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PackageX Receive Helped Improve Same-Day Resident Pickups by 26%


A PackageX Receive client, located in the New East Side neighborhood of Chicago, is an upscale condominium building that looks over Lake Michigan.

While residents enjoy state-of-the art accommodations & amenities including The Shore Health Club, they remain close to vibrant destinations such as Millennium & Grant Park, Michigan Avenue, the Theatre District and the lakefront.

PackageX Receive Helped Residet

Inbound package processing is 90% quicker than our client’s previous system.

Residents are delighted at being informed in a non-intrusive but timely fashion.

Same-day pickups increased by 26% freeing valuable mailroom storage space.


In order to better service their 589 members, the building made investments to move a number of their services to an online platform, allowing residents to access services from anywhere at any time. However, mail and package delivery services were not part of the initial wave of the digital transformation.

Understanding their archaic mailroom service represented a sore spot in their otherwise state-of-the-art building, management sought help to provide residents with higher quality delivery services more aligned with strategic goals.

The first solution the condominium tried was a competitor software, as management decided the price and simplicity of its software were more appealing, citing its monthly fee made it highly attractive to the Condo Association because they were trying to put a lid on their ever-increasing costs.

Resident Problem

After trialing the competitor, the condominium reverted to its old system for logging packages and inputting recipient names and details manually because they found their old system to be an easier, more viable option than the software.


A month and a half later they reached out to PackageX for a permanent solution.

The condominium tried PackageX Receive and found the solution to be far more effective due to its ability to allow the mailroom operator to use their current cellular phone as a scanner. Instead of having to use an iPad to scan in packages, which the operator complained was too heavy and large, they were able to take scans by using their iPhone 7 and eliminated manual data entry outright.

Resident Solution

That’s not where the story ends, however. To raise their mailroom service to a level in step with the building’s state-of-the-art image, PackageX worked with management to enable text message notifications to be sent to residents instead of email.


It only took a few short days of using PackageX Receive for the condominium to seamlessly integrate their mailroom service into their online systems.

After having implemented PackageX Receive’s software, our client reports residents are now able to consistently receive automated package delivery notifications to their emails and phones and the building has easily been able to process and notify 140 resident deliveries a day in, roughly, 27 minutes, giving time back to staff to focus on higher quality service.

Not only are residents picking up their packages more consistently, but they’re also picking them up quicker than ever before, with 26% of all condominium mailroom members increasing their same day pickup habits. Moreover, faster package pickup has created more space savings and less liability of lost packages.

Resident feedback

With faster package retrieval and all of the space reclaimed in its mailroom, the condominium now easily processes over 10,000 packages a year.

Thank you to our dear client and their team for feedback and help making PackageX Receive even stronger and smarter. For help getting your mailroom up to speed, email



  • Struggling to process deliveries.
  • Requirements for integration with their property management system.
  • Package processing 
was too slow.


  • PackageX Receive’s OCR eliminates manually logging packages.
  • PackageX Receive’s uses automated text and email notifications.
  • Mailroom operators send notifications with just a click.


  • Now processes above 10,000 deliveries a year.
  • Residents instantly see delivery notifications 
on their phone.
  • Sped up same day 
pickup by 26%.
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