Why Mailroom by PackageX Should Be Your Alternative to QTrak?

This comparison is intended to differentiate Mailroom by PackageX from QTrak, an effective solution for mailroom management problems. With distinctive design methodologies, varying features, and separate target audiences, there are some distinguishing features between the two products which need to be elaborated, so that you can make an informed decision regarding your purchase. Let’s begin!
Mailroom Vs QTrack
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Why is Mailroom an Alternative to QTrak?

We will come on to the detailed discussion on features and capabilities soon enough, but first it is important to understand the fundamentally different approaches both solution take to tackle an issue.

QTrak offers barcode-based scanning capabilities, ranging from small hand sized packages to larger equipment. As long as the package has a barcode on it, QTrak will work with it. It is easy to implement, but that is a double-edged sword. This simplicity means that QTrak is a bare bones software, with limited options.

Mailroom by PackageX on the flipside provides a far more technologically advances experience, utilizing computer vision technology and machine learning to go past the barcode. Mailroom software can scan labels ranging from handwritten notes to partially obscured or torn off label, and everything in between. These features provide a higher degree of automation within the mailroom.

Read further on how to choose the right mail management software for your business, so you know what’s best for you.

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How Do We Help Mailroom Operators?

A mailroom operator is the person who will interact with the software the most. His concern is primarily regarding three things: Ease of use; alleviating personal risk; improving the client experience. With the needs of the operator identified, observe how the two software take different routes to meet those needs.

Ease of Use

Optical Character Recognition

The most apparent difference between QTrak and Mailroom by PackageX is that Mailroom uses the most advanced optical character recognition (OCR) on the market. This technology turns smartphone cameras into scanners that can read names, numbers, barcodes, and additional types of information in seconds, meaning things like partially obscured, covered, or ripped barcodes are no longer issues for mailroom operators. OCR eliminates employee error and works additionally with letter and messenger mail.

On contrary, Qtrak lacks this technology. This difference of technology is noticeable when it comes to letter mail. As letter mail does not contain barcodes, on QTrak’s system, mailroom staff need to identify recipients, place their mail in the correct folder, and scan a barcode attached to the folder to send mail notifications to recipients.

Package Automation

Instead of having to scan barcodes and manually type in recipient names to send notifications, like you do with QTrak, Mailroom’s OCR technology automatically links the contents of the scanned label to the recipient in its system. To notify the recipient about their delivery, one just has to simply press a button.

Top Considerations For Mailroom Managers

The pain points for a mailroom manager are much more data centric than an operator, and include the requirement for in-depth analytics, integrations, and pricing structure. Each of these factors affect the mailrooms’ bottom-line, which runs on fine margins.

Actionable Analytics

Both QTrak and Mailroom by PackageX offer analytics detailing information such as package arrival times and dates, easily accessible from reports. Where the two products first diverge is QTrak does not have the ability to send you automated analytic email reports.

Furthermore, Mailroom can show you dashboards with collected information on your mailroom’s busiest month, weekday, and even hour of the day. These statistics can tell you, as the manager, how many staff you need in a given period, reducing overstaffing costs and helping you improve your bottom line.

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Top Benefits of Mailroom by PackageX as an Alternative to QTrack

Get the Best OCR

QTrak is solely a barcode scanning system. Anytime a package arrives, staff need to scan a barcode to log it; otherwise, they can’t input the package into their mailroom system. The recipient information has to be manually entered. This is a tedious and error prone process.

Mailroom, using optical character recognition (OCR) identifies recipients without needing to scan barcodes when scanning packages. The technology works by searching through label text and matching names with associated recipients in its depository. When that happens, the recipient is automatically linked to their package in Mailroom’s system. There is no manual data entry needed.

Moreover, a Mailroom scan can accurately read partially obscured, torn, or even handwritten labels. Whether you are logging a package, letter mail, or a messenger delivery, Mailroom is the quickest and most accurate way to receive packages.

Used by Great Teams to Deliver Greater Mailroom Efficiency

Explore some of the amazing teams that use Mailroom by PackageX in the workplace to manage mail and deliveries efficiently.
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Smart Teams Trust Mailroom by PackageX for Mailroom Management

The mailroom management software for hundreds of teams in 210+ cities worldwide. Here’s how they make mail management smarter using Mailroom:
  • - ANDREW T.

    PackageX has drastically improved our inbound package process. I always look forward to packages coming in because I'm amazed how easy, quick, and fun it is to scan in packages.

  • - RODRIGO D.

    I had a problem with an email message regarding the new tool for re-routing packages. I reached out to the member support team, suggesting some changes, and not only did you answer me right away but also implemented ALL my suggestions. It feels great to know that, as a customer, I am heard by you.

  • - JORDANA B.

    PackageX is reliable, trustworthy, and easy to use. It has been super beneficial for our team.

  • - STU S.

    With package deliveries increasing by 20% per academic year, Delaware Valley University needed a robust, user-friendly program to process deliveries more efficiently. I'd estimate we're able to process packages 80% faster. I'd highly recommend PackageX.

  • - MARK R.

    The system is working perfectly and has cut our time inputting greatly. Thank you for the great system.

  • - MICHAEL L.

    PackageX has made our lives so much easier. The support team is incredibly responsive to whatever requests we have and tracking packages is simpler than it's ever been. Thank you!

  • - CESAR B

    I've been using PackageX for almost a year now, having used other software before for the same purpose, and I would choose PackageX every time. The support team is always available and ready to solve our problems, and they consistently incorporate feedback and improve the product to make our jobs easier.