Improve Customer Service Experience With an Automated Mailroom

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article date 2021-10-18

An exceptional customer service experience is the pulse of every business. At the top of every business’ goal is to achieve customer satisfaction and convert them into long-term loyal customers. It is one of the definite ways of increasing business revenue. You must invest heavily to improve customer experience and particularly for the customers who are well informed about their needs.

Forrester reports that improving the customer service experience by one point can lead to more than $1 billion in additional revenue. Good customer service is significant for the growth of your business. You should invest in the latest technology and think of strategies to improve every aspect of customer experience.

With the increase in online shopping, there has been a high volume of packages and deliveries in mailrooms. Mailrooms are always cramped up, and customers must wait in long lines to pick up their package. Long waiting lines contribute negatively to customer experience. Automating your mailroom with a mailroom management solution solves any potential issues you might have while managing mailroom operations manually.

How does an automated mailroom help in improving the customer service experience? How can it increase customer satisfaction? Let’s have a look!

What is Customer Experience?

What is customer experience? That is a pertinent question to ask. Customer experience also known as CX is the holistic impression that your customers have of your brand. It is a sum of every interaction that a customer has with your business. From navigating your website to receiving a package, it includes it all. Every step and action concerning your business affects customer’s perception and their loyalty with your band.

Is customer experience important?

Yes! It is very important and great customer service experience is the key to your business’s success.

How Automated Mailroom Improve Customer Service Experience?

There are multiple ways how an automated mailroom improves customer experience. What are the benefits? How does a digital mailroom improve customer satisfaction? What factors contribute to improving the customer service experience? Let’s delve into it.

  1. Package Visibility
  2. Decreased Wait Times
  3. Proactive Communication
  4. Quick Package Retrieval
  5. Increased Efficiency
  6. Streamlined Mail Distribution

1. Package Visibility

The first and foremost benefits of automating your mailroom are package visibility and traceability. In this time of digital transformation, customers want visibility and transparency for everything.

With an automated mailroom, the customer always has access to the package and can trace the package quickly. This improves the visibility of the inbound packages and helps the customer stay updated with the package status. With the complete chain of custody, the customer is aware of his package journey.

2. Proactive Communication

An automated mailroom streamlines the channel of communications and allows the mailroom staff and customers to communicate proactively. Any information that the customer needs is available in a snap.

Moreover, if the customer wants to communicate anything concerning his package, he can easily communicate to the mailroom staff member using a digital mailroom app.

3. Decreased Wait Times

The waiting time for customers ultimately decreases when the mailroom staff can process and log packages quickly with an automated mailroom. Customers don’t have to wait in long queues to pick up their package.

The mailroom staff retrieves packages just in a few seconds. This process might take a couple of minutes to retrieve the package, but an automated mailroom makes everything quick and easy.

4. Quick Package Retrieval

With a digital mailroom, it becomes very easy for the mailroom staff to retrieve packages. To retrieve any package, they just need to check the system. Once matched, they can easily hand over the mail and packages to their correct recipient in a few seconds collecting proof of delivery.

Package retrieval is not a haphazard process if your mailroom is automated with a smart mailroom management solution. A digital mailroom records the chain of custody of every package and keeps the proof of delivery against every package picked up from the mailroom.

5. Increased Efficiency

When a mailroom of any building is automated, it ultimately increases efficiency. How? The manual tasks that take up a lot of time go digital, and the staff saves time. Once free from manual tasks, the staff utilizes the time to perform multiple tasks that cater to customers’ concerns and needs. It is one of the most important things while running a business.

The staff has ample time to listen attentively to customers’ concerns, and it ultimately improves the customer service experience.

6. Streamlined Mail Distribution

One of the most important concerns of customers is the safety and correct mail distribution. Following the conventional method of managing the mailroom, there is a chance that customers’ important mail can get lost in the mailroom, which can be a cause of concern. With an automated mailroom, it is very easy to keep the history of the mail, and there are fewer chances of the important mail being misplaced with a digital mailroom.

The automated system delivers mail to the correct recipient. With zero to no chances of error, while delivering the mail, customers tend to have a great customer service experience that can increase your brand loyalty.

Wrap Up!

All the factors mentioned above contribute greatly to improve customer services experience of your business. Customer service experience is the backbone of the business and helps to improve customer loyalty and increase revenue.

If you are still following conventional methods of operating a mailroom, get rid of the old technology and method today. Go digital and automate your mailroom with an efficient mailroom management solution. It will not only increase your customer experience satisfaction, but it will also cut down on extra costs. Do you want to see how an automated mailroom can improve your business operations? Sign up for a 14 – day free trial with Mailroom by PackageX!

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