PackageX with the “Amazon Effect” on Universities’ Mailrooms

By: Umair Multani


Mailroom Management

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article date Sep 18, 2019

With the advent of Amazon and the generational shift from buy in-store to shopping online comes the influx of inbound packages to university mailrooms and package receiving centers. Postal services such as the USPS in 2013 added a test program to deliver packages for Amazon on Sundays, a test that began in Los Angeles and New York City and quickly spread across most large metro areas in the US. Keeping up with the demand requires not only more days to the work-week with additional manpower but automation tools that mitigates this influx.

Mailroom employees working in universities, from receiving a package and using the historic pen-and-paper logging method to later on using hand-held scanners and signature pads, can finally do away with extraneous devices and use the existing tool of their smart-phones (iOS or Android). First step, download the app from the App or Google Play store, sign into their client account and from there, simply snap a photo of the package’s label, notify upwards of 50 recipients in the university’s directory with a single click of a button. Next, when the recipient or the designated pick-up person on their behalf is present to pick up their package/s, having them sign for logging purposes.

PackageX’s CEO, Farrukh Mahboob, noticed a parallel of this inefficiency while working out of a WeWork workspace. From extensive research, insight from customers and mailroom employees, he proposed a solution that was centered around the user— mailroom employees and the recipients of incoming mail and packages. PackageX’s solution does good for both of these users. From the point of drop-off from a delivery courier or service, all the mailroom employee has to do is scan the label using an iOS / Android phone or tablet device, upwards of 50 label scans in one single go and with one click, notify all recipients that their package is available for pickup from the point of drop-off. Such a solution may sound too good to be true but when the goal is to eliminate a pain-point and alleviate a demand, existing and emerging technologies such as computer vision and artificial intelligence are best equipped to handle such conundrums.

PackageX differentiates itself from other solutions by our resolve to delivering world-class customer support, efficiency in workflow setup, user-friendliness (no, really!) and consistent upkeep in terms of updates and bug-fixes.

Our customers are our business partners— an extension of PackageX’s family if you will— their needs and concerns being our utmost priority.

Find out below why PackageX is your best go-to for last-yard notifications and inbound mailroom solutions:

__- No need to purchase hardware, app can be downloaded from the App store to existing iOS / Android device, phone or tablet

  • Ability to scan upwards of 50 packages before notifying all recipients with a single click

  • Automated notification emails to faculty or student after original scan

  • Storage of label (picture) at scan for easy package retrieval and data entry

  • Automated reminder emails for packages that have not been picked up

  • Sign out packages as easy as receiving them. Summarized as, “Snap, notify and sign.”

  • World-class customer support from our global team

  • Quick and easy search for a package utilizing any text on the package or shipment label: carrier, retailer, sender, sender address, recipient…

  • Ability to designate a pick-up person to receive your packages or to pick up packages for a building, facility and administration as a whole__

Receiving more and more packages? Clip the part about having “more problems.” PackageX in partnership with your university mailroom or mail pick-up center, can mitigate the “Amazon effect” or the influx of inbound packages that you maybe facing. Reach out to our dedicated sales team to request a demo.

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