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Never lose track of another package – Parcel brings the power to keep track of your inbound deliveries, generate outbound labels, notify receivers, and manage returns. Coming this fall.

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The smartest way to send & track packages

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See all your incoming mail and packages in one place

Visually see incoming shipments notifications sent by Parcel at your building and add your online orders for tracking manually or through pointing the camera to the tracking number on the screen!

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No more trips to a courier store or post office

Initiate outbound shipment, generate a label, take images of the shipment, and notify your receiver - they know what to expect.

cloud-based parcel tracking system

Maintain a historical log of your past shipments

Take a picture for anything outbound, so you remember when you shipped out a mail or package - your proof of record.

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Know Where Your Package is at All Times

Parcel by PackageX is the smartest way to track inbound packages: track all your packages in one convenient view, regardless of courier; label your packages, so you always know what’s coming; and add designated pickup for when you can’t do it yourself.

Tracking your package is as easy as taking a snap

Parcel lets you scan any information on a label from your phone’s camera and it automatically starts tracking your item for you in one convenient view.

Know exactly what’s inside your package

Parcel lets senders add images of your package for some truly rich notifications, so you know the contents of your package before it even ships.

Get end-to-end shipping updates

Track your package with full end-to-end visibility. Get notifications every time your package reaches a shipment processing location.

Parcel & Mailroom Work Better Together

When PackageX Parcel & Mailroom are paired, users unlock access to new digital mailroom features such as forwarding, destroying, holding, and scanning & sending mail.

With Parcel’s remote call-to-action features, users can remotely manage their mail like their email.

Parcel and Mailroom by PackageX have a robust integration
  • Package Details

    Package Details

    On any tracked mail parcel, you can view the package details.

    Package Details
  • Digital Mailroom Options

    Digital Mailroom Options

    On the package details screen, you can take actions to remotely manage your incoming parcel

    Digital Mailroom Options
  • Forward


    Parcel’s Forward call-to-action gives you the ability to remotely forward your package from your mailroom to another place of your choosing. Get your mail when you need it, where you need it.

  • Destroy


    Parcel’s Destroy call-to-action helps you to remove unwanted junk mail before you ever receive it. It saves both you and the mailroom time and space for the mail that matters.

  • Hold


    Need a parcel but can’t be around to retrieve it? Parcel’s here to help with it’s Hold call-to-action. Remotely place a package on hold, so you can pick it up on your schedule.

  • Scan & Send

    Scan & Send

    Parcel knows sometimes you need the contents of a package before it can be delivered. That’s why you have the Scan & Send call-to-action at your disposal. Get the contents of your package sent to you digitally and worry about the real thing later.

    Scan & Send
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Download Parcel!

Parcel is available for both iOS and Android devices. Click the button below to download it for your phone.

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