Scan and Track Your Inventory Across Single or Multiple Sites

Our inventory management software helps you receive, store, track, and manage inventory across your building, business, or campus.



Dynamic Operational Tracking

With our inventory management software define as many intermediary hops as required and trace the product through all Hops to get a better insight and control over the process.


AI Scanning

By using our mobile application use your device’s camera and scan any product label and get the information you require extracted, sorted and stored in a secure database for future use and tracking.


Smart Dashboard

Provides a broad view of the complete project operation, with important inventory analytics, stock statuses at buildings, return and damaged stock indicators and a user communication panel to connect between buildings.


Supply Chain Oversight

With our inventory management software, get analytics using smart indicators on what and when you need to send and receive orders. Place orders at the right time to avoid any delays and holdups, maximizing your efficiency and minimizing delay and shutdown costs.


Increased Visibility and Traceability throughout the Ecosystem

Streamline your business by reducing item waste and overstocking costs. With our label-based scan system we can trace and track every Hop the product has travelled through and where it is currently being held at. Additional logs of timestamps and employee ID who scanned a product is also maintained to manage strict accountability.


Customized Integrations

PackageX suite apps are built modular for future integrations, so you don’t have to work to get multiple technologies to cooperate. Customizability is also offered for integration of technologies ranging from ordering systems to point of sales as per your business workflow to complete orders from a single portal allowing for a smooth and quick experience.

How it works?


Scan incoming shipping label to identify an inventory shipment using our inventory management software


Auto-assign a shipment to the ordered inventory list


Notify all parties via rich notifications


Manage quantities for storage and allocations


Keep track of stock-levels


Dispatch or forward inventory with one-click


Get real-time visibility of inventory across single or multiple sites

How Inventory by PackageX Helps:

Reduce waste, loss and overstocking costs

Lower your response times on order procurement, placement, and replacements

Get real-time analytics on requirements and inventory of building with our inventory management software

Benefits of Using Our Inventory Management Software


Saves time


Provides real-time visibility and transparency


Reduces operational errors and cost


Helps you make smarter decisions on optimizing inventory levels and use

Frequently Asked Questions