Top 10 Facility Management Software That You Must Know About in 2021

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article date Jun 04, 2021

The scope of facility management is very wide, making it challenging to identify where the exact lines can be drawn. Yet, it is still an essential factor in reducing costs and improving efficiency. Organizations use facility management software to digitize the facility management process.

It is expected that the facility management software market will grow at CAGR 8.81% by the year 2027. The value of the market is forecasted as $1401.46 Billion. The reason for this growth is the increasing demand to reduce operational costs.

Every facility, be it private or public, need facility management. Schools, hospitals, shops, and restaurants need facility management to ensure efficient performance. This includes maintenance of the facility, the assets, and the equipment that is used by the staff. Maintenance is done to reduce breakdowns and avoid hindrances.

The Types of Facility Management Software

The facilities management software market is expanding due to the demand for economies of scale. There are 3 different types of software solutions namely:

  1. Facility Management
  2. CAFM
  3. CMMS

Below we will briefly go through each of these types.

1. Facility Management

Facility Managers use centralized software solutions to manage the facilities, assets, and occupants. A dashboard streamlines the processes, ensuring timely maintenance of the assets through reminders and schedule. Facility management also assists in effective space usage.

2. CAFM Software

Computer-aided facility management uses information technology to digitize building management. It provides support to facility managers in floor planning and space. The ultimate goal of CAFM software is to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In addition, the CAFM has a database of contractors for sourcing when needed.

3. CMMS Software

Computerized Maintenance Management System is similar to CAFM and it streamlines all information related to asset maintenance. It identifies failure codes, tracks maintenance schedules, and automates inventory. This results in improved asset life. Compared to CAFM, this solely focuses on maintenance.

10 Best Facilities Management Software

Facility manager

Facility management software solutions are either integrated or standalone. Some of the software solutions are cloud-based that allows remote access. But some of the tools need installation on-premises as they are web-based.

Let us discover the best facility management software solutions available in the market.

  1. PackageX Mailroom

  2. UpKeep

  3. Asset Panda

  4. EZOfficeInventory

  5. Branch

  6. Booksy

  7. Hippo CMMS

  8. Jobber

  9. Accruent

  10. MaintainX

1. PackageX Mailroom

Pricing : Pricing starts from $142 per location/month. It can also be customized according to your organizational needs.

Download: Android | iOS

PackageX Mailroom is a facility management tool that serves facility managers by streamlining the mailroom workflows. It is highly adaptable to business needs and requirements. This is a cloud-based technology so it does not need any hardware. Hence, this reduces the cost.

Facility managers can ensure efficient handling of mails and maintain a clutter free mailroom by using Mailroom. Packages and mails are delivered faster while reducing loss of mails and theft. Facility managers can also increase the possibility of same day pick-up through quick scanning of package details. Notifications to recipients about packages and contact-less pick up are 2 unique features that speeds up the process of receiving mails and packages.

Besides scanning and printing facilities, it offers complete visibility and timely mail delivery. Property and real estate management can also use this software. It is used for coworking spaces and handling mail efficiently. Successful businesses around the world like WeWork and American Dream trust PackageX Mailroom.

2. UpKeep

Pricing : The starting price for upkeep is $45/ month.

Download: Android | iOS

Upkeep is a great software for maintenance and facility management. It is famous for

• Ease of use

• Functionality

• Value for money

• Asset management

• Customer support

Upkeep is easy to use all-in-one solution that simplifies work order management. It assesses, prioritizes, and measures all your maintenance work orders in one place. This in turn simplifies the work order management.

Upkeep reduces asset downtime and costs through work order management. Preventive maintenance and inventory management keep the cost low. Mobile features for facility management software can centralize all your work requests, reduce interruptions, and increase transparency. UpKeep is serving fitness centers, schools & universities, retail, transportation, manufacturing, and hospitality facilities.

3. Asset Panda

Pricing: Not available

Download: Android | iOS

Asset Panda is an asset management and tracking software giving access to many users. It can manage assets in different facilities including education, construction, healthcare, and government.

You can manage assets from anywhere, check the asset history, and support your workflow. Moreover, it helps in tracking maintenance schedules keeping your equipment up and running. It is famous for improved inventory management and time-saving.

With multiple user access, you can keep permanent staff and rotation volunteers in the loop. Get customized access with the role that limits users to only data you want them to see and update. Asset panda applications keep remote and on-premise workers on the same page.

4. EZOfficeinventory

Pricing: The basic plans start from $35.00 per month for 250 items.

Download: Android | iOS

EZ Office Inventory is an asset management software used by companies all over the globe. It has two main products. EZRent Out is a cloud-based online rental software. This makes renting out equipment easy as a breeze. AssetSonar is an IT asset management software.

EZ office inventory helps in tracking and managing assets lifecycle across locations. They simplify operational workflows with comprehensive data management. Users can get low stock alerts, and easy asset check-in and check-out. History tracking, location tracking, and audits are additional features offered by EZ.

EZOfficeInventory integrates seamlessly with various business applications for streamlined workflows. It allows you to integrate with different hardware brands for QR codes, barcode scanning, and label printing. It is rated at 4.8 out of 5 on Gartner Digital Markets.

5. Branch

Pricing: Not available

Download: Android | iOS

The Branch is ready to solve the financial challenges faced by millions of American businesses every day. Branch helps businesses modernize their payment methods to empower working Americans. Branch seeks to understand markets, customers, trends, and new technology.

The application allows facility managers to pay hourly workers. The wage earners can also choose their shifts using the Branch application. These features help the businesses to retain hourly workers and reduce the turnover rate

Using Branch, businesses pay their employees faster with modernized payment technologies. It saves time by making the payroll process instant and empowers the employees with faster and free digital banking.

You can make tips and claim mileage reimbursement easier.

6. Booksy

Pricing: Booksy subscription starts from $29.99/ per month.

Download: Android | iOS

Booksy is a global leader in facility management service providers. It is designed for beginners, growing, and established businesses that need day-to-day organization. Booksy has 13 million users and 500+ employees since 2015. It is backed by leading US and European leaders.

Booksy provides staff and shift management, as well as, centralized client information. It helps you sell your product and track inventory. Booksy offers calendar and appointment management, payment processing.

Moreover, it has marketing tools like emails and social media templates. There are tools to import and invite clients, and tools to collect customer reviews. Booksy offers free data migration for travelers or remote workers. In addition, it is offering live customer support. They also provide a data-driven decision.

Booksy has an easy-to-use application using which clients can get contactless payment. Booksy integrates with some of the most popular platforms from around the world like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and Yelp.

7. Hippo CMMS

Pricing: Hippo starter rate is $39 per user, per month.

Download: Android | iOS

Hippo is a facility management software and system to build strong workflows. Hippo saves time, money, and frustration. You can generate, prioritize, assign, track, and close work orders from anywhere. Hippo can do a complete life cycle asset management for you and make it accessible across departments.

Hippo helps increase stability, performance by tracking work order. Functionality can also increase through preventive maintenance. In addition, it offers vendor and inventory management and reporting. Hippo CMMS helps in streamlining your maintenance requests and work orders. It saves you time and manpower to complete your task.

The following facilities use Hippo:

• Stadiums

• Retirement and assisted living areas

• Gyms

• Churches

• Hospitality

• Office buildings

• Healthcare

• Government buildings

• Industrial and agricultural facilities

CMMS software help hotels and resorts come back strong from earthquakes, fires, floods, and storms. Hippo is recognized by awards like Trustpilot, Front Runner, and Capterra. They continue to make hippo even better.

8. Jobber

Pricing: It costs $29/month for 1 user

Download:Android | iOS

Jobber brings people and technology together to build small businesses for success. So far, jobber is being used in 47 countries with 100+ service professionals.

Jobber organizes business operations for you. It helps in scheduling and dispatching, invoicing, follow-ups, and online bookings. Moreover, it can help in marketing, reporting, time and expense tracking as well.

Jobber serves a variety of industries including:

• Appliance repair

• Carpet cleaning

• Landscaping

• Painting

• Pest control

• Plumbing

• Pool service

• Snow removal

Jobber works with any of your favorite applications and web services to help you do more with your business. Its integration with famous applications like, Broadly, Convert, Fundbox, FundThrough, and Hatch increases its efficiency.

Jobber also offers a grant program for new business owners and experienced owners. It offers 20 grants ranging from $1000- $20,000 based on which category your business qualifies for. This grant program provides help to launch, grow and strengthen small home-based businesses.

9. Accruent

Pricing: Not available

Download: Not available

Accruent is a cloud-based computerized maintenance management systems. It can optimize facility and asset maintenance and increase efficiency for a business. Accruent headquarter is based in Texas, USA. It serves a wide range of industries round the globe. Accruent commits to optimizing all stages of real estate, facilities, and asset management.

Accurent can serve all kinds of industries like corporate, education, healthcare, and retail. It can automate work scheduling and increase asset reliability. Moreover, it reduces maintenance costs and improves inventory accuracy.

10. MaintainX

Pricing: Their basic plan starts from $8.33 per user per month.

Download: Android | iOS

MaintainX is a San Francisco-based software dedicated to making businesses efficient. MaintainX manages your Maintenance and Operations digitally. It helps you track your reactive and preventive maintenance. Additionally, it controls the daily operations of your business; such as safety and quality inspections.

MaintainX can reduce maintenance costs up to 25% and increase productivity up to 40%. Furthermore, asset lifecycle can increase up to 10% with this software. It has a top-rated worker platform providing clarity to your frontline teams. It also ensures industry compliance.

The user-friendly interface does not need any employee training. With integration with tons of applications, the efficiency of this software increases. MaintainX can serve the manufacturing industry, property management, and transportation. Furthermore, it serves the fleet, retail, education, and hotel industries. It is highly adaptable to fit in any industry.

Why Do Buildings Need Facility Management Software?

Facility management is important for every kind of facility, be it school, hospital, shop, or restaurant.

1. Employee Productivity

With the right conditions and smooth workflows, employees feel confident and proud to be working in the facility. This becomes their driving force and improves their performance and efficiency. A clean environment, with working equipment and machinery, motivates the employees.

However, unpleasant circumstances can reduce employee output. When the printer is always out of ink, It discourages the employees. Similarly, if the workplace has a bad smell, it affects employee mood, thus reducing productivity.

2. Efficiency

Facility management leads to greater efficiency. If there are no power shutdowns and the machinery is always in working condition, it reduces disruptions; thus increasing efficiency.

Similarly, through accurate inventory management facility managers can avoid interruptions that can harm efficiency.

3. Cost Saving

With regularly scheduled maintenance of assets, the asset life cycle is improved, avoiding breakdowns and reducing asset downtime. Furthermore, preventive measures are less costly than repair work.

Thus maintenance management can reduce repair costs and prevent loss of work output during asset downtime.

How Does Facility Management Work?

It is important to manage your facilities to avoid maintenance issues and their associated costs. The motto of healthcare; prevention is better than cure can be applied to this area as well. By managing your equipment and premises, you are taking preventive measures rather than waiting to treat an issue.

Facility management strategies are structured to focus on long-term results. Facility management is the integration of place, process, people, and facility.

Benefits of Facility Management Software

Some benefits of implementing facility management software in your building:

• On-time maintenance

• Easy to submit word orders for maintenance

• Automated inventory updates

• Automated payments

• Asset management

• Optimal space management

• Contractor records for sourcing

• Support for people of the facility

• Cost Reduction

There are facility management software solutions designed for different types of facilities. It must also be clear by now that facility management is crucial to improve the lifecycle of the facility and the assets. You are probably wondering by now what facility management software to choose. You can start by analyzing your facility and note down the requirements. You can go through our list of suggested applications and see where you can find the best match.

Most of these applications have free trials, allowing you to first try them at your facility. Once you are satisfied with the performance, that's when you can go ahead and choose to purchase the software and get it integrated into your system.

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