Top 10 Warehouse Management Systems to Effectively Manage Warehouse Processes

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article date Jun 26, 2021

A large number of customers rate their shopping experience based on the delivery services. This makes it necessary for retailers and manufacturers to provide quick delivery to the customers by maintaining inventory and avoiding theft and damage to the parcels. Retailers and manufacturers can use warehouse management systems to meet these targets and improve delivery services to be the customer's first choice.

The warehouse industry is growing due to the rising trend of globalization and associated outsourcing. The warehouse management system (WMS) market value was recorded as $2.4 billion in 2020 and is likely to increase to $5.1 billion by 2025. The cloud-based segment had the highest revenue of 55% in the year 2020.

An effective WMS is necessary for the retail, manufacturing, and distribution industry to automate its supply chain and stay competitive. It enables brands to reduce their retail prices and achieve accuracy in inventory control. WMS is also used to avoid fraudulent activities in warehouses; such as, theft. Theft and fraud can reach to 3% of warehouse inventory turnover. Theft is another important aspect that is catered to with the help of warehouse management systems.

10 Best Warehouse Management Systems

Here are the ten best WMS available in the market.

  1. PackageX Mailroom

  2. Oracle Warehouse Management

  3. Infoplus

  4. SAP WMS

  5. Infor SCM

  6. HighJump

  7. Click Reply

  8. Tecys

  9. Fishbowl

  10. Finale Inventory

1. PackageX Mailroom

Download: Android | iOS

PackageX Mailroom is a mailroom management software that uses machine vision technology to track packages with a picture. It gives you an optimal solution for mailroom management with zero manual entry.

The mailroom operators scan the packages with OCR enabled app and notify the recipients. There are a range of options that a recipient can choose and the certain action will be performed for their package. Moreover, it offers contactless pick-up for recipients. These processes reduce the pick-up time of the package.

Furthermore, it assists in keeping your mailroom clutter-free. This is a complete digital mailroom where users can forward, discard or view mail right from their smartphone or tablet.

2. Oracle Warehouse Management

Download: Android | iOS

This is a cloud-based solution with an easy-to-use interface. Oracle WMS provides better visibility about the inventory of the warehouse. Moreover, it takes care of the supply chain fulfillment operations from the distribution center until the product reaches the store shelf.

Using Oracle, you can move a large number of goods with accuracy. It allows users to improve customer service as warehouse speed is increased and the accuracy of orders.

Using the Oracle WMS, users can achieve the following:

• Streamline warehouse capacity

• Increase productivity

• Reduce costs

• Improve order accuracy

3. Infoplus

Download: Android | iOS

This is a warehouse management system software for both small-sized and medium-sized organizations. It is a web-based software that supports 2PLs, retailers, and wholesalers to focus on inventory control, shipping, and operations inside the warehouse

The software gives users more visibility into their day-to-day operations. It enables users to gain control over inventory and quality. Furthermore, it assists in warehousing planning to ensure safe and efficient ways to pick and ship goods.

The key features of Infoplus include:

• Manage workflows of different business lines from a single platform

• Print on demand

• Kit on demand


Download: (SAP Inventory Manager) Android | iOS

This is a modern and flexible warehouse management system that lets you digitize the warehouse operations to manage a high volume of goods efficiently.

SAP lets you streamline the supply chain operations and trace the goods. Additionally, you can optimize warehouse operations and improve the efficiency of the retail process.

Following are the unique features of SAP:

• On-premise and cloud deployment

• Consolidate partial stock units

• Streamline eCommerce returns

• Manage cancellations from customers

• Set-up labor structures

5. Infor SCM

Download: Android|iOS

A cloud-based supply chain management software that supports companies to carry end-to-end supply chain solutions. Infor WMS lets organizations improve their logistics operations internationally, as well as enhance operations within a warehouse.

The Infor WMS allows organizations to streamline the activities of distribution centers to manage them efficiently. Infor WMS combines warehouse fulfillment with labor management to reduce complexity. The unified approach enables users to eliminate bottlenecks while achieving perfect order fulfillment.

Below are the features of Infor WMS:

• Appointment scheduling, cross-docking, and flow-through

• RF receiving and picking

• 3D visual analysis

• 3PL billing and invoicing

• Voice-enabled operations

• Labor Management

6. HighJump

Download: Android| iOS (Not Available)

High Jump, now called Korber, is a warehouse management system software that provides logistics, transportation, and warehouse management solutions. The software serves the operational needs of both manufacturers and 3PL companies.

HighJump can easily be integrated with the organizations' current ERP system. The integration team ensures the process is smooth. The standalone WMS allows you to track everything that enters and leaves the distribution center. It is suitable for warehouses of different sizes with varying complexity of processes.

HighJump offers its clients these features:

• Mobile platform

• Rapid implementation

• Cloud-based

• Inventory management

• Labor performance optimization

• Warehouse processes

• Material flow control

7. Click Reply

Download: Not Available

This is a logistics management solution for warehouses that offers complete visibility of the processes. It can be either cloud-based or on-premises. The software enables users to move products in an organized and precise way.

The solutions provided drive the performance towards optimization of logistics processes. Using ClickReply, warehouse managers can attain customer level accuracy, inventory level, and accuracy of space utilization.

It has the following features:

• Voice operated execution

• Management of RFID based devices

• Mobile platform

• Scalable for multiples sites and owners

• Flexible logistics

8. Tecsys

Download: Not Available

This is a WMS that can be implemented for warehouses of any size. It is designed to improve the accuracy of orders while inventory management. The cloud-based feature allows warehouse managers to access the dashboard remotely from anywhere and get insights on important information about the warehouse.

It has certain drawbacks as well. Tecsys does not support integration with major eCommerce systems. Neither does it offer integration with accounting software solutions.

Here are some unique features:

• Transportation management

• 3PL Billing

• Distribution Management

• Order Management

• Delivery Management

• Business Analytics

• On-premise or Cloud-based

• Customizable workflow

9. Fishbowl

Download: Android | iOS

This is a simple warehouse management system used by many small and medium-sized warehouses. It is ideally designed for manufacturing and warehouse inventory with two core products Fishbowl Warehouse and Fishbowl Inventory. It can work with ERP systems that have weak WMS applications.

However, Fishbowl is not suitable for complex supply chains and large organizations. One drawback of this warehouse management system software is its inefficient reporting tool. Because it is not accurate, it hinders the transparency of the inventory in the warehouse.

Here are features of this software:

• Multiple plug-ins

• Integration with popular business solutions

• Multi-currency

• Order managements

10. Finale Inventory

Download: Android | iOS (Not available)

This is a cloud-based inventory management software application for warehouses and eCommerce. Using Finale, you can get a quick updated overview of all your warehouses centralized into one place.

A Finale client has successfully decreased their order inventory rate from 3% to 0.2%. It provides over 40 integrations with famous marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, so stock is automatically updated in these marketplaces.

Finale offers its users free training and consulting. Following are the features that it offers:

• Order management

• Inventory control

• Purchasing and replenishment

• Serial number tracking

• Barcode scanning and creating

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is warehouse management?

Warehouse management involves monitoring all the operations that take place within a warehouse. Warehouse managers have to optimize the processes to increase output and efficiency.

Warehouse management involves the following processes:

• Track incoming stock

• Tracks product until it reaches the final consumer

• The track returned products until they get another consumer

• Arrange the inventory so it can easily be found

• Shipping orders

• Labeling Inventory

• Ensuring there is no stock-out

Q. What is a warehouse management system?

The warehouse management system automates all the warehouse processes and assists the warehouse staff in improving their productivity. WMS is designed to automate the entire supply chain, covering all operations from the distribution center to the store shelf.

Q. What does a warehouse management system do?

The warehouse management system streamlines the warehouse processes and provides a centralized approach. Furthermore, it gives more visibility to the stock that is present in the warehouse. WMS enables users to reduce costs by improving the efficiency of warehouse operations.

Warehouse processes can be divided into seven main factors.

• Receiving

• Putting Away

• Storing

• Packing

• Picking

• Shipping

Q. What are the types of warehouse management systems?

Organizations that want a solution specifically for their warehouse can go for WMS. In contrast, large organizations like third-party logistics that outsource many of their functions can go for ERP modules. ERP can help them consolidate all their activities in one place.

Furthermore, a cloud-based solution is a better option. It outsources maintenance to the vendor and eliminates the need for integration with the current hardware. The Supply Chain module is also a good option. Let us go through each of these in detail.

Choosing a warehouse management solution depends on various factors. Take your requirements and resources into consideration while choosing a WMS for a warehouse. Adding a WMS can prove to be a significant change in your warehouse management workflow. You can achieve drastic improvement in your output and efficiency.

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