Top 10 Coworking Office Space Management Software in 2021

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article date May 26, 2021

Coworking spaces are the future of professional workers. Workers are now more interested in coworking spaces. The emerging trend of coworking spaces comes with associated demand for coworking office space management software. With the increase in the freelance economy, the need for coworking spaces is increasing. The USA alone has around 53 million freelancers by 2019, and it is expected to grow. Subsequently, there are around 20,000 coworking spaces globally this year. According to industry forecasts, the market is expected to grow by 11.8% by the year 2023.

A coworking space is a shared working space with all the facilities of an office. It is now the first preference of many start-ups, remote workers, and freelancers. Workers can reduce their costs because they only have to pay for the facility that they use.

Freelancers and remote workers also opt for coworking spaces over home offices, giving them a place to focus. The spaces are designed to provide an aesthetic feel, making the members comfortable.

Coworking Space a New Trend - What is it?

Coworking spaces are expected to increase to 40,000 globally by the year 2024. In advanced economies, around 25% of workers can carry out their duties remotely. This is four times more home-based workers than before, thus causing an increasing demand for coworking spaces.

If you work remotely and do not try a coworking space, you are missing out on a unique experience. This is a shared office space with all the amenities you would need in an office: a good internet connection, a meeting room, desk & chair, and a coffee machine.

Coworking spaces let subscribers pay for only the amenities that they use. So, if they use only meeting rooms, that is what they will pay for. Similarly, a worker using a printer in the coworking space will pay for that single print instead. This way, the users avoid the huge costs of renting an entire office or equipment.

Who Uses a Coworking Space?

Who uses coworking spaces? If you are looking for a working space other than your home office, a coworking space is your place to be. Remote workers and freelancers significantly use these. Due to a rise in demand for flexible work hours, freelancers and remote workers are considerably increasing. Furthermore, remote workers do not go to the office, nor do the freelancers; this new trend leads to a demand for a space that workers can call an office when needed. People who are more likely to use coworking spaces are:

• Freelancers & Remote Workers

• Cloud-Based Companies

• Start-Ups

• Small Companies

Key Features of a Coworking Space

So are you looking for your new go-to place where you can take out your laptop and focus on your work? Here are some key features of a coworking space that you need to consider.

• Fast and Secure Internet Connection

• Meeting Rooms & Locker Rooms

• Equipment: Scanner, Printer, Fax Machine

• Aesthetic Feel and Cleanliness

• Mail & Package Handling

• Coffee and Tea Pantry

• Admin Facilities

• Digital Signatures

• Accounting and Billing Tools

Top Coworking Space Software To Manage the Working Space

Let us explore some of the best coworking space management software available in the market:

  1. PackageX Mailroom
  2. Cobot
  3. Optix
  4. Nexudus
  5. Archie
  6. OfficeRnD
  7. Andcards
  8. Essensys
  9. Habu
  10. Coworkify

1. PackageX Mailroom

Pricing: Their silver package costs $94.99 / month for 1 location.

Downloads: Android or iOS

PackageX Mailroom helps you improve cost and efficiency for modern-era coworking places. It provides a complete digital mailroom with services like mail forwarding, scanning, and analyzing inbound/outbound mail. Moreover, this software helps corporate offices or coworking spaces manage their unique package delivery challenges. With their smart, scalable, and customizable solutions, clients process deliveries up to 95% faster.

This allows integration with other applications to sync your directory easily and to ensure end-to-end visibility. Proof of a package with a photo or signature is also available. The dashboard allows users to manage all mailrooms from one location. They also do email customization and co-branding.

Famous and successful coworking spaces like WeWork, Space & Symphony Workplaces trust PackageX for their mail management and efficient deliveries.

2. Cobot

Pricing: Basic plan starts from $50 for up to 15 members.

Downloads: Not Available

Cobot provides a flexible workspace and office hub for everyday office operations. Meeting rooms and lockers are also available for members. Coworking space and services are available for the long term as well as the short term. Day passes are available too. Along with other services, Cobot can automate invoicing, attendance tracking, resource management. A Cobot can also be used to map and link your offices in multiple locations.

The cloud infrastructure of Cobot helps members manage dashboards from anywhere. Non-members can also use the meeting rooms, allowing customers to increase revenue by utilizing their resources.

Cobot provides powerful integration options with famous applications like Mailchimp and Paypal. Using Cobot's white-label package, the customers can customize it to create their logo and provide its members with a personalized brand.

3. Optix

Pricing: The $199 is the starting base price that includes one venue and 50 active members.

Download: Not Available.

Optix is the best software available to connect you to the resources and services to make your workspace flexible and smart. Their white-labeled workspace application is fully customizable that can be used to create a strong impression of your brand.

The Optix team can help businesses at any stage. They provide meeting room bookings, desk reservations, and automated invoice management. It can also be used for the integration of one location or a network often. Orbix can help expand your admin capabilities and build a custom integration.

It has outstanding customer satisfaction ratings for ease-of-use, scoring 4.8/5, while customer service is 5/5.

4. Nexudus

Pricing: Starts from $85 for 40 members.

Downloads: Android

Nexudus is serving office operations since 2012 with 2000+ workspace locations in 90+ countries. Nexudus has around 20,000 meeting rooms booked per day and more than 200,000 active members.

Nexudus provides flexible physical or virtual coworking space. Additionally, it helps automate workflows, streamline operations, track deliveries, visitor registrations, check-in, access control, and digital signatures.

Nexudus can be well integrated with ACT365, Avigilon, Brivo, Doorflow, and similar services to better access the coworking space.

For accounting purposes, Xero and Quickbooks online can be merged. Using Zero, you can export invoices created in Nexudus. Moreover, Quickbook provides remote access for payment assistance and electronic payments.

Nexudus connects to over 100 payment systems. It is a platform to perform business operations and offer coworking software and flexible workspace to businesses to keep up with the growing industry.

5. Archie

Pricing: Starts at $99/month for 100 users and one location.

Downloads: Android or iOS

Archie is a workspace management platform. It helps decrease operational expenses and boost revenues. It is suitable for small and large brands. With Archie, you can keep your work culture intact.

It helps build experiences like room bookings, mailing services, issue reporting, check-in, and payment. Billing and payment options are also automated. Archie's onboarding specialist is always a click away to help and guide.

Furthermore, it offers hoteling, clickable floor plans, and meeting room or desk bookings for your productive and satisfied workforce. Archie can be integrated with other famous trusted tools for accounting, billing, printing, and product services, or a customized integration can be built too. It also helps in organizing paid events. Sell your tickets directly from Archie hence eliminating the third-party cost. Office desk or workspace can be available under day passes, weekly or monthly plans.

6. OfficeRnD

Pricing: For newly opened or rapidly growing flexible workspaces, pricing starts at $139/month. This includes 100 members and 1 location.

Downloads: Android or iOS

OfficeRnD serves 1000+ locations in 50+ countries with quality operational services. This software makes your work flexible, delivering a fantastic experience to the customers. It automates the services to provide a digital experience to the customers.

With OfficeRnD you can manage multiple locations, sell your services, manage meeting room bookings, manage maintenance issues, administrate members easily and communicate visually.

Multiple billing entities and currencies can be managed from a single account. To attain knowledge and experience, their resources include e-books, reports, webinars, and many more. With years of experience, their operators are available to help and guide. Their onboarding specialist and customer success specialist are part of their dedicated team.

7. Andcards

Pricing: Starts at $79/ month for 40 members and 1 location.


Andcards is a collection of mobile applications for your coworking space members. A unique feature of Andcards is its collection of applications, providing a seamless workspace. The members can have access to every element of the workspace from its applications.

The applications also make it easy for users to manage the coworking space on the go as all services are automated. Room and desk bookings are self-serviced by the members. Access is granted automatically to the members. Similarly, invoices are sent out with a single click, and payments are collected online.

Moreover, Andcard integrates with the best applications to manage your coworking space. It has integration with Google, Flow, Ezeep, and more. Andcards' applications help manage booking, automation, printing, communication, payments, analytics, and access control. Services are sold online, increasing revenue opportunities.

It serves 25+ countries in more than 100 locations. It has around 40,000 coworking users. Andcards helps coworking spaces to start, grow and run successfully.

8. Essensys

Pricing: Not Available


Essensys software enables you to grow and works as a map to a new future. It is an enterprise-ready workspace technology where delivering digital services and office experience are at the lead. It is the complete platform for flexible workspace with private cloud infrastructure for higher security standards.

They provide digital infrastructure, space management, and flexible operations. The occupier gets an exceptional experience of access to services they need. In addition, it streamlines all the processes so the users can reduce response time to member requests.

Essensys is used by businesses like Tishman Speyer, Cushman & Wakefield, Industrious, Oxford innovation. Essensys customized its platform for these companies to help them achieve their goals, successfully saving them time and money.

9. Habu

Pricing: Starts from $60/month for 40 users. For additional users, it costs $1.50.

Downloads: Not Available

Habu is a global company with physical and virtual offices located in the US. It provides the customers with an automated billing service. Additionally, the members have a self-sign-up form on the website providing a d delightful user experience.

Both the customers and members can access the Habu dashboard, called the User Area. Using the User Area, the management is free of many routine tasks as the members have the autonomy to carry out those tasks. For example, members through the User Area can make room bookings without the involvement of a staff member.

The users have a self-check-in service; thus, no receptionist is needed. The scanners check incoming and outgoing timings and create a bill accordingly. Members can also purchase day passes without going through cumbersome processes.

10. Coworkify

Pricing: Coworkify's basic plan starts from $29/ month. It is for up to 15 members.

Downloads: Not Available

Coworkify is a multi-region server hosting software. Its data centers are located in the USA, Europe, and Japan. Coworkify focuses on simplicity and functionality and offers all the features needed to run a business efficiently.

Through Coworkify, multiple spaces can be managed from a single account. Booking, resource management, payment and invoicing, customization are some of the key features. The software is known for its simplicity and cost-effective features. It is owner-operated and helps you save time and money. Automating the entire process can eliminate the billing and invoicing process. Coworkify also serves as your online sales agent.

Moreover, it supports a wide range of plans, from drop-in to monthly subscriptions. This platform helps space owners better manage their resources, promote their space, and grow their businesses. Right now, Coworkify supports the English and Japanese languages.

Companies With Coworking Space in 2021

The number of coworking companies is increasing drastically. Consequently, the membership cost and the cost of renting a desk service are reducing. Let us take a look at the industry giants of coworking spaces in 2021.

• WeWork

• Regus

• Spaces

• Serendipity Lab

• Venture X

How to Manage a Coworking Space?

Managing a coworking place can be difficult talk. It is all about how to manage space using the latest technology. Let us go over some tips that will help you manage your coworking space efficiently.

• Facilities & Equipment

Coworking spaces must ensure that the facilities and equipment are in working condition. The furniture is in a good state, giving a pleasant appearance to the area. Furthermore, the internet, printers, scanners, and coffee machines should be working, so there are no delays due to the breakdown.

Coworking spaces also provide their members with kitchen appliances, such as a microwave oven, fridge, and coffee machine. Similarly, they provide a kitchen or dining place where the members can sit and have their meals.

• Member Selection & Monitoring

The administration must monitor the members who are using the facilities to ensure that there is no misuse of the service. Moreover, no members should be creating noise pollution, which can cause disturbance for other members.

Noise pollution can be due to talking, volume, and the use of a phone. In such cases, members should be asked to leave so other members can peacefully continue using the coworking space.

Members should cooperate and follow the rules for bookings of meeting rooms and desks. When these rules are followed, the members can avoid conflicts from taking place. They must manage the space to ensure a quiet environment for focus & concentration.

• Cleanliness and Aesthetics

Coworking spaces work more like the hospitality industry. These are usually designed to give an aesthetically pleasing feel, making the members feel comfortable. Cleanliness should also be maintained besides ensuring everything is organized for the members to use.

• Administration Staff

Friendly and empathetic administration staff provides the customer with a warm welcome and creates a positive environment. The staff should be available to the members to answer their queries in a friendly manner.

Furthermore, as the staff has access to member information and their email addresses, they must ensure that the data is secure. Using the mailing list for marketing purposes and spamming them with emails will put off the members. • Coworking Space Management Software The market has several coworking space management software tools to choose from to manage the coworking space efficiently. These tools enable the management to ensure everything runs smoothly for the customers and there are no hindrances.

As the coworking space industry is increasing drastically, there is an associated demand to manage these coworking spaces efficiently. The advantages of utilizing coworking space management software are obvious. If you own a coworking space or plan to start a coworking space, adopting a software solution will drastically improve your performance and efficiency.

There are plenty of options in the market. Most software solutions come with basic features, while some have unique features, making them more powerful than others. As we provided you with a breakdown of the features and costs of some of these software solutions, we hope that it will assist you in selecting the software that suits you best.

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