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Helping Luxury Condos Process 17,000 Deliveries Annually

Our client, located in Harris County of Houston, Texas, is a luxury condominium representing a lifestyle of beauty, comfort and prestige.

Spanning three separate towers with no more than two residences per floor, totaling 143 residences and 211 members, the building’s high-end condos, veteran staff - with an average tenure of 15 years, and sterling amenities live up to its mantra, “obsessed with service.”

It’s this level of care that assures its residents of stability and trust in the condominium’s ability to meet their lifestyle expectations.


Life was, indeed, comfortable at the condominium until its package receiving office was met with more package volume than they could service.

With its pickup and delivery services stretched for resources, the building could not keep up with the level of service it has come to be known for. Staff members, who have been employed for more than a decade - a rarity among today’s workforce, were beginning to see that residents’ confidence and trust in their service were not at the same level as before.

Knowing the essence of its mantra was on the line, the high-rise decided to seek out a dependable mail and package solution to help it expertly service increasing volumes above 15,000 annually.


Prior to finding PackageX Receive, our client did not own an inbound package management system and would have to manually log every package that entered its receiving office, creating for extremely time-consuming work that was prone to error. After implementing PackageX Receive at the high-rise, the owner services manager said that it is at least 95% faster than his previous manual system.

That’s not the only problem PackageX Receive helped dispel, however. After logging packages, staff would notify residents by placing phone calls, which created an additional paint point for its package delivery service. The manager explains, “My people had no proof someone from the receiving office actually spoke to someone or left a voicemail.”

This is where PackageX’s team worked with the owner services manager to acquaint him and his team with our system, its automated notifications and full package histories, helping them understand the actions that have taken place on items.

Jorge A. Gonzalez
Operations Manager
In the past, we would manually log each package and make notification phone calls to the recipients. PackageX Receive has to be at least 95% faster than our legacy mailroom management system.
Struggling to process 15,000 deliveries a yearPacakgeX Receive creates space savings with faster processingNow processes above 17,000 deliveries a year
Manual logging system was too slowPackageX Receive automatically links recipients & sends traceable notifications PackageX Receive processes packages 95% quicker 
Could not live up to its word - “obsessed with service”PackageX Receive’s OCR created less errors & delivered timely packages. Sped up its pickup and delivery service by 53%


After a year of using PackageX Receive, our client’s receiving office can undoubtedly say they are, “obsessed with service.”

Not only has our software freed up the manager’s time to focus on more important maintenance and resident retention initiatives without its package delivery service losing a beat, but he has received nothing but positive comments from residents.

As he puts it, “Members love the pictures of labels because it gives them all of the info they need, and they much prefer the email and text notifications, as opposed to bothersome phone calls during business hours.”

Most notably, he reports a 53% reduction in package pickup time, cutting down the time packages linger in the mailroom by more than half over his previous manual system. Moreover, faster package pickup has created more space savings and less liability of lost packages, as, even, same day pickup has increased by 17%.

With all of the space reclaimed in its receiving office, where the condominium struggled with 15,000 items annually, they now easily process over 17,000.

Thank you to our dear client and their team for feedback and help to make PackageX Receive even stronger and smarter. For help getting your mailroom up to speed, email


Our client struggled to process 15,000 deliveries a year.

Their manual logging system was too slow to keep up with package volume.

Could not live up to its word - “obsessed with service.”


Inbound package processing time optimized by ~95%

The client can now easily process 17,000 deliveries annually.

They have freed up valuable mailroom storage space, as residents have become more informed about their pending packages.

They sped up their pickup and delivery service by 53% and increased same day pickups by 17%.

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