Automate Your Mailroom and Package Room Operations

Enable digital mailroom operations with PackageX apps and APIs for receiving, notifications, forwarding, and shipping.

Mailroom by PackageX Is Now PackageX Receive

We're constantly innovating to take the burden off you in processing various mailroom tasks. We've re-branded our Mailroom app as 'Receive' with exciting new features and enhancements that you asked for. The Receive app will work with other PackageX apps on a single platform so that you can manage all your mailroom needs on a single platform.

Mailroom Management with PackageX Receive

Our simple, cost-effective PackageX Receive app helps you keep a record of deliveries. Maximize space utilization and calibrate the workplace according to your needs.


Label OCR

With our AI-powered label OCR, you can scan QR codes, barcodes, handwritten labels, and everything in between.

Internal Label Printing

You can generate internal labels for effective package storage, retrieval, pick-up, and forwarding. 

zero manual data entry

Visual Notifications

Set up templates for email, text, or WhatsApp notifications with single or multiple images.

Custom Workflows

You can customize your workflows according to your business needs for outbound or inbound package handling.

parcel locker integration

Receive Connect

Your recipients can choose to scan & send, hold, forward or destroy their mail or package with just one tap.

Package Forwarding

Quickly generate shipping labels from multiple carriers and couriers to handle forwarding requests from your recipients.

digitize mailroom

Directory/List Integration

Options to sync data for label OCR matching through CSV, Microsoft Active Directory, Google Workspace, or a custom live integration.

directory integration

Same Day Delivery with PackageX Dispatch

The companion app of PackageX Receive connects on-demand couriers with businesses to facilitate same-day delivery.

Discounted Rates

Generate package labels from national carriers and on-demand couriers at discounted shipping rates.

Flexible Shipping

Ship and track all your packages in one place.

digitize mailroom

Address Verification

Quickly verify the address of the receiver using the built-in address verification tool.


You can send instant notifications to the receivers.

digitize mailroom

Build custom apps for your mailroom logistics operations using our APIs, or one of our partners can help you build it quickly the way you want it.

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