Know Why Residential Building Needs Package Management System

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article date Jan 14, 2020

Is the lobby of your building overrun with packages? Do you constantly field complaints from residents whose packages have inexplicably gone missing? Do you need some help to smooth out your mailroom workflow? PackageX's smart, app-based inbound package management system can be tailored to your building's specific needs to craft a solution that is right for you.

The Challenges facing Mailrooms / Concierge Teams in Residential Buildings and Communities

With online shopping ever-increasing, thus resulting in an increase in the number of personal mail and packages delivered daily, it challenges the existing operational infrastructure of residential buildings, as they struggle to keep up with this demand. Data from PackageX Mailroom app showed a 26% increase in packages delivered after Black Friday Weekend, that amounts to tens to hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of more packages delivered. From porch pirates menacing suburban neighborhoods to luxury lobbies blighted by piles of cardboard delivery boxes, it's easy to see that the current method of managing inbound packages is just not holding up.

The concierge teams that we've spoken to at residential buildings and communities are spending an increasing amount of time every day manually logging and signing out packages, which leaves them with less time to meaningfully interact with residents. The most popular property management software options on the market require staff members to constantly move back and forth between packages, which they scan with a handheld barcode scanner and a computer where they must tediously input the tenants' name in an input field. Many buildings also lack adequate secure space to store packages after they are processed and resort to piling them up behind the desk or in the lobby where they are inconvenient and unsightly.

The problem is only going to get worse as e-commerce is projected to take over a larger portion of retail sales, and it's increasingly clear that a dedicated package management system will become necessary for most building's inbound package management needs.

How PackageX Mailroom App Can Solve Your Problems

Our system starts working smartly from the moment your mailroom or concierge attendant receives a package. Just use our smartphone app to scan the label, and our system will automatically log the package as received and instantly notify the recipient. Our software can recognize the resident’s name right off the label (even if it’s handwritten or partially obscured) and saves you the time that would have previously spent manually entering the recipient and notification information so that your concierge team can focus on helping tenants instead of processing packages.

Once an inbound package is processed and the recipient is automatically notified by email or text, PackageX continues to monitor the package and will send out follow up reminders (if necessary) and receipt confirmation when an item is picked up or delivered to a resident. Whether you log signatures, snap photos of IDs or, the package drop-off location, PackageX can integrate with your workflow and send automatic photo notifications to the recipient.

PackageX can also be used to sort letter mail by assigning each letter to a cabinet or storage space at the point of scanning. One client we've spoken to expects PackageX to reduce the number of mailboxes they have on-site by 80% since it is no longer necessary for them to have a dedicated cabinet for each resident, and to use the newly available space to store packages.

Next Steps

This part is easy – reach out to our sales team ( to learn more about how PackageX can accommodate your unique situation or schedule a demo (risk-free) and see our software in action yourself.

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