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article date Jan 28, 2020

Delaware Valley University, colloquially known as DelVal, is a popular non-profit university located in picturesque Doylestown, Pennsylvania. Delaware Valley services 2,426 students between its undergraduate and graduate programs, most of whom live on campus. Recently, package deliveries to their student population have increased by a staggering 20% per academic year. The Mail Center at Delaware Valley realized the need for a robust, user-friendly software solution to process packages more efficiently. PackageX was able to work with DelVal to implement our inbound package management solution and tailor app-specific customizations to suit their needs.

Stu Schaeffer, the Mail Center Coordinator, estimates that PackageX has decreased the time it takes them to process inbound packages by 80%, as compared to their previous software. He explains that with their old software, "Student Mail Center associates and I had to key in the first letters of the last name of a recipient and then make multiple extra keystrokes to report where we put it and then to notify the recipient that a package had been received. With PackageX, a photo is taken of the address label and barcode, and the software is intuitive enough to link the recipient to our on-campus database and suggest a match. 95% of the time, it gets it right, including handwritten address labels."

However, processing inbound packages quickly was only part of the solution DelVal was looking for; they also needed to organize their mailroom in a way that would help them find packages quickly at the point of pickup. PackageX worked with Mr. Schaeffer and his team to customize the app so that when an associate scans a package, a list of locations in the mail center, including different shelves and alphabetized tubs on the floor for oversized packages, pops up to easily mark the package's location with one click.

This simple process has sped up the process of finding packages and handing them off to students and reduced the cases of lost packages to almost zero. In the rare case that a package is misplaced (usually because an associate chooses one location on the app but places it in another location), the mailroom staff can look back on the picture of the package label and know precisely what to look for.

PackageX uses AWS serverless infrastructure (Lambda, Cognito, S3) to deliver us the application which ensures our data is secure and the application is always running.

Thank you to the entire DelVal team for your feedback and help making PackageX even stronger and smarter.

For help getting your mailroom up to speed, reach out to our sales department, at, or schedule a demo and see our software in action.

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