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Zero Lost Package Instances Through PackageX Receive OCR Enabled App


A comfortable living experience is what every person strives for. One of our clients provides property management services to homeowner associations, condos, and co-op communities, focusing on delivering an exceptional living experience.

In line with this resident-oriented ethos, the client is constantly looking for ways to improve the living experience on its properties. They are currently working on offering digital experiences of day-to-day services to homeowners. They aim to build a connected and robust ecosystem that involves residents, staff, service providers creating a healthy and active community.

Zero Lost Package

Package processing time decreased to a few seconds compared to 7 mins before PackageX solutions.

Same-day package pickups increased by 38%, reducing package turnaround time and freeing up mailroom capacity.

Increased community outreach by 26% within five months.

The client quickly processes packages in bulk, which helped free up the valuable mailroom storage space.


During the pandemic, a signature property under management by our client faced an increase in package deliveries of 22% posing a business challenge as the building did not have a sizable storage room for packages.


Our client is known to provide best-in-class property management services. They reached out to PackageX for a solution. PackageX technical teams worked closely with the client and equipped their mailrooms with PackageX Receive, a delivery management solution. Using the latest OCR-enabled digital mobile application, they were able to speed up package processing with precise control over every aspect of the delivery process. There was an increase in community outreach of 26%.

PackageX Receive has been a bespoke solution for the client. It is an OCR-enabled digital mobile application, which reads the package label and automatically assigns the subsequent processing steps. Both metrics witnessed a significant improvement in the speed with which inbound packages were processed and package tracking.

Zero Lost Package Solution

After implementing PackageX Receive services, each inbound package can be processed within a few seconds. This time includes the notification sent to the recipient. Furthermore, the client faced an issue concerning the loss of packages. PackageX Receive notification capability enabled residents to regularly and timely pickup their package, which resulted in reduced loss of packages.




  • Inbound package volume increased by 22% over five months.
  • Difficulty in package tracking and logging.
  • Insufficient package storage capacity.


  • Implemented PackageX OCR enabled technology.
  • Digitally track each package in its fulfillment journey.
  • Reduced package retention at facility mailroom through PackageX Receive.


  • Package processing time decreased to less than 3 mins per package.
  • Reduced lost package instances to near zero through OCR enabled tracking.
  • Increased same day pickups by 38%, reducing the time of storage of the package.
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