Managing your Mailroom in a Post COVID-19 World

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article date May 21, 2020

As economies across the US and the world slowly begin reopening, businesses must learn to adopt new policies and procedures to keep their employees and customers safe. Mail and package delivery is no exception, and methods that worked well in 2019 may be outdated in our current environment.

However, you can keep your mailroom secure and efficient while operating to the highest standards of hygiene and safety. We recommend that all operators review the recently released OSHA guidelines for the package delivery industry. We also outlined some practical ideas to optimize your post-COVID-19 mailroom below:

Five Tips to Make your Process Faster and Safer

  1. Assign shifts to clients to keep crowds evenly dispersed and avoid a surge in occupancy. Assign shifts alphabetically or have them sign up for the time that works best, and limit their mailroom time to their assigned hour.
  2. Use markers to promote social distancing. Most people won't intuitively know just how far six feet is. Make it easy for them to stay safe by marking spots in line with signage or simple tape lines on the floor, and don't forget to consider the space between customers who are standing side-by-side, not only back to front.
  3. Make sure your employees can keep a safe distance from each other as well. Consider staggering shifts where possible, or creating individual zones within your operation for each employee to work. Also, as per OSHA guidelines, encourage the delivery people to drop packages off without contact.
  4. Switch to contactless pickup. There is no reason for your customers to have to touch shared objects like pens, clipboards, or tablets or for customers to have physical contact with your employees. With a modern package management system like PackageX Scan & Track, you can keep records of packages coming in and out of your facility without any person to person contact.
  5. Consider a modern package management system to help you stay safe. In times like this, the ideal system allows for a fully contactless receipt and pickup of packages. PackageX Scan & Track has contactless features as well as smarter label reading, truly automated notifications, and actionable data and analytics to keep your mailroom safe and lower your operational costs.

As always, we are here to help. If you need help adjusting your app features reach out to our support team. If you'd like to learn more about PackageX, schedule a demo here.

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