Enable BOPIS, PUDOs, and Ship from Store Logistics

Activate any physical and retail location for modern logistics fulfillment through PackageX apps and API for Pick-up and Drop-off (PUDO), Buy Online Pick-up in Store (BOPIS), and Ship from Store Operations.

How Can PackageX Receive Help PUDO Locations?

PUDO locations can seamlessly integrate PackageX Receive into their existing systems to provide self-service package pickup. Recipients can pick up their packages from any PUDO point while maintaining a complete chain of custody that ensures the safety of the packages and reduces the chances of lost or misplaced packages.


Never lose a single piece of mail or package.

Receive Connect

The recipients can choose the fate of their packages with Receive Connect, which allows you to scan and send, hold, forward and destroy packages.

Visual Notifications

You can easily set up templates for email, text and WhatsApp notifications.

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Streamline inventory workflows for your PUDOs to increase productivity, efficiency, and visibility.

Inventory Logs

Inventory helps you keep a log of all the shipments entering and leaving your PUDO points.

Real-Time Visibility

With our comprehensive web portal, you can share live inventory insights with your team and customers.

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Compare rates and generate shipping labels from national carriers and on-demand couriers.

Flexible Shipping

With PackageX Dispatch, you get flexible shipping and tracking in one place.


With our APIs and webhooks, you can use all the features programmatically.

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A companion app for customers to receive notifications anywhere.

Name a Shipment

With Track, you can add titles to every shipment, making identification and pudo tracking easier.

100+ Global Carriers

Track your packages from 100+ global carriers and couriers with our smart app.

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Build custom apps for your PUDO logistics operations using our APIs, or one of our partners can help you build it quickly the way you want it.

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