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Manifest Vegas 2024: Sessions About Digitizing Logistics

Manifest is here with an impressive lineup of over 250 speakers! Our CEO is set to contribute to a pivotal panel discussion around logistics digitization, the theme of 23 other sessions happening at this highly anticipated event. 

In addition to sessions around digitization, there are 100+ more dedicated to themes like robotics, cybersecurity, safety, sourcing, and sustainability. With so many to choose from, it’s wise to select one theme and attend sessions primarily around that theme.

If you want to modernize logistics operations with new technology — and improve customer satisfaction (the topic of our CEO’s talk) — digitization is a vital prerequisite and a theme worth dedicating your time at Manifest to. Because of this, we’ve compiled a list of every conversation and presentation around digitization happening at Manifest.

This way, instead of trudging from one speaker track to the next, you can attend a handful of sessions that will make Manifest both productive and enjoyable. This will also leave time to come see the PackageX team at booth 1009!

Monday, February 5

The Power of Global Trade – Announcing TradeView + Live Demo

In an era where a headline like 'Container ships targeted in Red Sea' can send shockwaves through global markets, staying ahead of the curve is more crucial than ever. Join us for a TradeView demo where we'll unravel two compelling stories reshaping the landscape of global trade. From real-time disruptions in the Middle East to ensuring apparel compliance in Europe, we'll explore how TradeView data empowers businesses with insights to help navigate the complexities of global trade.

  • Kyle Henderson, CEO & Co-Founder @ Vizion
  • Robert Kirk, Head of Analytics Financial Institutions @ Dun & Bradstreet

How To Solve the Challenges of Visibility and Data Quality

Achieving visibility and defining data quality remain critical challenges in the supply chain industry. Throughout this discussion, attendees will gain insights into who is responsible for ensuring accurate and reliable data in the supply chain ecosystem and how to stay ahead of the curve with visibility requirements across various modes/geographies. Join us for a thought-provoking session that will make you reflect and plan for the future of your supply chain operation.

  • Shradha Balakrishnan, Senior Product Manager @ Uber Freight
  • Tyler Hughes, CTO & Co-Founder @ Vizion
  • Eric Johnson, Senior Editor @
  • Stefan Kalmund, CEO @ Nexxiot

Tuesday, February 6

Orchestration: The Future of Supply Chain Digitalization

Orchestration, the future of supply chain digitalization, is one of the biggest buzzwords in supply chain. And, it can mean different things depending on who you ask. In this session, join DHL Supply Chain Global Digital Transformation Officer and North American CIO Sally Miller as she unpacks the term orchestration and explains the impact on the logistics industry. She'll outline how tomorrow's logistics market leaders leverage orchestration across all organizational levels: From continuously applying the optimal balance of human, robotic and automated resources within the four walls of distribution centers to coordinating and synchronizing all activities across the entire supply chain network.

  • Sally Miller, Global Digital Transformation Officer & CIO North America @ DHL Supply Chain

Navigating Supply Chain Disruptions: How To Turn Logistics Chaos Into Opportunity

While business leaders are grappling with emerging trends like generative AI or the TikTok generation, the global logistics industry has yet to solve some of its most fundamental issues. Antiquated supply chain technology, outdated physical infrastructure, persistent labor shortages and unforeseen disruptions like those in the Red Sea are making it extremely challenging for companies to meet the ever-changing needs of consumers. In this session, Flexport CEO Ryan Petersen will paint a picture of how new technologies and service models are reinventing the global logistics industry. AI powering the supply chain decision making is no longer a distant promise; it’s here now and saving us millions of dollars while enabling this much-reviled cost center to become a true accelerant for companies to meet the ever-growing demands of empowered consumers.

  • Ryan Petersen, CEO & Founder @ Flexport

Purpose-driven & Innovation-forward Supply Chains – Collaboration & Digitization Are Key

What similarities exist between the leading Gartner Top Supply Chain Company and a winner of a Leader in Supply Chain Awards? Both will share their expertise for the Manifest Vegas audience. Gartner identifies top supply chains as those capable of fostering growth in the face of increased risks, transitioning from one-to-many networks to many-to-many ecosystems, and effectively integrating solutions and individuals. This discussion will delve into their approaches to the 'end-to-end' value chain, strategies for addressing global disruptions, and the profound impact of AI, ESG, IT, and automation on both workforce and customers.

  • Harald Emberger, Chief Supply Chain Officer @ Beiersdorf
  • Kenneth Engel, SVP of Internet Giants @ Schneider Electric
  • Donna Palumbo-Miele, Managing Director & Founder @ Concordia Supply Chain Group

What Measures Are We Taking To Combat Inventory Disruptions?

Inventory levels have been fluctuating wildly since the pandemic, akin to the erratic movements of a rollercoaster - from widespread disruptions across the global supply chain leading to shortages in supply and inventory - to surpluses and excess stock throughout 2022. As Mark Twain once said "too much of anything is bad" and this was evident across the retail industry as excess inventory led to a bevy of challenges including increased holding costs and inaccuracies in demand forecasting. Retailers were finally able to bring inventory levels to "normal" throughout 2023 and you'll get to hear from some of those retailers and technology leaders that have actively battled these disruptions.

  • Seth Clevenger, Managing Editor, Features @ Transport Topics
  • Tim Judge, CEO & President @ Agillitics
  • Marc Tomkinson, CTO @ C3 Solutions
  • Ashley Yentz, VP, Supply Chain Strategy and Material Flow @ Sleep Number Corporation

Cross Border Shipping – From Compliance and Customs to Transport

Cross-border shipping represents a complex web of regulations, logistics, and operational intricacies. It involves navigating compliance and customs protocols while ensuring efficient transport and clearance of goods. An esteemed group of supply chain and technology leaders discuss the integration of AI and technology to optimizing various facets of cross border from compliance and customs to handling and transportation.

  • Daniel Covarrubias, Director, Texas Center for Border Economic & Enterprise Development @ Texas A&M International University
  • Michael Sachaj, VC Investor @ HPA
  • Yikun Shao, Head of NA Supply Chain @
  • Evan Smith, CEO & Co-Founder @ Altana
  • Alex Yancher, CEO & Co-Founder @ Passport

Tools & Technology That Make Sense – How Can We Enable Our Employees and Our Partners To Succeed?

Automation, robotics, AI, data analytics, digital twins - it all sounds so cool and trendy - but who do they work for? How do they impact one's workforce and partners. Some of the world's largest food, beverage and CPG organizations and logistics service providers who are tackling these issues head on share their experiences detailing HOW they are being used in supply chains.

  • Matthew Cicinelli, VP, U.S Operations & Global Supply Chain Technology @ HelloFresh
  • Gabby Contro, Partner @ Crosslink Capital
  • Kristen Daihes, VP, Global Supply Chain - Mars Snacking @ Mars
  • Bill Durbin, Head of North America Logistics & Planning @ Kraft Heinz
  • Michael Newcity, Chief Innovation Officer @ ArcBest

How To Keep Pace With Evolving Customer Expectations

CEOs that pay close attention to shipping do so to ensure the overall success and sustainability of their businesses. Four of these CEOs join the stage to take a deep dive into customer experience, cost efficiency, and the partnerships that are enabling agile and responsive supply chains while reducing disruptions and meeting market demands effectively.

  • Sarah Barnes-Humphrey, Founder & Host @ Let's Talk Supply Chain
  • Peter Coratola Jr, CEO & President @ EASE Logistics
  • Farrukh Mahboob, CEO & Founder @ PackageX
  • Coby Nilsson, CEO & Co-Founder @ Enveyo
  • Itamar Zur, CEO & Co-Founder @ Veho

Supply Shortages, Risk, and Costs – What Have We Learned From the Recent Past?

Shortages in raw materials and specialty products and increased transportation costs are common challenges that were felt across numerous verticals including pharma and healthcare logistics. To navigate, supply chain and data science leaders were required to enhance collaboration and transparency with partners, suppliers and manufacturers - as well as leverage AI & machine learning, IoT, automation and control towers with resiliency being top of mind. Learn from a panel of seasoned experts who collectively bring over 70 years of experience in navigating and managing disruptions throughout the global supply chain.

  • Imara Charles, VP, Process & Digital Excellence, Global Supply Chain @ Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Sanjay Choubey, VP & CIO/CDO, North America @ Dr. Reddy's Laboratories
  • Ravi Dosanjh, COO @
  • Amit Prasad, Chief Data Science Officer @ TI Holding Company
  • Kirk Serjeantson, Chief Information Officer @ American Expediting

The World of Carrier Identity – Trust Built Through Transparency and Truth presented by Highway

It all starts with carrier identity. At Highway we believe that the fraud issues brokers face in the freight industry today are at their core, identity issues. True carrier identity drives trust between both brokers and carriers through transparency, creating an more integrated, digital and secure ecosystem. This is the world Highway is on a mission to create.

  • Jordan Graft. CEO @ Highway

The Future of Supply Chain Visibility in the Post-Crisis Era presented by MarineTraffic a Kpler Product

Although the recent supply chain crisis highlighted the critical need for visibility, it also revealed its constraints. This session will delve into the evolving role of real time visibility logistics technology, address the market’s unfulfilled expectations, and emphasize the necessity of collaboration among key players. Join to chart the course for the future of supply chain visibility in the post-crisis era.

  • Adil Ashiq, Regional Sales Manager, Americas @ Kpler Maritime
  • Maximilian Weigelt, Team Lead Sales Specialist @ Kpler Maritime

Customs Brokerage Breakthrough: How Generative AI Is Disrupting Global Trade

Deep Cognition features state-of-the-art, “trainingless” generative AI that turns documents into data. Enterprises can generate ROI on day 1 of deployment and transform their data entry processes at scale. Gone are the days of labelling and annotating different vendor formats for your automation needs. PaperEntry AI, our intelligent document processing solution, achieves 90-99% accuracy for the most complex documents, no matter the format. Even add new document types yourself, right from the frontend. Please stop by Deep Cognition’s booth and experience a live demo of PaperEntry.

  • Kurt Knapton, CEO @ Deep Cognition

Unlocking Potential: The Future of Unified Supply Chain Technology presented by Manhattan Associates

The traditional supply chain landscape, marked by isolated operations and siloed solutions, is undergoing a paradigm shift with the advent of unified supply chain technology. This session will explore the groundbreaking advancements in unifying transportation and yard management into a single, unified, modern platform. Expert panelists will explore how this unification amplifies operational efficiency and empowers strategic decision-making, transcending conventional limitations.

  • Bart De Muynck, CEO & Founder @ Bart De Muynck LLC
  • Bryant Smith, Director of Product Management @ Manhattan Associates

Silos Are for Grain: The Importance of Data in Supply Chain presented by AWS

Timely, accurate data are the foundation of the visibility and control needed to address supply chain challenges. Join AWS and guests to learn more about how supply chain professionals can best collect, harmonize, and use data from disparate systems to create a unified picture of their supply chain operations.

  • Dieg Pantoja-Navajas, VP New Products, AWS Business Applications @ AWS

Reinventing Ourselves To Meet and Exceed Customer Expectations

No matter what it takes, it's your job to ensure your customers get their favorite warm donuts snugly tucked under their preferred polo shirt, all while wrapped in their ultra-cozy comforter. Gain insights directly from the companies intricately involved in the behind-the-scenes efforts - utilizing a robust supply chain network, partnering with innovative 3PL services, and harnessing technology - to maintain seamless connections with the customer so that donut wrapped in the comforter gets to it's destination on time and in perfect condition.

  • Jamin Dick, Chief Supply Chain Officer @ Lands'​ End
  • Dave Finnegan, Head of the Customer Experience Practice @ Reach Partners
  • Ben Jackson, CEO & Co-Founder @ Bungii
  • Rachel Levy, COO @ Brooklinen
  • Patrick McIntyre, Head of Development @ Krispy Kreme


Wednesday, February 7

Navigating the Path to a Digitalized and Climate-Positive Supply Chain

In a pivotal session, one of the top 6 supply chain leaders of 2023 takes the stage to unveil the blueprint for revolutionizing supply chains. With a visionary approach, this luminary illustrates the intricacies of driving long-term and holistic transformation within supply chains while harnessing cutting-edge technology, all while prioritizing the imperative of a climate-positive impact.

  • Dirk Holbach, CSVP, CSCO @ Henkel Consumer Brands

Creating the Antifragile Supply Chain: Through Innovation, Talent & Collaboration

Gartner's "Masters" category highlights a select group of companies exhibiting enduring excellence in their supply chains, assessed across financial, ESG, and community sentiment criteria. Among this exclusive cohort is a global consumer goods powerhouse, reaching 3.4 billion individuals in 190+ countries, sustaining its "Master" status for five consecutive years. The global supply chain leader of their flagship brand will unveil their strategies for maneuvering through the evolving supply chain landscape, focusing on resilience, capacity, business model evolution, sustainability, and talent development.

  • Biswaranjan Sen, Global Chief Product Supply Officer, Beauty & Wellbeing @ Unilever
  • Maria Villablanca, CEO & Co-Founder @ Future Insights Network

The Evolution of Digital Freight Models

Two titans of the freight industry take you on the road and map out the transformative journey within the freight market. This session delves deep into the disruptive forces of digitalization, automation, and AI that are reshaping road logistics. Join to explore how these advancements are redefining operations, enhancing efficiency, and paving the way for a future of agile and interconnected freight systems.

  • Laurent Hautefeuille, EVP @ Uber Freight
  • David Nothacker, CEO & Co-Founder @ Sennder

The Current & Future State of Integrations – Identifying Real Use Cases of AI & Next Gen Tech

Expert 3PLs, shippers and technology pioneers converge to explore the intricate realm of supply chain integrations. The focus lies on illuminating the transformative potential of leveraging generative AI to propel supply chain efficiency to unprecedented levels - all while charting a course towards optimized, adaptive, and future-proof supply chain ecosystems for shippers and partners.

  • Dave Broering, President, Integrated Logistics @ NFI Industries
  • Erik Kiser, CEO & Founder @ Orderful
  • Daragh Mahon, EVP & CIO @ Werner Enterprises
  • Judy Webb-Hapgood, Chief Supply Chain Officer @ The University of Miami/The University of Miami Health System
  • Janie Yu, Partner @ LFX Venture Partners

Intelligent Infrastructure – What Enables True Visibility & Connectivity?

Charting the future of mobility, logistics, and transportation involves a fusion of autonomous vehicles for both cars and semi-trucks, innovative rail systems drawing inspiration from hyperloop technology, and comprehensive connectivity software spanning devices and locations. Esteemed panelists from the mobility industry step onto the stage to discuss infrastructure requirements, the synergy between private and public sectors, and the crucial aspects of executing these advancements effectively.

  • Harjinder Dhaliwal, Chief Capital Programmes Officer @ Nevomo Technologies
  • Michael Granoff, Founder @ Maniv Mobility
  • Ian Kinne, Director of Logistics Innovation @ Hillwood
  • Parthsarathi Trivedi, CEO & Co-Founder @ Skylo

Achieving Importer Visibility and Control With 3rdwave’s Supply Chain Execution Platform

3rdwave is proud to introduce its Shipment Execution Platform. By focusing 100% on the needs of the importer, the Shipment Execution Platform is able to deliver where most industry solutions fall short. We will discuss the current state of visibility and TMS solutions, why many of them have a hard time meeting the specific needs of importers, how the 3rdwave Shipment Execution Platform is designed from the ground up to be different, and why that difference matters.

  • Josh Blinick, CTO @ 3rdwave

Innovation to the Last 10ft

what3words is a precise address system - with a grid of 57 trillion 10ft squares, each square is labelled with 3 words from the dictionary. Customers use it to specify an exact entrance to a building for a delivery, or to tag safe-space locations to leave packages. Used by DHL, DPD, Aramex and other delivery companies around the world, what3words decreases time spent in the final mile locating the doorstep or entrance, and helps customers get their packages to exactly the right place. Clare Jones is the Chief Commercial Officer of what3words and will share some case studies of the tech in action and what it could mean for the future of autonomous delivery.

  • Clare Jones, Chief Commercial Officer @ what3words

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