Compare Rates & Generate Package Shipping Labels from National Carriers and On-Demand Couriers Within Seconds Anywhere

Dispatch app makes shipping label generation a two-click process for any shipping site by displaying pricing and speed from applicable national carriers, local couriers, and specialty couriers at competitive rates.


Easy-to-use modern interface saving you time.

Compare rates and generate shipping labels from national carriers and same-day couriers.

Save up to 67% on shipping rates with our best shipping app.

Get additional capacity with new couriers on-boarding on the PackageX shipping platform.

Manage all logistics operations through multiple PackageX platform apps.

Request to add your preferred carrier or courier so you don't have to integrate.


PackageX Dispatch Is Helping Different Industries

Digitize and streamline logistics operations via other apps on the PackageX platform: Receive, Track, Inventory, and APIs.

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