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There are over a hundred WMS options to choose from but getting data into all of them is hard. This is why we built PackageX. With our warehouse management software (WMS), you can connect warehouse activity to your receiving, inventory, and fulfillment operations to support fast-moving logistics.

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Dock it. Stock it. Ship it.

Receiving Ops

Driver to dock

Equip warehouse workers with smartphones for scanning labels on packages received from truck drivers at the warehouse dock. All this data is sent to your warehouse management software where you can log damages, reconcile POs, and trigger connected workflows.

inventory Ops

Dock to stock

Use smartphones to scan individual items within packages before stocking or restocking. Log this data in the PackageX inventory management app to prevent stockouts, decrease “missing” inventory, and make future fulfillment operations successful.

fulfillment Ops

Stock to ship

Connect inventory to a system that selects the best shipping provider based on package size, location, and price. Then send recipients tracking notifications and facilitate reverse logistics with return label generation.


Analog to digital

Still using pen and paper and don’t have a WMS? Or maybe you have a WMS and rely on manual data entry. In either case, you can digitize and log warehouse activity automatically with PackageX.


Hidden to visible

When warehouse activity is digitized, it becomes visible in real time. This makes internal operations more efficient and gives customers better insight into what’s happening with their shipment.


Siloed to connected

WMS software and legacy systems of record lead to stale data, redundant work, and siloed warehouse operations. PackageX connects everything with software that supports “systems of engagement”.


Slower to faster

Warehouses that function as logistics nodes must operate at the speed of logistics. This means more efficient receiving, stocking, and shipping. PackageX enables all of this.


How PackageX powers warehouse logistics?

How can you automate warehousing with PackageX?
How does PackageX improve warehouse inventory accuracy?
Which warehouse problems can PackageX solve?
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