Turn Any Smartphone Into a Package Management Device

Need an easier way to get piles of mailroom packages where they belong? Receive turns any smartphone into a label scanner and automates the package ingestion, storage, routing, and recipient notification process. Just take a photo of the label and let us do the rest.

A graphic representing a Shipping key and API keys

Process packages 92% faster with Receive

Label scanning

Use any smartphone to scan, match, and log inbound packages with our optical character recognition (OCR) software and API.

Custom workflows

Build out processes that work for your team on the Receive app for iPhone, Android, and desktop.

Visual notifications

Set up workflows to automatically alert recipients via email, text, or WhatsApp when their package is scanned.

Self-service pickup

Enable self-service pickup for your package room through QR code scanning and checkout.

Internal label printing

Generate internal labels for efficient storage, retrieval, pickup, and forwarding using our package management software.

Multi-step tracking

Route packages to your internal and external sites with end-to-end traceability.

Package forwarding

Generate shipping labels from multiple providers for forwarding requests from your recipients.

Single sign on

Enable single sign on (SSO) for easy onboarding, controls, and enhanced security.


Match packages to your directory through a CSV upload, Microsoft AD, or Google Workspace.

Package to the people

Let recipients decide where their package goes after the label is scanned.

Scan & send

Send incoming mail directly to recipients upon request with the Receive app.


Safely hold packages for recipients at the receiving site if they are away.


Easily enable forwarding requests from recipients.


Process destroy requests for unwanted mail upon recipient request and permission.



Accuracy in label data ingestion and matching



Faster processing per package



Same day pickup reducing storage clutter



Reduction in retrieval and pickup time




Lost and misplaced packages

Frequently asked questions

Can I scan package labels in offline mode?
Can I mark multiple items as picked?
Can I notify multiple recipients about an item?
How to resolve a "multiple name/match error" while scanning?
Can I add an item manually or without scanning?
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