10 Best Internal Mail Tracking Systems to Look For in 2021

By: Syeda Gul-e-Khansha


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article date Jun 18, 2021

A well-functioning internal mail tracking system can save you a lot of hassle. Managing the mailroom is no easy task! With the rise of online shopping in the past year, you may notice an increase in personal mail in your business’s offices as well. According to Pitney Bowes’s parcel shipping index, parcel volume in 2020 reached a phenomenal 126 bIllion in 2020.

Often, the sheer influx of packages can result in handling mistakes by the mailroom staff. Then you have frustrated employees constantly asking after their packages. As a result, you have disrupted business processes. Moreover, you find yourself at risk of financial losses because of mail damage. However, the good news is that you can easily avoid all this!

With an excellent internal mail tracking system, companies can ensure secure and efficient deliveries. It saves time, is cost-effective, with minimal room for error.

What Is Internal Mail Tracking?

Tracking mail from the time it enters your company’s building to reach its rightful recipient is called internal mail tracking.

Through proper tracking, employees are always aware of when their mail will arrive. As a result, they don’t have to waste time constantly visiting the company mailroom. Instead, they will be promptly informed when it’s time to pick it up. These pickup notifications dramatically reduce the possibility of lost packages within the organization.

All in all, internal delivery tracking helps companies disseminate information seamlessly without disruptions.

Why Is Internal Mail Tracking Important?

Are your employees constantly asking the front desk for mail updates? Are packages getting lost within your organization? If yes, chances are your business is in dire need of an efficient internal package tracking system.

Your employees often depend on timely package deliveries to continue with business matters. In addition, necessary documents, paper signatures, and inventory top-ups are essential for day-to-day business in many industries. Seamless internal package tracking is essential because employees rely on their package deliveries to schedule their workdays.

10 Best Internal Mail Tracking Systems in 2021

Internal Mail Tracking System The best way to ensure efficient internal parcel tracking is to invest in a mail tracking system. 2021 brings you many excellent options to choose from. Here is a complete breakdown of some of the best internal mail tracking systems available in the market this year.

This list includes PackageX, Traizr, ParcelTracker, My Mailing Room, iOffice, Visual Mile, Omnipost, QTrack, Envoy Deliveries, and Notifii Track.

  1. PackageX Mailroom

  2. Traizr

  3. Parcel Tracker

  4. My Mailing Room

  5. iOffice

  6. Visual Mile On Track

  7. Omnipost

  8. QTrack

  9. Envoy Deliveries

  10. Notifii Track

1. PackageX Mailroom: Best Internal Mail Tracking System

Download: Android | iOS

PackageX Mailroom strives to automate your mailroom entirely using cutting-edge technology. It caters to many different industries like real estate, workspaces, and educational institutes.

With a single picture of any package or delivery label, the app extracts all information and matches deliveries to their rightful recipient. Furthermore, the app offers efficient parcel tracking along with proof of delivery and systematic notifications. In addition, it comes with a cutting-edge dashboard that lets users identify critical trends and adjust their business needs accordingly.

It’s a cloud-based solution that is easy to use and comes equipped with robust analytics. For example, with PackageX mailroom, companies can easily keep track of all of their inbound and outbound mail.


• Easy to use, scalable, and provides visual notifications and reminders

• Option to batch scan packages for larger enterprises

• Excellent customer service and offers a free trial


• Cannot cancel or delete packages from the mobile application

2. Traizr

Download: Android | iOS

Traizr is an easy-to-use, cloud-based internal tracking system that promises efficient business deliveries. It comes with push notifications, provides pending mail alerts, and an audit trail of all incoming mail.

Features include native Barcode Scanning and OCR recognition for making mail management faster. The application also includes several integration options to make it more user-friendly. As a result, it’s a scalable solution that fits different budgets and organizations. In addition, the app boasts raving customer service reviews with a reputation for solving issues in less than ten minutes.


• Compliant with GDPR

• Available on both iOS and Android

• Cloud-based administration displays all information needed to track and trace items.


• No free trial

• No customization available

3. Parcel Tracker

Download: Android | iOS

Parcel tracker is a user-friendly delivery tracking system that caters to university halls, student housing, co-working spaces, and more. It works with all couriers and also facilitates handwritten labels.

It allows E-signatures to be collected after every successful delivery. Recipients are automatically notified once their parcel is ready to be delivered. Users can also customize these notifications according to the company brand and label.

The delivery logging process is straightforward with Parcel Tracker. Users can use their tablet or smartphone to record deliveries without needing any extra hardware. For small organizations that receive no more than 200 packages monthly, the application is free indefinitely.


• The digital delivery log allows users to see the history of every parcel

• Provides analytics so users can spot trends for improved operations

• Recipients can retrieve parcels through QR codes made available through their emails ensuring contactless delivery


• The application’s speed can be slow at times

• It can send double notifications and doesn’t multi-scan easily

• It does not automatically update from kx

4. My Mailing Room

Download: Android

My Mailing Room is a cloud-based software used by postrooms to track all internal mail items. It doesn’t have any IT or infrastructure costs. Instead, it helps digitize the mailroom so that companies can go paperless fast.

My Mailing Room ensures that there is no time wasted in disputes regarding lost or damaged mail items. It’s effortless to use with a primary interface and requires minimal training. With several payment options, no initial investment is needed.

It also comes with a free mobile app that users can download on several devices. With the help of this internal delivery tracking software, employees can access data remotely from anywhere in case of immediate reporting.


• It comes with rapid installation

• Allows users to oversee inbound and outbound packages in real-time

• Clean and user-friendly interface


• No web chat support available in the application

• Not available for iOS


Download: Android | iOS

iOffice is a mailroom management software that allows users to manage multiple locations within one single site. Moreover, it provides foolproof data security for your company.

It also allows easy integration with multiple technologies so employees can share data across departments. iOffice is 100% SaaS-based which is why users can access it from any web browser.

Equipped with an insightful dashboard, the app allows users to get real-time intelligence to make better business decisions. For example, a detailed online chain of custody helps employees keep track of delivery time, date, and signature.


• Caters to offices, retail, and schools

• Available on Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad

• 24/7 customer support available through a live representative


• One of the most expensive options on the market

• Some areas of the application are not very user friendly

• It has some unannounced software updates that can be troublesome

6. Visual Mile On Track

Download: Android | iOS

VM On Track allows businesses to control their internal package tracking with OCR technology and a user-friendly interface. The innovative lookup feature allows users to search recipients and send items for delivery. The application allows users to log in to an online admin interface and oversee all the stored packages in the system. In addition, users can check delivery statistics and audit information. User settings can also be changed and customized if needed.

It ensures safe delivery. Furthermore, users can add pictures and notes to the delivery if required. Proof of collection through E-signature and QR code scanning is taken after every package delivery.


• Incorporates QR code technology

• Employs the newest optical character recognition technology

• Cloud-based and presented as a SaaS option


• The app’s website is not user-friendly and lacks essential information confusing the customers.

7. OmniPost

Download: Android

Omnipost promises to be the complete track and trace solution for your mailroom. It is a post room system designed to give live proof of receipt and delivery for all inbound and outbound packages.

The software can be used through its web-hosted PC installation or mobile application on both IOS and Android. The application’s configuration is up to the admin user which means it can be both simple or comprehensive, depending on user requirements.

Email alerts are easily configurable in the system. In addition, the software provides complete visibility of all incoming mail, so you never miss a package again!


• It comes with a free trial

• Tailored to customer needs and has functionality for expanding in the future

• Email notifications are sent to recipients automatically


• Software glitches can mark delivered items as outstanding

• No duplicate management support

8. QTrak

Download: Android | iOS

Qtrack aims to streamline your organization’s internal mail through mobile automation. The software is easy to use. Users can sign up for a thirty-day free trial to try out the application. A quick three-minute video later, you are well on your way to automating your mailroom.

It is a flexible solution that requires no complicated hardware. It’s a scalable software that accommodates various user needs. Features include mobile label printing, ID card scanning, and custom reports.

QTrack also supports all major US mail carriers and allows users to add in their custom carriers.


• Convenient scanning, tracking, and signing of packages

• Attempted deliveries can be recorded in case the recipient is unavailable


• Often lags in speed

• Separate scanning modes for custom carriers and significant carriers can be confusing for users.

9. Envoy Deliveries

Download: Android | iOS

Envoy effortlessly tracks deliveries for people at the office and home. It operates on a relatively simple mechanism as users can quickly scan the barcode name on the package. Envoy recognizes it and sends a notification to the recipient in a matter of seconds, and you’re done! This gives more time for employees to focus on more critical tasks.

Mandatory signature or picture at pickup reduces the risk of theft. The software helps you monitor fluctuations in delivery volumes. It enables you to decide which long unclaimed packages to discard. This means you can prevent pileup in your office mailroom and declutter your working space. Regular reminders help employees remember to pick up packages they have forgotten about. It’s an easy-to-use and efficient delivery tracking software that streamlines your company’s mail.


• Contactless delivery ensures safety during the pandemic

• Role-based permissions ensure only the authorized personnel is getting access to information

• Smart name matching technology matches recipients to employees in your company’s directory


• Small signing out button on the app leads to confusion among users

• Application often crashes on Android

• No training videos available to demonstrate step by step usage

10. Notifii Track

Download: Android | iOS

Notifii Track is a package management software that efficiently decreases user time spent logging in packages. In addition, it can quickly scan packages on any smartphone instantly on arrival. Automatic alerts let the recipients know of incoming packages, and proof of delivery makes deliveries safer.

Notifii Track specifically caters to three niches which include apartments, university mailrooms, and corporate mailrooms. It allows users to create custom handling instructions. For example, this lets recipients know whether the incoming package contains high priority or heavy items. As soon as a package is logged in, automatic email and text notifications are sent to the rightful recipient.


• Shows detailed reports that include information such as the number of pending packages and monthly totals

• Allows users to swipe IDs into the system to facilitate package retrieval


• Does not have the best OCR technology. Wrinkled labels can cause faulty scans.

• Users have to select package type for every package they scan, continuously

• Software updates can be confusing and hard to adjust to

What Are the Benefits of Internal Mail Tracking?

Having an efficient internal mail tracking system can be very beneficial for you. Here are some of the advantages to look at when considering investing in your business’s internal parcel tracking:

• Improved mailroom efficiency results in streamlined operations

• Increased employee satisfaction

• Chain of custody ensures better accountability

• Reduced risk of financial loss due to misplaced packages

• Less time wasted in disputing missing parcels

• Improved security of business assets and information

• Less manual work involved

Internal parcel tracking systems are an excellent investment. They help you go paperless by digitizing your mailroom, decreasing your carbon footprint, and leading to improved employee satisfaction levels. Mailroom management software ensures that your employees are getting their mail at the right time and minimizes the risk of damage. As a result, less time is wasted in solving disputes and asking for delivery updates. In addition, mailrooms play a massive part in distributing essential information throughout the company, which directly influences business decisions. That’s why proper mailroom management is a must for every company.

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