Automate Package Receiving Operations at Your Site with Informed Delivery

Receive app automates label data ingestion, package notifications, storage, retrieval, forwarding, pick-up, and many other logistics workflows at any receiving site, be it a mailroom, package room, pick-up & drop-off location, warehouse, or a dark store.


Use your smartphone or tablet for scanning – no more traditional barcode scanners 

Keep a chain of custody log on each package that enters or leaves your site 

Streamline your package storage and retrieval workflows 

Send powerful email or text notifications to uplift the recipient experience significantly 

Perform package or mail forwarding and routing operations with one-click

Enable digital mailroom operations via Receive Connect 

Get comprehensive reporting and insights via the desktop portal 

Efficient staffing allocation, engagement, and satisfaction 


Accuracy in label data ingestion and matching


Faster processing per package


Lost and misplaced packages


Reduction in retrieval and pick-up time


Same-day pick-up reducing storage clutter


Receive Connect

Allow your recipients to request multiple actions on their packages, including scan & send (informed delivery), hold, forward, or destroy. 

snap and send

APIs, Webhooks, and Locker Integrations 

Integrate PackageX Receive in many ways with your existing package management systems, apps, and processes through available APIs and webhooks. 
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Parcel Locker Integration

Locker system providers can integrate with PackageX Receive and our Label OCR API to streamline their locker delivery and pick-up operations. 
locker system

Digitize and streamline logistics operations via other apps on the PackageX platform: Dispatch, Track, Inventory, APIs.

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