8 Best Visitor Management Systems to Use in 2021: Ultimate Guide

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article date May 27, 2021

Each one of us has come across the hustle and bustle at the reception desk of hospitals, schools, or hotels. Visitor Management systems assist in managing visitors in organizations by automating the reception and front office functions. The market value of the software is expected to grow to $19 Billion by 2026.

The management requires an optimal solution for maintaining the security of the building while catering to the needs of each visitor promptly. This is when Visitor Management Systems come to the rescue. There are some free software solutions available in the market for organizations to use.

Here we will explore the features of some of the best visitor management software products.

What Is a Visitor Management Software?

A visitor management system application is used by different industries that have frequent incoming and outgoing visitors. The system provides support for visitor check-in and conducts a security check to ensure access is granted only to those permitted to enter the premises.

Besides security, the best visitor management software sends notifications to hosts making the visitor-host meeting convenient. It creates an easy self-check-in service. Specially designed applications like PackageX Mailroom assist in delivering the parcel to the final recipient.

What Are the Features of Visitor Management Software?

Generally, all visitor management systems have the same features; however, some unique features differentiate the software applications from one another and give them an edge. The best visitor management systems allow a customized check-in. The management can customize the information needed at check-in, depending on the type of customer.

Notification setting is a common and valuable feature of all such applications. The reception can send out notifications to concerned individuals as soon they receive visitors or packages from visitors.

Here are some essential features to consider when choosing a visitor management system:

• Digital signature for documents

• Self-Check-In & Contact-less Check-In

• Easy software and hardware integrations

• Ease user interface

• Branding

• Customized registration

• Host notifications

• Badge printing

The Best Visitor Management Systems to Use in 2021

Facility Managers are aware of how crucial it is to handle visitors that walk into building premises smoothly. It is only through an excellent visitor management system that the visitors can have a seamless experience.

Let us look at some of the best visitor management systems of 2021 as we discuss the distinctive features of each of these:

  1. Lobby Guard
  2. PackageX Mailroom
  3. Vams
  4. Proxy Click
  5. Lan & Wan
  6. FT Pass Visitor Management System
  7. Tiks
  8. Swiped On

1. Lobbyguard

Pricing: The starting price is $500/year

Downloads: Not Available

Lobby Guard is yet another visitor management software that automates the front office. This is a complex software that provides portable kiosks that can be installed at any reception easily. This application is widely used in schools, hospitals, and corporate offices.

Lobby Guard has the following features:

• Self Check-In through smartphones

• instant background check of the visitor

• Access control

• Kiosks with built-in Wifi

• Physical asset tracking

A distinctive feature of this visitor management app is that it can track physical assets on the premises. Visitors must declare their assets like laptops, cameras, and USB ports on arrival, after which the system can tell if the assets are within the premises or have left after check-out of the individual.

2. Mailroom by PackageX

Downloads: Android or iOS

The Mailroom by PackageX software application is used for managing delivery visitors. Building receptions can have this software installed for receiving parcels promptly, providing a contactless and efficient delivery service.

It offers an optimal solution for handling the mailroom and keeping it clutter-free. This reduces the time needed to search for packages and organizes mailrooms with many packages, making it challenging to find the required parcel.

Here are some features of Mailroom:

• Host notifications

• Barcode scanning

• 2-Way communication

• Contactless pick-up

• Zero manual data entry

3. Vams

Download: Android or iOS

This is a web-based visitor management system that speeds up visitor management by automatically identifying unauthorized individuals to ensure the security of the building premises. It also compiles data enabling the management to trace the whereabouts of the visitor.

Some significant features of this app include:

• Emergency alert

• Integration with the Locker Management System

• Analytical reporting

With the current situation of COVID-19 necessitating temperature checks at the reception, this app has introduced a new device called the Safeguard. This is a touch-less scan that can be used to scan visitor temperatures and automatically check masks, based on which the visitor is allowed entry into the building.

4. ProxyClick


Proxy Click: iOS

Proovr: Android or iOS

Besides visitor management, Proxyclick can be used for contractor management as well as employee management. It has three applications, each of which offers different features. Now let us see what these features provide us with.

The Flow Platform:

The application can integrate with 30+ systems, hardware, and tools for time-saving.

Proovr App:

This is used for granting employees digital access using a digital key for check-in at the kiosk. Additionally, it has a health screening feature for general health questions before entry.

Flow Intelligence:

This application gives real-time data from Proovr about the traffic inside the premises or at the reception.

5. Lan & Wan

Downloads: Not Available.

Lan & Wan is a visitor management system with all the essential features focusing on maintaining building security and reducing the time needed for visitor reception. The app can extract data from machine-readable passports and ID cards, including a driving license.

The app comes in 3 formats designed for a single location workplace or multiple location workplaces. While the advanced version has limitations, the enterprise and enterprise+ apps have all the features that can be customized based on requirements. For now, it is available in 2 languages, English and Arabic.

6. FT Pass Visitor Management System

Downloads: Not Available

This is a cloud-based platform installed on kiosks that can be placed in building entrances to make the building access convenient for everyone. It streamlines the process of visitor screening, validating, and monitoring. However, this is done while maintaining the privacy of the individuals.

The apps allow a 30-second self-check-in service with facial screening and multiple language options. The entry process and check-in are touch-free. A message can automatically be sent to the host about visitor arrival, and the host can send a reply.

Badge printing can also be done with this app. It can be connected to a printer easily, and the badge can be given to visitors for their entry.

7. Tiks

Downloads: iOS

This is a visitor management solution with both hardware and software options. The software focuses on providing organizations with safety while enhancing compliance and productivity.

Tiks kiosks can be set up at any building entrance. It is a touch-less application. An app is a good option for worksites that have a frequent flow of staff.

The app ensures security and compliance through unique features including:

• Document signing

• Badge management

• ID scanning

• Visitor tracking

• Pre-registration feature

8. SwipedOn

Downloads: Android or iOS

SwipedOn is a solution for contactless visitor access management. The software application installed on smartphones can be used to scan and get access to the building. Furthermore, the app has health questions that a visitor needs to answer before being granted access. Notifications are automatically sent to the concerned person for appropriate action if the health requirements are not met.

If the visitors need to sign any non-disclosure agreements or similar documents, the app can create a digital document that can be signed and saved. It can be easily retrieved when needed and can be automatically sent to the concerned department.

The app has a portable device that can be used in case of evacuation. The real-time cloud-based data gives you complete details of the people present on the premises, and the data can be used for roll calls. The app also keeps a record of employee entrance and exit, even if they exit multiple times.

Which Prominent Industries Use Visitor Management System?

Buildings and organizations having many visitors use these software applications. They include the following industries:

• Corporate Offices

• Educational Institutes

• Hotels

• Hospitals

Corporate Offices

Organizations from various industries, such as telecom, banking, MNCs, and FMCGs with large offices with many visitors, use these software applications.

These offices deal with 100s of visitors every day, including candidates visiting for job interviews, clients, and partners. Thus, they have to deal with many incoming people who are not regular employees. So, when there is a visitor, the management can inform the host immediately through the system.

Educational Institutes

Schools and Universities use software applications mainly for security purposes. Because educational institutes have a massive responsibility for the safety of their students, they need to make sure no stranger walks into the buildings. This can be achieved by using scanning cards and permitting only authorized visitors into the school premises.

The card scanning provides the institutes with some essential information. Firstly, they allow the access of only permitted visitors. Secondly, they have a record of the visitors present on-premises if they want to go back and check such details.


The hospitality industry has many visitors coming in around the clock. To ensure security and to provide easy access to the visitors, hotels use visitor management systems. They can conveniently retrieve information about the exact location of the visitors on-premises. The data is also used for analyzing hotel visitor load.

The checked-in customers are provided cards for scanning to enter the hotel and their rooms, eliminating the need to visit the reception desk every time. Due to the efficient handling of customers, the hotel management can better cater to the needs of all customers. They can greet and meet with a positive attitude, thus improving the client experience and the first impression.


Hospitals also use the visitor management system as they receive frequent visitors 24/7. The reception and registration counter has a never-ending queue of visitors, so they have to handle the customers while catering to their needs warmly efficiently.

The management can check patient appointment details and notify the doctor about the patient’s arrival. The system enables the management to handle many patients quickly, sending them to the concerned department. They can check the available slots and adjust the patients right away. This way, they can keep the traffic flow in the registration area.

What Are the Benefits of Visitor Management Software?

Visitor management software creates a positive first impression for visitors and a platform for the staff to cater to visitor needs efficiently. Here are some benefits of a visitor management system. Security

The visitor management systems help companies maintain security by having a record of each visitor with their entry timings. The system can also tell whom the visitor is meeting in the company and where he could be found on-premises. With this information, the management can ensure accountability and discipline.


Using these software applications, companies can gather data about visitors. The system records the check-in and check-out time of the visitor and other details. This data can be collected manually, but it is a time-consuming process, and it may have human errors. This is when the visitor management software applications come in handy.

The data is used for analyzing company performance. Companies can increase staff or divide the load across the day through appointments to avoid high traffic at the reception desk.


As all the information is saved on the system, it is easy and quick to retrieve any required information. Instead of going through manual registers and searching in excel sheets, the system allows for an easy search option.

The system saves time in communication with the host as well. When the visitor arrives, the management does not have to find the host physically. The system will automatically inform the host through a notification.

Happy Management & Reception

With efficient management of customers, the reception does not become very busy. This, in turn, reduces the burden on the reception staff; therefore, enabling them to have a cheerful attitude. The customers are always received and catered to in a welcoming manner.


The system simplifies the package delivery service as well. The mailroom management can inform the recipient about the arrival of the package and other relevant details. The recipient, in turn, can also reply to the notification, informing the mailroom management about further steps that need to be taken regarding the package.

The visitor management system lets the receptionists handle the large number of packages that they receive every day. Furthermore, the mailroom is kept clutter-free by instant communication with the recipients.The application can also be used to create a visitor log. Companies use this log to check who attended meetings. Moreover, it can be used for billing purposes by billing the attendants only.

Large organizations use visitor management software applications to handle numerous visitors each day. The applications assist management in ensuring building security by granting access to only permitted individuals. The facial screening and self-check-in features of these apps support speeding up this process.

A proficient system can efficiently handle these visitors while maintaining building security, reducing costs, and speeding up the check-in process. Some of the best visitor management systems can provide most of these features in a single integrated package. With the help of these software applications, the building management can keep the entrance clutter-free and ensure a positive visitor experience.

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