Inventory Hero

Inventory management software for modern logistics

Our inventory software works with your existing tech stack to streamline four-wall logistics workflows. Automatically match inbound shipments against manifests, manage items in your warehouse, and execute fulfillment or shipping — with minimal to no downtime.

A graphic representing a Shipping key and API keys
A graphic representing a Shipping key and API keys

Bridge the gap between package in / package out

Arrival scanning

Use an OCR-powered inventory app to extract label data and QR/barcodes to match inventory against manifests.


Build a detailed log of items shipped to and from warehouses and ecommerce fulfillment centers just from scanning label data.


Automate package sorting, item storage, and fulfillment workflows with our inventory software or APIs connected to your current system.

Location agnostic

Perform Inventory operations at any location - be it a garage, dark store, warehouse, or retail store with our inventory app.

Digital manifests

Allow third parties to create digital manifests and track shipments inbound to your location.

Proof of damage

Use smartphones to take and attach images for record keeping of any damage to shipments and items.

Asset tracking

Automatically track an individual item through its entire lifecycle.

Real-time visibility

Share inventory visibility with internal teams and customers through a web portal.  

APIs integration

Give your existing ordering and inventory systems the latest functionality and features via APIs with no down time.

Inventory Features

Mobilize four-wall logistics

Manage receiving, fulfillment, and shipping from one place for complete control over your packages and items.

Receive inventory

Scan labels and extract package/item data to match inbound shipments against inventory.

Execute fulfillment

View new orders and shipping requests. Generate packing slips on the spot with our inventory management software.

Perform dispatch

Perform dispatch planning and create shipping labels. Track the item’s journey through the pick, pack, and ship process.

Receive Inventoryview new orders and shipping requests Plan dispatching and create shipping labels

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