Package Tracking App for Inbound and Outbound Parcel Tracking

Track is the best package tracking app for anyone to track inbound packages from 100+ global carriers and couriers. It also works as a companion app with PackageX Receive to get package arrival and pick-up notifications.


Track all your incoming and outbound packages on a single smartphone app, including returns.

Works as a companion app with PackageX Receive to notify the package arrival at a building mailroom or any receiving site.

Generate USPS shipping labels with up to 80% discount.

Real-time tracking with geo location coordinates


Track & Receive Work Better Together

When Receive & Track are paired, users unlock access to new digital mailroom features such as scan & send (informed delivery), hold, forward, or destroy.

PackageX Track Is Helping Different Industries

Digitize and streamline logistics operations via other apps on the PackageX platform: Receive, Dispatch, Inventory, and APIs.

Frequently Asked Questions