Digitize and Automate Flexible Workspace Logistics

Digitize flexible workspace logistics by empowering your community teams and offer mail and package service for your members through PackageX apps and APIs.



Never lose a single piece of mail or package.

Package Forwarding

Create shipping labels from different carriers and couriers to cater to package forwarding requests of your recipients.

Visual Notifications

Easy template setup and custom branding for email, text and WhatsApp notifications.

receieve image


Compare rates and generate shipping labels from national carriers and on-demand couriers.

Discounted Rates

Generate shipping labels using our discounted platform rates or custom rate cards.

Shipping Rate List

View all the shipping rates and filter them by speed and price.

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A companion app for your members to receive notifications anywhere.

Name a Shipment

You can name each shipment you track for quick identification.

Tracking Number Extraction

Scan a barcode or take a picture of your shipping receipt to ingest the tracking number.

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Streamline inventory workflows for your flexible workspace to increase productivity, efficiency, and visibility.


Our APIs help you connect your current ordering and inventory systems.

Inventory Label OCR

Extract and match multiple data attributes such as barcodes, SKUs and quantities using our OCR-powered app.

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Build custom apps for your flexible workspace logistics operations using our APIs, or one of our partners can help you build it quickly the way you want it.