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At PackageX, we’re on a mission to reimagine logistics by building the world’s first unified platform for every hop of the logistics journey.

In a digital age where technology drives how we live, work, and think, major constraints still riddle modern-day logistics operations. We recognized that legacy systems, siloed data sources, pen-and-paper inefficiencies, and fast-changing customer expectations required a new approach and a holistic solution. That’s why we’ve centralized every touchpoint of the logistics mile through modern systems of engagement and record: because digitization plus connectivity is vital to productivity, efficiency, and visibility.

PackageX is helping hundreds of B2B and Fortune 100 companies exceed their customer expectations by digitizing and connecting inventory, fulfillment, shipping, and receiving on one platform. Our APIs and best-in-class OCR technology also integrate into existing systems, bringing operations from legacy to legendary. We’re dedicated to building superior, future-proof technologies that modernize logistics for the global economy.

Farrukh Mahboob
Founder & CEO

Our story


We started our journey in New York City by solving for last-yard delivery management and automation for a flagship customer to manage mail and packages at their buildings. We successfully scaled and launched across hundreds of building locations around the globe.


We recognized that package management inefficiencies impaired nearly any building, location, or site receiving packages. Our platform solved this by enabling streamlined data ingestion, receiving workflows, and notification workflows for numerous customers across seven verticals.


Our customers appreciated what we developed and pushed us to build even more practical logistics tools to help them. That led us to develop inventory, tracking, and shipping solutions.


We collectively witnessed market needs evolving as unprecedented package volumes came into focus due to booms in eCommerce, hybrid work models, and mixed-use buildings. This led to changes in consumer expectations and preferences.


Evolving consumer behavior and logistics trends pushed us to think outside of the box. We embarked on a journey to build a unified, modern platform that would standardize legacy logistics and, more importantly, give our customers the applicational and developmental tools they needed to service logistics operations from the first yard to the last.


Our enterprise & mid-market customers across retail, warehousing, and buildings remain as our north star. They love how our platform's flexibility, extensiveness, and developer experience enable them to modernize their logistics tech stack. While we have leveraged AI to digitize logistics pen & paper inefficiencies for years, Logistics AI across our platform is already capturing the interest of existing and new customers.


Meet our Team

Farrukh Mahboob
Founder & CEO
Valentin Panyushenko
Head of Product
Waqas Mushtaq
Co-Founder & MD
Farhan Mahboob
Head of Finance & Legal
Asim Darwaish
Director of Vision Systems
Ali Khan
Director of Engineering
Kellye Snodgrass
Director of Product Marketing
Kyle Grzybowski
Sales & Customer Success
Bella Kidd
Business Operations


Myron Williams
Former President, UPS
Berkeley Warburton
Managing Director, Accenture
Prakash Muppirala
CTO, Frontdoor
Kathleen Estreich
Co-founder, MKT1
Emily Kramer
Co-founder, MKT1

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