Declutter the Package Room and Delight Your Recipients

It’s a package room, not a warehouse. But it starts to feel like that when you’re taking in more packages than you can handle. Our mailroom app turns any smartphone into a platform-backed label creator and scanner that notifies recipients, forwards mail, and simplifies mailroom operations.

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Mailroom is now Receive

We've rebranded our Mailroom app as Receive and upgraded it with new features based on feedback from the most productive building managers.


Take mailroom management mobile

Package scanning

Use a smartphone or tablet app to read and match every bit of text and QR/barcode off the package label within seconds, including handwritten labels - no new hardware required.

Internal label printing

Instantly generate new labels for storage, retrieval, pickup, and forwarding.

Empower recipients

Let the receiver choose to receive digital copies of their mail — or have it held, forwarded, or destroyed.

Package shipping / forwarding

Create shipping labels using our low-cost carrier network to handle new shipments and forwarding requests from your recipients.

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"PackageX Receive is very usable, very functional, very accurate, very cunning in its ability to match scanty data from tattered labels, and very convenient.  Additionally, your attentive service has been superb. Your whole team and their ability to analyze problems, create solutions quickly, and communicate clearly to bolster customer confidence has been exceptional!"

Robert H.
University of Dallas

Your command center for mailroom management

Custom workflows

Quickly make custom workflows that fit your inbound or outbound package needs using our mailroom management software.

Directory integration

Sync data for label OCR matching through CSV, Microsoft Active Directory, Google Workspace, or a custom live integration.

Visual notifications

Set up templates for email, text, or WhatsApp notifications with single or multiple images.


Frequently asked questions

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Which devices are compatible with PackageX Receive?
Is there any manual entry or typing required?
What options are available for proof of pickup?
Are notification emails customizable?
Can I log letter mail?
What kind of reporting is offered?
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