Transform Your Campus Mail & Package Logistics

Enable digital and intelligent campus mailroom logistics for students and faculty through PackageX apps and APIs.

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Never lose a single piece of mail or package.

Label OCR Scanning

Instantly scan your packages within seconds with our AI-powered label OCR.

Visual Notifications

Send visual-rich email, text, or WhatsApp notifications to the recipients.

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Compare rates and generate shipping labels from national carriers and on-demand couriers.

Flexible Shipping

You can send and track mail and packages all in one place.

Address Verification

You can send deliveries to the right recipient by verifying the address using PackageX Dispatch’s built-in auto address verification tool.

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A companion app for your students and faculty members to receive notifications anywhere.


Get Instant notifications on your inbound and outbound shipment progress.

100+ Global Couriers

Track your university packages from 100+ global carriers and couriers.

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Streamline inventory workflows for your campus to increase productivity, efficiency, and visibility.


Collaborate with other teams at your campus through in-app messaging and voice notes to manage your inventory effectively.


You can automate your package storage and retrieval workflows with PackageX Inventory.

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Build custom apps for your campus logistics operations using our APIs, or one of our partners can help you build it quickly the way you want it.