PackageX Mailroom as an Alternative to Pitney Bowes.

Please take a second to read this before you scroll too far into our comparison of PackageX and Pitney Bowes. We would like to take this opportunity to commend Pitney Bowes, as it is a veteran company with an impressive roster of solutions geared towards postage meters and mailing equipment and services.
If you are reading this page, its purpose is to show you the differences in how PackageX Mailroom and Pitney Bowes approach solving similar problems, not to point out competitor flaws. As you read on, you will better understand the differences each company can offer your business, regardless of industry. This page aims to provide you with enough detail into each company and their products that you can make an informed decision on the solution, or solutions, that’s best for you.
Mailroom Vs Pitney Bowes
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Why is PackageX Mailroom a Pitney Bowes Alternative?

Mailroom and Pitney Bowes serve similar markets. Realistically, any building that receives packages that need to be delivered to or picked up by end-recipients, can opt for either company. Whether you run a coworking space, property management company, university, or a wide array of other buildings, both companies facilitate a more efficient and streamlined mailroom experience for staff and recipients.

The primary difference between the two companies is that Pitney Bowes has multiple solutions designed and marketed for different verticals; whereas, PackageX create one solution that serves all verticals.

With the addition of Send Pro Online and Sendsuite Tracking Online variations, it can be confusing to know which solution is right for your organization. Without going too in-depth on research, it can be an overwhelming experience choosing a solution. However, if one’s inclined to do their research, they will find ample white papers and landing pages for most solutions. One can’t help to think, however, Pitney Bowes’ many solutions instill a level of choice paralysis where potential clients may ask themselves, “Am I missing out by choosing one solution over another?”

PackageX, on the other hand, provides one complete solution for mailrooms across different verticals. Some prospects may see this as a positive or negative. In addition to its flagship software, PackageX also gives recipients an app to use to send and track packages outside of mailrooms, providing for more user-friendly visibility.

Opting for one company over the other will come down to whether you prefer using one, holistic software or, possibly, a bundle of software.

For the purposes of our PackageX and Pitney Bowes comparison, we have selected to compare Mailroom to SendSuite Tracking and its online variation, as it forms the basis for the most direct comparison. If you’re curious about Mailstation 2 and Send Pro, please visit the Pitney Bowes website to learn more.

We’d be remiss not to mention we have a handy chart that can help you in deciding How to choose the right mailroom management software for your businesss, so you know what’s best for you. With that said, let’s get into comparing features.

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What's in it for you, the Mailroom Operator.

When it comes to using mailroom software, operators are looking for a solution that saves them time by automating the most time consuming aspects of package processing, alleviating personal risk at intake and delivery, and improving the client experience.

PackageX and Pitney Bowes have done well to help operators speed up package intake and delivery, track package movements, and help mailrooms increase their level of service; however, PackageX Mailroom is the more technologically advanced option.

Time Saving Automation

Optical Character Recognition

As the act of scanning is integral to the use of each solution, let’s focus on the differences in each company’s scanning capabilities.

The most apparent difference between Pitney Bowes and PackageX is that Mailroom uses the most advanced optical character recognition (OCR) on the market. This technology turns smartphone cameras into scanners that can read names, numbers, barcodes, and additional types of information in seconds, meaning things like partially obscured, covered, or ripped barcodes are no longer issues for mailroom operators

With this OCR technology, operators can use smartphones to scan in packages. The largest benefit of this latest OCR is that operators don’t need to just scan barcodes in order to receive a package into the mailroom. Any information on the label is automatically picked up in Mailroom’s system, so operators don’t have to input any additional information. Additionally, packages can be successively scanned up to 50 times in one batch. The combination of these features makes scanning in packages with Mailroom incredibly convenient.

Pitney Bowes, on the other hand, requires mailroom operators to use an external barcode scanner to receive packages. Package information automatically transfers to a template; however, operators still need to input recipients and senders manually from its system, increasing the time it takes to log packages.

To Pitney Bowes credit, they use phone-like devices they call, “portable data collectors” that are able to scan packages at delivery and easily bring up a signature screen for recipients to sign and receive packages. This can help save time on the delivery side of things.

Mailroom takes the minimalist approach when it comes to deliveries. Operators only need their smartphones to successfully deliver packages. At the moment of delivery, operators have two options to complete a delivery: capture a signature on their phone or take a picture of a package and its location and immediately notify the recipient.

Easy Search

Search is a feature Pitney Bowes and PackageX both have but the degrees to which you can search are fundamentally different between applications. SendSuite allows users to find items by searching through package listings and history and by typing the name of receivers and tracking numbers. A search feature unique to SendSuite is its ability to track company assets. This is something Mailroom currently does not do and may be of importance to larger organizations needing to track the location of physical assets across departments.

Mailroom offers a little more flexibility with its search, however. By using its “Label Text” search option, users can search for packages by typing any information displayed on package labels including name, tracking number, serial number, courier, package status, package description, and, even, custom labels operators have previously written on packages, making retrieval incredibly fast.

Top Considerations for Mailroom Managers.

While mailroom operators are worried about faster and easier package processing and alleviating personal risk, managers are more concerned about creating efficiencies and saving costs. Managers are often looking for mailroom software that provides sturdy analytics, easy integration, and for the right price.

Analytics & Reports

Where mailroom operators get excited about automating package processes, reducing personal risk and helping clients, managers’ eyes light up when they see software with in-depth reporting and analytics dashboards, easy integration for staff, and suitable costs.

Both SendSuite & Mailroom have detailed reporting and analytics that come bundled with the software.

When you use SendSuite, you unlock access to Crystal Reports, an industry leader in report creation and generation. This reporting service included in the software generates daily reports such as: mail received and delivered, damage to mail, route activity, and productivity. Additionally, the software allows for users to compare mail and package performance against service level agreements.

On the flip-side, Mailroom provides a clean dashboard that gives users an overview of package activity data, such as how many packages have been received, how many have been picked up, and how many have been discarded. Additionally, it shows statistics of currently held packages, graphs of carrier breakdowns and the most commonly used labels. All of its graphs can be sorted according to date ranges.

One chart of note for Mailroom can show users the most common days of the week and hours of the day that mailrooms are at their busiest or slowest. With this information, managers can schedule staff numbers more effectively, saving on overstaffing costs.

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Top Benefits of PackageX Mailroom as an Alternative to Pitney Bowes

Get the Best OCR.

Pitney Bowes’ SendSuite software can only read barcodes. Anytime a package arrives, staff need to scan a barcode in order to log it; otherwise, they can’t receive the package into their mailroom. Additionally, when staff scan barcodes, they still need to add recipient and sender information directly in the software. Over the course of logging hundreds of packages, this process becomes time consuming and leads to more user error.

PackageX Mailroom uses a form of a technology called optical character recognition (OCR) that clearly identify recipients when scanning packages. The technology works by searching through label text and matching names with associated recipients in its depository. When that happens, the recipient is automatically linked to their package in the system and can be notified of their delivery at the press of a button. Because there’s no additional data entry, you can successively scan up to 50 packages in one go, saving you ample amounts of time.

When you get labels with barcodes that aren’t exactly legible, you want the best OCR, so you don’t have to waste time manually logging packages. Mailroom’s stand out feature is its OCR. With it, you can remain confident scanning in partially obscured, torn, or even handwritten labels. Whether you’re logging a package, letter mail, or a messenger delivery, Mailroom is the quickest and most accurate way to receive packages.

Used by Great Teams to Deliver Greater Mailroom Efficiency

Explore some of the amazing teams that use PackageX Mailroom in the workplace to manage mail and deliveries efficiently.
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West Point
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Delaware Valley University
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Smart Teams Trust PackageX Mailroom for Mailroom Management

The mailroom management software for hundreds of teams in 210+ cities worldwide. Here’s how they make mail management smarter using Mailroom:
  • - ANDREW T.

    PackageX has drastically improved our inbound package process. I always look forward to packages coming in because I'm amazed how easy, quick, and fun it is to scan in packages.

  • - RODRIGO D.

    I had a problem with an email message regarding the new tool for re-routing packages. I reached out to the member support team, suggesting some changes, and not only did you answer me right away but also implemented ALL my suggestions. It feels great to know that, as a customer, I am heard by you.

  • - JORDANA B.

    PackageX is reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use. It has been super beneficial for our team.

  • - STU S.

    With package deliveries increasing by 20% per academic year, Delaware Valley University needed a robust, user-friendly program to process deliveries more efficiently. I'd estimate we're able to process packages 80% faster. I'd highly recommend PackageX.

  • - MARK R.

    The system is working perfectly and has cut our time inputting greatly. Thank you for the great system.

  • - MICHAEL L.

    PackageX has made our lives so much easier. The support team is incredibly responsive to whatever requests we have and tracking packages is simpler than it's ever been. Thank you!

  • - CESAR B

    I've been using PackageX for almost a year now, having used other software before for the same purpose, and I would choose PackageX every time. The support team is always available and ready to solve our problems, and they consistently incorporate feedback and improve the product to make our jobs easier.