Meet Derrick,
A Delivery Processor, & Operator

He’s always on the move. Whether he’s receiving or retrieving packages for recipients in the mailroom or out for delivery, Derrick does his best to process packages, notify recipients, run deliveries and organize the mailroom faster and more efficiently.
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Challenges Derrick Faced Before Mailroom by PackageX

Before Derrick ever knew about Mailroom by PackageX, he was having a hard time getting packages in the hands of their rightful owners on time. Without any of the advanced features of Mailroom, Derrick has encountered problems such as:
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Derrick Searched for a Mailroom Management Software

After constantly being behind on deliveries & covering for staff’ mistakes, one day after a shift, he searched for a mailroom management software to put an end to his problems.
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The Benefits of Mailroom by PackageX for Delivery Processors and Operators

No Manual Data Entry

With our OCR enabled Mailroom app, scan QR codes, barcodes, and handwritten labels.

Custom Labels & Locations

With custom labels and locations, Derrick can do a quick search to know where every package is, retrieving them in a flash.

Full Item History

Processors & Operators can see full history for every package. This infromation can help in finding packages.

Successive Scanning

Mailroom by PackageX helps processors scan up to 50 packages in one go, speeding up package processing by 95%

Quick Package Processing

Processors & Operators can process packages quickly, with reduced waiting time.

Notifications & Reminders

After scanning packages, send automated notifications to recipients & schedule pickup reminders.

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How Mailroom Helped Derrick ?

After painlessly implementing Mailroom by PackageX, Derrick began to notice that previous challenges were slowly dwindling. How? Let’s have a look!

OCR Eliminates User Error

Mailroom’s industry-leading OCR enabled app drastically reduced typing errors made by Derrick and his coworkers.

Excellent Customer Service

With complete package item histories, gives Derrick had accurate answers on missing & delayed packages.

Faster Package Processing

With quick package processing, the recipients picked up packages faster. Derrick’s mailroom was organized and had more space.

Complete Package History

With complete package history, Derrick maintained a record for every package. He was no more blamed for his team’s mistakes.

Shorter Wait Times for Package Retrieval

The custom labels & locations have helped Derrick & other staff retrieve packages in a flash, reducing the time recipients had to wait to pick up their packages.

Mailroom Connect

With Mailroom Connect, Derrick was able to perform the requested action from the recipient without having to bug them again and again.

Try our sales-free, instant access to Mailroom by PackageX 14-day free trial and experience the world's fastest mailroom automation.

See How Mailroom Helped Our Clients

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    Mailroom Helped DelVal Reduce Package Pickup Time by 53%

    5 min read
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    PackageX Helped WeWork Reduce Package Processing Time by 85%

    5 min read
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    Helping Luxury Condos Process 17,000 Deliveries Annually

    5 min read
  • Case Study Wall Image

    Mailroom Helped Improve Same-Day Resident Pickups by 26%

    5 min read
  • Case Study Wall Image

    Mailroom Helped WPS Process 3,000 Deliveries Annually

    5 min read
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    Zero Lost Package Instances Through Mailroom OCR Enabled App

    5 min read

Now, Derrick Can Connect His Mailroom With All of His Favorite Apps.

He can automatically connect his Mailroom with the latest and greatest apps like WhatsApp, Slack, and Microsoft Teams to provide the ultimate mailroom experience. 
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Derrick Saved Time to Enjoy With Friends

With all the time Derrick saved by not having to work overtime running deliveries, processing packages, and poorly handling complaints, he finally had the time to catch up with his mates. Now, he has all the time to join in the celebration parties of his friends!
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Used by Great Teams to Deliver Greater Mailroom Efficiency

Explore some of the amazing teams that use Mailroom by PackageX in the workplace to manage mail and deliveries efficiently.
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