Why Should PackageX Receive Be Your Alternative to iOFFICE?

You’re on the hunt for a package management app, and you come across the names of PackageX Receive and iOFFICE. At first look, you might not be able to tell the difference between the two solutions. Therefore, we have come up with this comparison to help you make the right choice for your business needs.

Why is PackageX Receive an iOFFICE Alternative?

The quality and capabilities of a product are dictated by the focus of the company developing them. iOFFICE is an integrated workplace management system, covering multiple verticals under that umbrella, geared for office buildings. Their modular solution offers modules for room reservation, visitor management, and much more. This makes it ideal if you look for a facilities management solution but not a package management app.

For PackageX Receive is specifically to package management. It creates a streamlined workflow for all steps in the logistics mile. It caters to the specific pain points of operators and managers and can be deployed across a range of industries from office, flexible workspace buildings to hospitals to educational institutions.

How Do We Help Mailroom Operators?

One of the primary purposes of the package management app is to make the operator feel at ease with the product. They look for a tool that saves them time, automates their processes, mitigates personal risk, and improves the client experience.

Time Saving Through Automation

PackageX Receive aims to save operators time logging, retrieving, and delivering packages by automating packages at intake and output. The operators can easily scan packages using an OCR-enabled app eliminating room for errors. Previously, companies used to have a log sheet and had to write down package information manually; PackageX Receive app can scan, capture, and organize the same information far faster.

Optical Character Recognition 

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology can read any text on package labels and automatically link package information to recipients in its database without the operator manually keying in the information. Operators can scan multiple packages in one go and have them entered into the database automatically.

iOFFICE, though only uses barcodes. Operators manually add information like recipient and sender names, package details, couriers, and more into their system for every package. If multiple packages need to be scanned at once, the time savings of an OCR-based system compared to a barcode scanning system become self-evident.

Easy Search

Any operator will attest that an efficient package management system improves efficiency. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes operators need help searching for packages. iOFFICE allows its users to search based on the tracking number, courier, package type, route, recipient and sender names, dates, and package notes.

PackageX Receive has two kinds of search: Basic and Label Text. When using Basic search, you can search for common information such as recipient and sender names, courier, package status, and tracking number. However, when you switch to Label Text search, you can search for packages by typing in any number or text on package labels, even handwritten ones. This search method retrieves packages within a few seconds.

How Do We Help Mailroom Managers?

Managers have a diverse set of challenges in front of them. These are of a more strategic nature, with analytical reports required for making future decisions, easy integration and training requirements for staff, and a sustainable pricing structure. Let’s see how PackageX Receive fulfills each of these demands.

Analytics & Reports

Two key processes to iOFFICE are its queues and manifests. It has both receiving and shipping queues for inbound and outbound delivery. These queues tell managers which packages are checked-in for inbound, outbound, or interoffice but have not yet been delivered or picked up by a courier.

These queues can then be converted to printable manifests for a manager to view packages being checked in or checked out. Printing reports only creates another step in the process, not to mention printing costs and physical storage requirements.

PackageX Receive conversely, gives managers easy-to-view dashboards that give insight into package activity numbers, busiest and slowest delivery times, courier, and package label breakdowns without having to print manifests. With the insight gleaned from PackageX Receive’s dashboard, managers can more effectively schedule staff for busy hours and save on overstaffing when times are slow. Reports are also exportable as PDF or XLS files.

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Key Takeaways of PackageX Receive Against iOffice

PackageX Receive uses a form of a technology called optical character recognition (OCR) that clearly identifies recipients when scanning packages. The technology works by searching through label text and matching names with associated recipients in its depository and the recipient is automatically linked to their package in PackageX Receive’s database. On the flipside with iOFFICE, the data is entered manually.

PackageX Receive does not use any extra hardware scanners from the get-go. Operators only need a smartphone with the PackageX Receive app to scan in packages and perform deliveries, making its implementation versatile and scalable for growing businesses.

What Our Happy Clients Say

  • - ANDREW T.

    PackageX has drastically improved our inbound package process. I always look forward to packages coming in because I'm amazed how easy, quick, and fun it is to scan in packages.

  • - RODRIGO D.

    I had a problem with an email message regarding the new tool for re-routing packages. I reached out to the member support team, suggesting some changes, and not only did you answer me right away but also implemented ALL my suggestions. It feels great to know that, as a customer, I am heard by you.

  • - JORDANA B.

    PackageX is reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use. It has been super beneficial for our team.

  • - STU S.

    With package deliveries increasing by 20% per academic year, Delaware Valley University needed a robust, user-friendly program to process deliveries more efficiently. I'd estimate we're able to process packages 80% faster. I'd highly recommend PackageX.

  • - MARK R.

    The system is working perfectly and has cut our time inputting greatly. Thank you for the great system.

  • - MICHAEL L.

    PackageX has made our lives so much easier. The support team is incredibly responsive to whatever requests we have and tracking packages is simpler than it's ever been. Thank you!

  • - CESAR B

    I've been using PackageX for almost a year now, having used other software before for the same purpose, and I would choose PackageX every time. The support team is always available and ready to solve our problems, and they consistently incorporate feedback and improve the product to make our jobs easier.