Lead the Industry Digitizing Your Mailroom!

The world has moved on; why shouldn’t your mailroom? Driving your digital transformation, Mailroom by PackageX is the dependable platform for taking your mailroom to the 21st century. With industry leading optical character recognition, ergonomic software design, class-leading tracking capabilities, and a whole host of customer-centric features, Mailroom equips you with the tools necessary to take your mailroom to the next step.
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Mailroom by PackageX vs. The Rest

Mailroom presents an unparalleled combination of a feature-rich yet client-oriented package bound to enhance your mailroom’s capabilities.
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You deserve the best partner for your mailroom automation journey, and with so many names on the table, it’s hard to pick the right one. Envoy Deliveries is another such name, but how does it fare up to Mailroom by PackageX? Delve deep into this comparison and find out why Mailroom is the one to go for.

Best QTrak Alternative for Mailroom Management and Internal Mail Tracking

Not all solutions are equal, and that is why when compared with Qtrak, Mailroom by PackageX comes out far ahead. With groundbreaking optical character recognition capabilities, Mailroom trumps the antiquated barcode scanning technology provided by Qtrak. Read on more in our product comparison and make the right choice (Mailroom, of course!)

Best Notifii Track Alternative for Mailroom Management and Internal Mail Tracking

There are some great options on the market, and Notifii is one of them. While they have a good product, it doesn’t quite match the powerful capabilities Mailroom by PackageX provides. Read on to find out what Notifii lacks against Mailroom and decide for yourself who you want to partner with for your package management journey.

Best Pitney Bowes Alternative for Mailroom Management and Internal Mail Tracking

Pitney Bowes might be the jack of all trades, but we are the master of one. Mailroom by PackageX provides an all-encompassing suite of mailroom automation tools you need to go digital, all under a single platform, compared to the competition, which offers fragmented, limited product offerings in bits and pieces. Check out for yourself how both of them compare.


Which one do you want? A company solely dedicated to providing the best mailroom automation technology, or one who decided to dip their feet into the business as an afterthought, like iOFFICE? If it’s the former, Mailroom by PackageX is what you are looking for. If it’s the latter, we need to change your mind! Learn more about the superior features of Mailroom and find out the right solution for your business.

Mailroom by PackageX Features: Creating the Difference

Mailroom by PackageX gives staff and managers all of the features they want most.

No Additional Hardware

With Mailroom by PackageX, you do not need any other hardware accessories or barcode scanners and such. You already have what you need, and that is a simple smartphone. Simply download the app on your smartphone, set it up in a minute, and start scanning! Point the camera of your phone at the label and let it do the rest. Save on equipment and training costs.

Swift Label Scanning with OCR

There’s no time in a busy mailroom to spend a few minutes reading the package label and manually entering the data. With OCR capabilities, Mailroom by PackageX does this for you. Be it a handwritten label, barcode, or anything in between, be confident that our software will read the label and automatically log the package into the database. Save time and reduce error.

Safe Deliveries

Complete chain of custody logs and package tracking ensure that your lost package instances drop down to zero. Obtain pictorial proof of delivery for every package or get in touch with the recipient. With Mailroom by PackageX, rest easy and keep critical documents safe and secure.

Mailroom Connect

Through Mailroom Connect offers an array of features like Scan and Send, Hold, Forward, and Destroy. You can perform actions on the package requested by the recipient.

API and Web-hooks

With Mailroom by PackageX, get the powerful APIs and Webhooks to accelerate and enhance your business experience. Reach out to our support team for custom integrations.

Package Pileups

With our user-friendly software, you can easily remove unclaimed deliveries, reduce mailroom clutter, get insights into mail delivery volume and create more storage for incoming deliveries.

Review Worthy Software

We’re biased. It’s hard not to be when you know how great your product is, but don’t take our word for it. Check out our reviews.

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Smart Teams Trust Mailroom by PackageX for Mailroom Management

The mailroom management software for hundreds of teams in 210+ cities worldwide. Here’s how they make mail management smarter using Mailroom:
  • - ANDREW T.

    PackageX has drastically improved our inbound package process. I always look forward to packages coming in because I'm amazed how easy, quick, and fun it is to scan in packages.

  • - RODRIGO D.

    I had a problem with an email message regarding the new tool for re-routing packages. I reached out to the member support team, suggesting some changes, and not only did you answer me right away but also implemented ALL my suggestions. It feels great to know that, as a customer, I am heard by you.

  • - JORDANA B.

    PackageX is reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use. It has been super beneficial for our team.

  • - STU S.

    With package deliveries increasing by 20% per academic year, Delaware Valley University needed a robust, user-friendly program to process deliveries more efficiently. I'd estimate we're able to process packages 80% faster. I'd highly recommend PackageX.

  • - MARK R.

    The system is working perfectly and has cut our time inputting greatly. Thank you for the great system.

  • - MICHAEL L.

    PackageX has made our lives so much easier. The support team is incredibly responsive to whatever requests we have and tracking packages is simpler than it's ever been. Thank you!

  • - CESAR B

    I've been using PackageX for almost a year now, having used other software before for the same purpose, and I would choose PackageX every time. The support team is always available and ready to solve our problems, and they consistently incorporate feedback and improve the product to make our jobs easier.

Used by Great Teams to Deliver Greater Mailroom Efficiency

Explore some of the amazing teams that use Mailroom by PackageX in the workplace to manage mail and deliveries efficiently.
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