Returns Revolution

Part one of the warehouse efficiency series
June 5, 2024
10 AM PST | 1 PM EST
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A diagram showing the returns process

Today’s returns process was built to delight the shopper and drive loyalty. Think no box returns and one-click returns portals. Returns are growing in number and fraudulent activity.

Warehouses, 3PLs, and stores are left to manage returns receiving and downstream workflows with limited tech and tools, resulting in bottlenecks, visibility issues, and high costs.

In this webinar we will shares three actionable ways to use AI to automate reverse logistics workflows and drive workforce efficiency and profitability.

What you’ll learn:
  • Multiply workforce efficiency with automated returns receiving

  • Drastically reduce back-to-stock time and increase inventory visibility

  • Streamline processes for in-store returns

  • Minimize friction in reverse logistics to maximize profitability

Michael Haswell
Michael Haswell
Post-Purchase Expert & former Executive at Narvar, Google & Yahoo!
Farrukh Mahboob
Farrukh Mahboob
CEO of PackageX

About the Series

Warehouse efficiency webinar series by PackageX.

This webinar series identifies areas in warehouse operations primed for automations and offers practical solutions to boost efficiency and cut costs. Discover opportunities for automation and how it can transform logistics within warehouses, stores, and buildings.

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