Same day shipping: Cheapest same day delivery with Dispatch by PackageX

Dispatch by PackageX connects traditional and on-demand courier services with retailers across the country providing same-day shipping offering the cheapest shipping rates.

How Does Dispatch by PackageX Help?


Generate Discounted Shipping Labels

Want to send out shipments but don’t have a label? Fret not! Dispatch by PackageX helps you generate shipping labels at a flat rate for traditional carriers and verified on-demand couriers.


Shipment Tracking

Once the package has been shipped, visibility is what your customer needs. With Dispatch by PackageX, provide real-time tracking and transparency to package senders and receivers.


Same Day Shipping

When customers order something, they want it fast. Same day shipping is a great way to increase customer satisfaction. Our responsive user interface helps business users generate a package label for a growing list of shipping partners for national same-day, especially couriers with the cheapest shipping rates.


Quick Address Verification

Are you tired of getting packages shipped to the wrong address? Want to verify a customer’s address before shipping? We have a solution! Dispatch allows you to verify a customer’s address with a free address verification tool. No more wrong deliveries with our smart mobile app.


API and Webhooks

Get powerful APIs and Webhooks to accelerate and enhance your shipping service experience. You can set up your custom rate codes with your preferred carriers in the dashboard, and our API will respond with custom pricing.

How Does Dispatch by PackageX Work?


Quick Signup

We believe in accuracy with speed. Sign up for Dispatch by PackageX and get a hold of your dashboard within 60 seconds.


Information Verification

Once you sign up, fill in the required information about your business to get started.


Get Started!

Once the provided information has been verified – Ta-da! You can get started! Quickly generate shipping labels with our best shipping label printer and track deliveries.

Who Uses Dispatch by PackageX?


With Dispatch by PackageX, local delivery couriers don’t have to look for customers for shipment deliveries. They can quickly sign up for Dispatch to access retail stores and businesses.


Retailers don’t have to hustle to get in touch with trusted and on-demand couriers. They can integrate Dispatch API, and the merchant only pays for the label that the customer chooses. It does not charge any platform or subscription fee.

Frequently Asked Questions