A Quick Guide to Choose the Best Mail Management Software

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article date Sep 09, 2020

The first step to choosing the right software for your mailroom is to understand what features you need to alleviate your organization's pain. Most organizations make the mistake of starting their search by looking at vendors and what they have to offer rather than understanding the root cause of their issues and then going to market with that evaluation criteria.

While vendors have a lot of wisdom to offer, having been involved in many mail management software implementations, skipping the initial requirements gathering step is a mistake that will leave you overwhelmed and confused by the different options on the market.

Below we outline the evaluation criteria that are most important for most organizations.

Criteria Comment Cost Impact Customer Experience Impact Risk impact
Entering package details How much manual data entry is required in case of both barcode and handwritten labels? High High Medium
Recipient notification & custom reminders How much of the recipient notification and reminder process is automated? Medium High Medium
Pickup delegation Can the package recipient easily delegate someone else to pick up their packages? Medium High Medium
Mailroom analytics Does the software provide out of the box analytics for you to measure the most important metrics week on week, month on month or year on year? High Low Medium
Data privacy How is recipient data stored and treated? Medium High High
Integration Can it integrate with my existing systems? High Low Low
Support How can I get through to support for problem resolution? Do they support chat, email, & phone? High High High

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