Meet Marissa,
A Mailroom Manager

She runs her mailroom like a well-oiled machine, keeping on top of staff hiring and training, expertly managing client relations and escalations, and making sure there’s always someone on shift to help a recipient in need.
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Challenges Marissa Faced Before Mailroom

Without any management software, Marissa was burning the candle at both ends just to make ends meet. What were the problems? Let’s have a look!
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Marissa Searched for a Mailroom Management Software

Fed up with frequent missing packages & unsatisfied recipients, Marissa rolled-up her sleeves & searched for mailroom management software that could put an end to her problems.
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Benefits of Mailroom by PackageX for Managers

Learn how you can quickly organize incoming deliveries in seconds, save time, space and delight your customers with Mailroom by PackageX.

Ensure Staff Compliance

Mailroom by PackageX automates procedures for staff, so everyone follows the same package processing flow.

Full Audit Tracking

With Mailroom by PackageX, managers can keep a record of the step-by-step package history.

Smart Staff Scheduling

With insights on carrier delivery times, managers can make schedules for the right number of staff.

Timely Communication

Managers can notify recipients when a package is received, facilitating prompt recipient communication.

Zero Lost Packages

With Mailroom by PackageX, witness zero lost packages and keep a record of package journey.

No Manual Data Entry

With our OCR enabled Mailroom app, scan QR codes, barcodes, and handwritten labels.

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How Mailroom Helped Marissa?

After painlessly implementing Mailroom by PackageX, shortly Marissa noticed her problems quickly faded away. How? Let’s have a look!

Less Errors & Complaints

Simple & error-free package processing. In case of a potential error, the software prompts the user to fix the issue, reducing errors to practically zero.

The Goldilocks of Staff Schedules

Marissa’s mailroom had the right number of staff for the number of deliveries, & the mailroom became a well-oiled machine, saving salary costs.

Less Time to Train & Retrain Staff

With 24/7 support & dedicated onboarding, packages were processed within a few minutes, freeing up Marissa from having to train & retrain her staff.

Answers to Missing Packages

With an entire record of client’s packages and mails, Marissa had an answer to missing package inquiries.

Standardized Package Processing

With scan-in & scan-out flows it was easy for Marissa’s staff to comply with procedures, eliminating any nasty surprises.

More Storage Space

With swift package processing, recipient packages were retrieved faster, saving Marissa’s mailroom more of its much-needed space.

Try our sales-free, instant access to Mailroom by PackageX 14-day free trial and experience the world's fastest mailroom automation.

See How Mailroom Helped Our Clients

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    Mailroom Helped DelVal Reduce Package Pickup Time by 53%

    5 min read
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    PackageX Helped WeWork Reduce Package Processing Time by 85%

    5 min read
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    Helping Luxury Condos Process 17,000 Deliveries Annually

    5 min read
  • Case Study Wall Image

    Mailroom Helped Improve Same-Day Resident Pickups by 26%

    5 min read
  • Case Study Wall Image

    Mailroom Helped WPS Process 3,000 Deliveries Annually

    5 min read
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    Zero Lost Package Instances Through Mailroom OCR Enabled App

    5 min read

Now, Marissa Can Connect Her Mailroom With All of Her Favorite Apps.

She can automatically connect her Mailroom with the latest and greatest apps like WhatsApp, Slack and Microsoft Teams to provide the ultimate mailroom experience.
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Marissa Saved Time to Enjoy Her Passion for Cooking

With all the time Marissa saved by not having to work overtime to manage staff and packages and handling escalations outside of work hours, she finally had the time to take the cooking class that eluded her. Now, she has time to make all of the beef wellington she wants.
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Used by Great Teams to Deliver Greater Mailroom Efficiency

Explore some of the amazing teams that use Mailroom by PackageX in the workplace to manage mail and deliveries efficiently.
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