travelers, military personnel, or anyone who might want to say at a rental for a month or more.

Corporate Housing Provider's Association report suggests that 40% of people rent out corporate rentals because they have to relocate for work. Other names for corporate housing are corporate apartments, temporary housing, serviced apartments, or short-term accommodation. Like any house or apartment, corporate housing is safe and provides the privacy that one needs.

Benefits of Using a Digital Mailroom

During a guest's stay at corporate housing, it is crucial to ensure the safety of his deliveries. Digital mailrooms come in handy in such situations. There is a range of benefits that digital mailrooms offer. Corporate housing can easily benefit from a digital mailroom and give its guests a phenomenal corporate housing experience. An efficient mail management software is vital for a digital mailroom to function efficiently.

How do digital mailrooms benefit corporate housing? Let's have a look!

  1. Guests Receive Instant Package Delivery Notifications
  2. Easily Retrieve Packages
  3. Scan and Send Packages to Guests
  4. Designated Pickup in Guest's Absence
  5. Access to the Chain of Custody of the Package
  6. Destroy Unwanted Delivery

1. Guests Receive Instant Package Delivery Notifications

With a digital mailroom, you can easily send package delivery notifications to recipients via email or text. These notifications notify the guests about their packages, and they can simply pick up their package. Automated reminders are an easy way to remind the guests to pick up their deliveries.

2. Easily Retrieve Packages

Improve your guest's stay experience at your corporate housing with a digital mailroom. How?

The answer is simple. Guests do not like to wait for an extended period if they require something from the management. With a digital mailroom, easily retrieve package within a few seconds. This quick process will result in an improved customer experience. The process is even more straightforward if you are using prompt and efficient mail management software.

3. Scan and Send Packages to Guests

Let's take a scenario as an example. An important mail arrives for your guest, but he is not around. He needs the document quickly.

What would you do? In the case of a conventional mailroom, it would be complicated to retrieve the mail quickly. You can easily scan the document and send it to the guest after requesting it with a digital mailroom. The scan and send option fulfills the customer's need and helps to keep a record of the process.

4. Designated Pickup in Guest's Absence

With a digital mailroom, it is possible for guests to designate a pickup address if they are not around. This helps the guests to get a hold of their package just as they prefer. The designated pickup option facilitates the guest but also enables you to make more storage of incoming deliveries.

5. Access to the Chain of Custody of the Package

Having a digital mailroom also means giving a full view of the chain of custody of the parcel to its recipient. This will easily help the guest to locate their package, no matter where it is.

This feature also prevents porch pirates from stealing your guest's package. Just in case if any package is lost, you can also locate it by simply adding the relevant details to your mail management system.

6. Destroy Unwanted Packages

Sometimes you receive mail or a package that is not important, and you don't want to pick it up. A digital mailroom helps you get rid of such deliveries even before they reach your doorstep. After the guests receive notification about their packages, they can choose to destroy the package.

These are some of the benefits that corporate housing can enjoy if they have a digital mailroom. A conventional mail management system does not only create issues but also decreases productivity. With an automated system, keep a record of everything that enters your building and avoid any potential issue. Automation is the future, and an automated mailroom will benefit your business!

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