12 Reasons Why You Should Automate Your Mailroom Now!

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article date Jul 27, 2021

Mailroom automation has become a necessity after the pandemic. According to Pew Research Centre, around 71% of workers in the US are currently working remotely. This means processes like mailroom management suffer from half the workforce working from home.

Managing business mail is a tedious task with a lot of room for error when done manually. Now, with an understaffed mailroom, it is even more challenging. Inefficient mailroom management can lead to lost packages, higher costs, and unsatisfied customers.

Fortunately, automating your mailroom can be the solution to all these problems. It helps manage the mailroom efficiently, reduce costs and lower the risk of losses.

What Are the Reasons to Automate Your Mailroom?

Inefficient mailroom operations can affect your business. If incoming inquiries are not addressed promptly, it can lead to errors and dissatisfied clientele. If employees do not receive essential deliveries on time, it can disrupt their work schedules and poor management.

Automating your mailroom can help make your operations smooth. Here are six reasons why you should start automating your mailroom right now!

1. Streamlined Mail Distribution and Storage

A mailroom automation software ensures that all incoming mail is centralized. Every piece of information is processed and sent to the right recipient. Mail circulation is streamlined, and employees are allowed to customize delivery methods to keep an eye on their mail and take timely action.

2. Segregation of Deliveries

The type of deliveries businesses receive daily is not uniform. Sometimes different entry points are used for the same information and packages that are critical to companies. Other times additional documents like invoices, applications, and complaint letters can end up in the same pile.

That’s why there is a need to use an efficient mailroom management solution for deliveries entering the mailroom. Streamlining mailroom operations is essential for happy customers and smooth workflow.

3. Customer Satisfaction Is the Key

Customer Satisfaction

Customer retention is the key to every business. Your clients use different ways of communicating their feedback with you. One of which is: writing. Promptly getting back to your customer’s complaint or query is essential.

If your customers feel like they’re not being heard, you will lose them to other businesses. Having an old-school mailroom increases this risk. However, digitizing mailroom operations can combat this problem efficiently.

4. Faster Response Rate

With an automated solution, you do not have to wait through lengthy mail processing time. You can get back to your client’s queries faster, increasing customer satisfaction and retention.

5. Mailrooms Can Quickly Become a Bottleneck

Classical mailrooms often fail to deal with the increase in mail and the client’s expectation of immediate response. Sometimes companies neglect to upgrade their mailroom even though they are investing in other departments.

However, if incoming data is not being handled properly, efficiency will never be achieved. If neglected, mailrooms can become a bottleneck that hampers the entire organization’s workflows.

6. A Well-Connected Enterprise

Ultimately, mailroom automation software can help you create an enterprise that is resilient and well connected. When data is shared quickly and efficiently, work processes become smoother.

When you rely less on physical operations, you ensure that your mail is still being delivered in times of crisis. Automating the mailroom prevents it from becoming a bottleneck that would impact the entire organization negatively.

7. Manual Mailrooms Result in Errors

For mailroom managers, managing the influx of deliveries can be a cumbersome task and managing the mailroom often results in errors. Sending the wrong documents to the wrong recipients and delays in mail and package deliveries are not uncommon. These errors can obstruct a smooth working environment.

8. Secure Delivery Management

Mailroom Operator

With the help of encryptions and passwords, digital mailrooms offer tighter security for your documents, ensuring that access is only given to suitable personnel.

By using mailroom automation software, you can also keep a record of all deliveries and their recipients, which helps track missing packages and make sure that deliveries reach their appropriate recipients.

9. Classical Mailrooms Are Time Consuming

Manual mailroom operations consist of a lot of paperwork. Sorting, processing, and sending mail to their rightful recipients can be very time-consuming; it is also redundant and hinders employees from branching out.

Talented individuals can apply their abilities elsewhere if not busy with tedious mailroom operations throughout the day.

10. Mail Automaton Can Increase Productivity

When your employees don’t have to deal with the hassle of sorting and processing mail all day, they can focus on more critical tasks. This leads to better productivity within the organization as doing valuable work instead of grunt work increases employee satisfaction.

11. Unautomated Mailrooms Lead to Higher Costs

Perhaps the biggest reason why companies should automate their mailrooms is that old-school mailrooms are inefficient and result in losses. Misplaced packages and loss of vital information are widespread in an unautomated mailroom.

Resultantly, work processes within the company are disturbed, leading to financial losses and time wastage. All these issues can easily be avoided if businesses were to invest in good mailroom automation software.

12. Low Costs and Minimized Losses

An automated mailroom significantly reduces the risk of lost and misplaced packages as it manages deliveries systematically. Resultantly, incurred losses are minimized.

Moreover, by digitizing your mailroom, you have the option of reducing staff in the mailroom and lower your staffing costs as well.


Mailroom automation can be a saving grace for mailroom managers everywhere. It helps reduce costs, increases efficiency, eliminates paperwork, and gives birth to a resilient and well-connected organization.

By investing in excellent mailroom automation software, you can save yourself the hassle that comes with lost packages, high costs, and manual labor. So, automate your mailroom now and ensure smooth mailroom operations within your enterprise!

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