Common Package Delivery Problems and How to Solve Them?

With the boom of eCommerce, the dynamics of the logistics industry are rapidly changing. People prefer online shopping over visiting a physical store since the latter is very convenient. Now, everything available to the consumer is just one click away. The process takes a few clicks and ta-da! You get what you want.

According to a report by Statistica, over 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to shop online. The number has increased since it was 1.66 billion in 2016. This trend shows no signs of slowing down. With the increase in online shopping, the relevant problems also increase and need an instant solution. Why?

More and more people are buying online because it is a very convenient process. Consequently, they expect smooth and quick package delivery. Thus, it is essential to ensure a swift package delivery process.

If any of these metrics are not fulfilled, or a package is lost or broken, you will most definitely face a disgruntled customer. An unsatisfied customer will result in bad reviews and directly affect your business. Hence, it is vital to look at these problems in detail. So, what are the typical package delivery or courier delivery problems, and how to solve them?

Let’s delve deep into the issues!

Package Delivery Problems

Package delivery problems are diverse, ranging from logistical issues to packaging workflow. Each of these problems needs to be looked at individually. Some of the package delivery problems are:

  1. Lack of Visibility
  2. Delayed Deliveries
  3. Lost or Stolen Packages
  4. Wrong Delivery Address
  5. Damaged Packages

1. Lack of Visibility – Do Not Keep the Customer in the Dark

Ensuring visibility of any package's complete chain of custody is vital to assure timely delivery of the package. One thing that customers love to have is the visibility of their package, and it is critical. Without it, a business can become a victim of countless inefficiencies. Such inefficiencies can potentially lead to a delivery delay or losing shipments.

Easy-to-navigate dashboards on desktop and mobile applications allow a recipient to track their package from start to finish. This provides a sense of transparency for the whole process. Moreover, if the customer has any plans tied to the delivery, they can accurately plan them since they know the exact delivery times.

2. Delayed Deliveries – Do Not Keep the Customer Waiting

Late delivery is a problem for both the sender and the recipient. The recipient doesn’t want to wait longer than what is committed. Furthermore, late deliveries can immensely harm your brand image. Moreover, you can experience a drop in your sales if you do not have an efficient delivery system. It is often noted that your delivery time is directly related to your customer retention. Quicker delivery times, better customer retention.

Delivery times are not always in the sender’s control. The choice of the shipping carrier, location, and weather conditions all play their part in the delivery timelines. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the most effective shipping carrier to ensure adherence to strict timelines. Conversely, the choice of shipping carrier also has to be seen through the financial lens.

3. Lost or Stolen Packages – Keep the Packages Safe

In the absence of an efficient package management solution, packages are easily misplaced. Some extreme case scenarios include packages getting stolen. Porch pirates are always on the outlook to steal packages. What is the result? Bad customer experience and negative impact on the brand image. It is very embarrassing for customer support as well when they are clueless about the packages.

A possible remedy to this dilemma is to reach out to the customer on the day of their delivery. Another measure is to confirm with the customer if they have received the package or not. Both these measures not only ensure that the customer has got the package, but also enhances brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

4. Wrong Delivery Address – Get It to the Right Person

To err is human. Sometimes packages are delivered to the wrong address where they are not supposed to be delivered. It could be human error, or sometimes the customer enters the incorrect address. In this case, the business usually, as they should, settle for reimbursement to the client. If this has occurred due to the sender’s fault, it can negatively effect brand image and result in customer loss. All these problems arise when the package management system is inefficient, and the business does not use a package management software.

Employing an up-to-date package management software and shipping workflow can virtually eliminate these problems.

5. Damaged Packages – Get the Package in Perfect Condition

What is worse than waiting for a package? Receiving a damaged package. The packages should be taken care of, and they should come with a ‘handle with care’ label. This is not the only label that is required. Every package should have a custom label accordingly. Take care of these things before the package goes out for delivery. Taking care of the package before it goes out for delivery saves you from the customer’s wrath and overhead costs.

Other measures which can be taken to prevent damage to a package are airbags, cushioned packaging, Styrofoam balls, and paper balls.

What is The Solution to Package Delivery Problems?

The use of cutting-edge technology is essential to make package delivery smooth. This also gives a competitive advantage to your business. In the world of cutthroat business competition, you should make use of the latest technology. So, what is the solution to these problems? An efficient package management software.

An efficient package management solution will help you eliminate all these problems. Such management solutions give you and the recipient complete visibility of the product. In case of a wrong delivery address, such software allow you to hold the package until the correct information is extracted. How else do these software help?

They help you locate the package quickly and deliver it to its intended recipient. Not only this, but these management software help you keep the packages organized. Having an organized package storage means easy retrieval of packages with fewer wait times for the customer.

Wrap Up!

All these factors collectively result in improved customer experience – giving an edge to your business. It is essential to keep up with the industry standards and stay on the top of your game in modern times, and these solutions will help you do just that!

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