Introducing PackageX Inventory

Robust Inventory Management Solution Providing End to End Visibility and Accountability.

PackageX Inventory was born out of necessity similar to our PackageX Scan & Track solution. PackageX is designed as an enterprise solution to improve the whole inventory management process that is typically manual and fragmented. Our solution tracks existing inventory and has the capability to do asset management as well. PackageX Inventory can track orders from the point of creating an order [order management systems] through various touch-points until it reaches its end customer. PackageX Inventory increases efficiency and productivity, bridges communication between teams operating across the enterprise, and greatly increases visibility across the inventory and orders supply chain.

Powering Global Business

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Inbound and Outbound Scan Functionality (No Manual Entry)

Delivery teams can check in and check out packages easily, using their smartphone cameras (iOS and Android). Simply snap a photo of the label and let PackageX Inventory automate the rest: from matching the shipment with an existing order; to linking an asset based on previous orders; to noting whether orders are complete, partial, or overstocked.

Real Time Order Tracking

Pinpoint the location of your shipments with GPS tracking for local deliveries, from the warehouse to its final destination.

PackageX Inventory's Dashboard Features

Dashboard features include smart search and insights, date range selectors, global / country / building level views, existing project view, new project view, roles setup, messaging, alerts / reminders and more.

Real Time Messaging Along the Entire Lifecycle

Enable continuous two-way communication between various teams via our platform. Share insights in the form of text, voice notes, and image attachments. If a customer wants a real-time update on their order, they can message with any member of the delivery team or anyone in the supply chain.

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