Inbound Mail Tracking System: Manage Uptick in Employees' Mail

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article date Oct 12, 2020

Let’s talk about a scenario when one of your coworkers dropped by to collect their mail, but you could not find it quickly—or misplaced their mail in the massive pile of papers. Has it ever happened to you? If yes, then you need to find a solution to these problems. It is necessary to keep your mailroom operation running smoothly, and it is only possible if your mailroom is digitized.

A digital mailroom helps you find mail within a few seconds. Not only this, but a digital mailroom offers a range of benefits that can make your life easier. An inbound mail tracking system comes in handy when you do not want to embarrass yourself in front of your coworkers while looking for their mail.

How can you manage your mailroom smoothly with an inbound tracking system? How to get back to coworkers – pronto with their mail? Let’s have a look at a few tips and tricks!

  1. Reduced Package Scanning time
  2. Prompt Package Notifications
  3. No More Porch Pirates Stealing Your Delivery
  4. No Missed Deliveries
  5. Protect Confidential Items
  6. Reduced Wait Time

1. Reduced Package Scanning Time

With a digital mailroom, you can reduce up to 95% scanning time. You can quickly scan packages and save time. This will not only help you stay motivated and productive but also focus on other tasks simultaneously. This will also help you cater to your coworker queries more attentively.

2. Prompt Package Notifications

No more extra visits to your mailroom. Your coworkers can easily choose the fate of their packages after receiving automated notifications sent by the inbound mail tracking system that you are using. This will not only help your coworkers save a trip to the mailroom, but it will also keep your mailroom less crowded.

3. No Porch Pirates

Those opportunists who steal mail off people’s front porches—it’s hard for them to infiltrate the corporate mailroom. You can minimize theft if you use an inbound mail tracking system. Inbound mail tracking system keeps a record of everything that enters and leaves the mailroom – providing the entire history of the package chain.

If porch pirates keep stealing your packages despite using an inbound mail tracking shystem, have a look at our guide that we compiled to prevent porch pirates from stealing your packages.

4. No Missed Deliveries

If a package is sent with “signature confirmation” and you’re not there, you’ll be left to chase it down. Mailroom attendants can help with that, saving you big hassles later. The inbound mail tracking also enables you to hold your essential deliveries within your mailroom.

5. Protect Confidential Items

If you get an item for your eyes only, the mailroom manager can keep it safe for you. Your important documents won’t get into the hands of the wrong people. With an inbounding mail tracking system, protection of your confidential items is guaranteed.

6. Reduced Wait Time

With an inbound mail tracking system, you can quickly reduce the waiting time of your coworkers. No more heated arguments – you can easily retrieve their package using your mail tracking system. Provide them with all the necessary information about their package.

Get a Mail Management Software

Are you still using a handheld scanner for inbound packages? Move into the 21st century with an app for that—specifically an inbound mail tracking system. With such software, you can use almost any computerized device to scan labels using optical character recognition (bye-bye, manual entry). This eliminates errors and saves time. When your processes are streamlined, your mailroom won’t be significantly affected by a smattering of personal packages flowing in each day.

Factors to Look for While Choosing an Inbound Mail Tracking System

When you look for a mailroom app, make sure to choose one that facilitates digital communication with package recipients. For example, our PackageX cloud-based package tracking system can auto-generate an email or text to recipients every time a package is received. Employees can then send a quick reply by clicking choices that indicate how they want to handle pick-up/delivery. The software can also generate auto-reminders if someone doesn’t pick up their package in a designated amount of time. This can help you move packages out quickly to free up storage space—and you won’t have to worry about chasing anyone down. The software does it for you.

If you find ways to modernize and automate your mail processes, you should be able to do this without much pain or strain. It’s a step we recommend to companies of all sizes in this era of burgeoning e-commerce. Want to find out if it’s right for you? Check out our ROI Calculator. You punch in the details, we’ll let you know if switching to mailroom software will save you money—and how much.

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