Case Study: WeWork

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article date Aug 06, 2020

Case Study: WeWork

The Problem:

WeWork required a system that would work fast and scale fast as they expanded around the world. It also needed to respond to the cultural and language needs of a global organization with 800+ locations in cities around the world. The red-light-scanner, barcode-based system that they were using was slow, prone to user error, and was costing them thousands in lost package claims.

The Solution:

PackageX Scan & Track uses the most advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system on the market to quickly process inbound packages without leaving room for user error. Our fully automated smart system could read handwriting (in 57 languages!) and even partially obscured labels and find a match or make suggestions.
Most importantly, the increased efficiency saved them at least an hour per employee per day in processing time. In some locations, they were able to decrease staffing and hours; in other locations, they could offer new services, like delivering larger packages to the office.
With Scan & Track, the mailroom staff could easily keep tabs on every envelope or package that comes into or leaves the mailroom and use our robust search features to find it by any piece of identifying information. Lost package claims dropped steeply immediately after they started using PackageX. More importantly, they could demonstrate to their customers that they value their items and are transparent at every step of the process.

Their Feedback:

The response we got from the executives at WeWork was great, but more importantly, the feedback we got through our customer support team and other channels, from the community managers and mailroom staff on the ground was incredibly satisfying. Mail and delivery management went from being one of the most frustrating time sucks for the building management team to be fast, accurate, automatic, and simple and a luxury perk they were proud to offer their members.

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