Why Mailroom by PackageX Should Be Your Alternative to Envoy Deliveries

There are many fine delivery management products which you can get your hands on, and Envoy Deliveries is one of them.
The purpose of this comparison is to better help you understand the difference between Mailroom by PackageX and Envoy Deliveries. If you’re here, you are looking to compare the unique features of each product or for an alternative to Envoy Deliveries in Mailroom by PackageX.
Mailroom Vs Envoy deliveries
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Why is Mailroom an Envoy Deliveries Alternative?

Simply put, Mailroom and Envoy Deliveries have variations in their product feature sets. Before we get too deep into the specifics though, you need to understand the design methodology behind each platform.

Envoy, at its core, is an office management system. They cater to effective management of a hybrid workplace, by offering multiple products focusing on a peculiar task. Among the multiple tools offered by Envoy, Deliveries is targeted for office mailroom management. What is Mailroom by PackageX for?

Mailroom is created for multiple market segments. Our software creates a streamlined mailroom process, regardless of industry. Whether you run an office, residential building, university, or any other mailroom, our system eliminates manual data entry and creates efficiencies for mailrooms of all sizes, in any building.

We’d be remiss not to mention that this comparison will help you choose the right mailroom management software for your business.

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How Do We Help the Mailroom Operators?

What does a mailroom operator want? To save time and increase productivity. Mailroom by PackageX and Envoy Deliveries help mailroom operators do exactly that with a range of features. We help them alleviate personal risk, improve client experience, and effectively manage staff. The key to making a mailroom efficient is by helping the operator do their job more succinctly. Mailroom by PackageX keeps this aim as a top priority and helps mailroom operators perform better with its advanced technological capabilities.

However, when it comes to alleviating personal risk and improving client experience, Mailroom has two additional features that help operators boost productivity.

Image-Rich Automated Notifications

Mailroom allows operators to scan labels quickly and take multiple pictures of the package for quality assurance and the state of packages as they enter mailroom. These images can be added to the recipient notifications. Image rich automated notifications help in keeping pictorial records of packages and reducing complaints from recipients about the condition of their packages.

Designated Pickup.

Mailroom also differentiates itself by allowing you to use Designated Pickup feature. With this feature enabled, recipients can request others to pick up on their behalf, and mailroom staff will never feel at risk handing over a package to the wrong person.

How Do We Help Mailroom Managers?

While mailroom operators work to reduce complaints an enhance user experience, mailroom managers are responsible to run the mailroom efficiently, saving operational costs. Managers are often looking for a management software that provides sturdy analytics and easy integration.

Analytics and Reports

A digital mailroom wouldn’t be anything without analytics, now, would it? Off the bat, both Envoy Deliveries and Mailroom by PackageX provide information concerning package arrival times, dates, how long packages linger in mailrooms, and show you this information in reporting dashboards.

Where the two products diverge is Deliveries will send you weekly analytic updates via email relaying the above stats including data on top clients and hours saved, so you can keep track. While Mailroom shows the above statistics but also tracks information on employee performance and efficiency. These statistics can tell you, as the manager, how much staff you need during peak and off hours, saving operational costs.

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Key Takeaways of Mailroom by PackageX Against Envoy Deliveries

Get the Best OCR.

Envoy Deliveries and Mailroom use a form of a technology called optical character recognition (OCR) to clearly identify recipients when scanning packages. The technology works by searching through characters and matching their combinations with associated recipients in its depository. When that happens, the recipient is automatically notified of their delivery.

Our OCR enabled app does not only scan labels, but also scans handwritten labels and extracts the necessary information about the recipient.

Used by Great Teams to Deliver Greater Mailroom Efficiency

Explore some of the amazing teams that use Mailroom by PackageX in the workplace to manage mail and deliveries efficiently.
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Smart Teams Trust Mailroom by PackageX for Mailroom Management

The mailroom management software for hundreds of teams in 210+ cities worldwide. Here’s how they make mail management smarter using Mailroom:
  • - ANDREW T.

    PackageX has drastically improved our inbound package process. I always look forward to packages coming in because I'm amazed how easy, quick, and fun it is to scan in packages.

  • - RODRIGO D.

    I had a problem with an email message regarding the new tool for re-routing packages. I reached out to the member support team, suggesting some changes, and not only did you answer me right away but also implemented ALL my suggestions. It feels great to know that, as a customer, I am heard by you.

  • - JORDANA B.

    PackageX is reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use. It has been super beneficial for our team.

  • - STU S.

    With package deliveries increasing by 20% per academic year, Delaware Valley University needed a robust, user-friendly program to process deliveries more efficiently. I'd estimate we're able to process packages 80% faster. I'd highly recommend PackageX.

  • - MARK R.

    The system is working perfectly and has cut our time inputting greatly. Thank you for the great system.

  • - MICHAEL L.

    PackageX has made our lives so much easier. The support team is incredibly responsive to whatever requests we have and tracking packages is simpler than it's ever been. Thank you!

  • - CESAR B

    I've been using PackageX for almost a year now, having used other software before for the same purpose, and I would choose PackageX every time. The support team is always available and ready to solve our problems, and they consistently incorporate feedback and improve the product to make our jobs easier.