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PackageX Helped University of Dallas Make Package Handling Quick & Trackable


PackageX Helped University of Dallas

The University of Dallas (UD) is a Catholic university in Irving, Texas, that currently enrolls nearly 3000 students. It is one of the top regional universities and is ranked among the top 15 Catholic colleges nationwide by Forbes.

As the number of packages received and processed daily at the campus increased, PackageX helped the University of Dallas automate its package management through its Receive app.


The University of Dallas wanted a consolidated package management system that offers full accountability for each step, including receiving, processing, and package delivery to the recipient. Recently, their package volume increased to 30,000 within 12 months, and their previous system was too clunky to deal with the package influx. It had paper log-in, no check-out confirmation, and was fragmented into separate channels. Moreover, it did not provide full visibility into the receiving operations.

Their previous shipping label and postage provider also pushed them to use their incoming package system. However, it lacked several features that are essential for a fully accountable system. It had the same old-fashioned looks and functions, very high annual cost, and hefty revision fees. No charges were made to the sender to offset the offensively high lease, and all the expenses were borne solely by the university's Printing and Postal Department. Also, the customer support was very poor and slow.


PackageX collaborated with the University of Dallas to optimize their package management according to their needs. Robert Hanson, the Printing and Postal Manager, shared that the PackageX system allowed them to have a smooth, quick, and fully trackable package-handling system that the previous software solution could not provide. Also, our system made them realize they needed something smarter and intuitive with high-level data accuracy.

Mr. Hanson further stated, “I thoroughly researched every company and product I could find. PackageX was the only provider that had absolutely every feature that we sought and much more.” The recipient staff at UD loved the speed and accuracy of our powerful label Optical Character Recognition (OCR) scanner. The functionality to take multiple photos for the verification of package size, location, and condition also wowed them. PackageX helped them create transparency in the process, keeping the recipient informed about their package size, location, and condition.

With PackageX OCR, the reception staff just needs to capture the photo of the package label, and the OCR scanner intelligently scans, matches, and logs the packages within three seconds. Moreover, PackageX Receive enabled Mr. Hanson and his team to notify the recipients about their packages as soon as they arrived at the university without any limitation on the number of notifications per package. With the previous system, they were restricted to one notification per package.

Similarly, the University of Dallas opted for Dispatch to meet their shipping needs as the previous system was costing them a lot of money in terms of the quarterly lease, expensive hardware, and various other fees. Dispatch helped them save that additional cost as it does not require special hardware and has no quarterly lease or extra fee. Moreover, it has a less demanding fee structure that automatically shifts the actual costs to the sender, whether a university department or a student's package home.

I daily rejoice for how much more confident our workers and recipients feel about the quick and accurate accountability provided by PackageX. Our recipients are increasingly empowered as they can customize the handling of their packages much to their satisfaction.
-Robert Hanson


The University of Dallas has been able to keep up with the increasing package volume efficiently by using PackageX. They have bolstered productivity and continue to deliver a superior experience to their students with quick and traceable package processing and delivery. Dispatch’s smoother and intuitive workflows and automated email updates helped them save two to three hours per week in the shipping process.

Mr. Hanson states, “After implementing PackageX, as manager, I easily save an hour a day over our previous system.” He further appreciated the customer service for their promptness, attentiveness, and customer-centric approach. His team also feels more confident about the speedy and accurate label OCR scanning, which was impossible with the previous outdated software solution that used to match the recipient manually.

We are grateful to the entire University of Dallas team for their valuable feedback that helps PackageX become the best package management software in the market.



  • Package volume increases daily.

  • An expensive shipping solution with an offensively high annual cost for software and hardware.

  • Lack of full accountability in receiving and delivery operations.


  • PackageX’s OCR scans and matches the recipient within seconds.

  • No dedicated hardware is required.

  • PackageX’s photo records provide complete accountability for package receipt and delivery.


  • The mailroom staff saves time by avoiding manual recipient matching.

  • The printing and postal department saves a significant amount of money.

  • No more liability issues.
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